Bokehlicious Tiny Telephoto – PENTAX Q 06 LENS Review

Blunty Reviews the PENTAX 06 TELEPHOTO ZOOM LENS for Q series Cameras.

The Pentax Q 06 Telephoto Zoom lens is a 15-45mm (83mm to 249mm FF FOV equiv.) constant f/2.8 aperture Zoom lens for the Pentax Q & Pentax Q10 interchangeable lens system cameras.
Thanks to its retractable design, the lens is designed to be super-compact and ultra-lightweight, weighing in at a mere 90 grams. The optical formula incorporates two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements and one super-low dispersion element.
The lens has a built-in mechanical shutter that offers flash synchronisation right up to its fastest shutter speed. The Pentax-06 Telephoto Zoom 15-45mm f/2.8 lens is also equipped with a built-in ND (neutral density) filter, which comes in handy when shooting with open aperture in bright locations.

All the sample and test photos shown in this video (and a fist-full that didn’t make it in) are available for viewing in my G+ Gallery here;

If you’re an Aussie you can order it direct from the Australian Pentax distributors here;


flipidy94 says:

The amount of bokeh this thing is going to produce with the new Q7 will be insane with the new larger sensor

Puranut Wisutjindaporn says:

Great review as always Blunty! Your photos are very beautiful. Do you consider making videos on photography tips? I’m sure a lot of people would love to watch them.

w0bblyd0inkb0ink says:

hard to say which one is the best, all the shots looks simply and equally awesome!

Douglas Gottlieb says:

Blast you, Blunty! Your vids always make me want to spend, spend, spend!!!!!!!!!! Now I really want one of these rather expensive (for a compact, albeit, a really cool) compact camera. Have you tried the Q10 yet? Worth it? How about a review?

BarnET0 says:

Great video,

i didn’t know you could isolate your subject so well with a tiny sensor,
I did not like the tamron showed next to a pentax, becouse these pentax haters won’t make this good 70-300 for pentax

Touzeen Hussain says:

Bokehlicious! AT 3:15!

Cat says:

You make me want to buy that lens 😉 The green frog is my favorite.

MrFlonti says:

Got my Q10. It has more settings than my office mates Canon 550d. 

SweetPeaBehnsen says:

Your video’s are awesome! My husband is buying me a Q7 next week and your videos are really helping me understand the Pentax Q line 🙂 Thank you!!!

Random Life says:

Cheers Nate, you convinced me. I just got one from CRK.
Shame they don’t supply the hood.. Oh well, off to ebay 🙂
Thanks again for a good review..

Bart Nelis says:

Haha, love your hong-kong ‘bokehlicious’ remark … your reviews are much better: they are more informative and much more down to earth .. ha!

poiXquared says:

haha Kai reference XD

sbisxi says:

I like the street shot of the people with the umbrellas. It looks kinda classic, something bresson would have shot! Nice job!  Wildlife photography doesn’t really cut it for me in general, anyways.

DreamCube says:

Blunty you always do this fare and square with the rest. Good 

travis shannon says:

that parrot is super flirty

Paul Newman says:

£69 for a new Q body in black or white in the UK now !!!!!

Ian Tindale says:

Agreed. And also, try shooting video with the fisheye — motion imagery through a fisheye doesn’t tend to look so distorted, it looks a lot more natural to the eye.

Also, try the ‘interval’ option (even in movie mode — a nice in-camera convenience) to shoot time-lapse fisheye vids of clouds going by, etc.

Atron24 says:


glyno77 says:

I sold my original q last yr and miss it big time. Just ordered a q10 in dark green with the 5-15 for £185 new! Can’t wait to start shooting q style again.

mrchub298 says:

dude your english is fucking amazing and your commentary too *jizz what hs did you go to

Chethan Karanth says:

Its time Pentax paid you for advertising them 🙂 ,kidding
I am planing to go for Pentax after seeing all ur reviews on it.

ardjas1 says:

thanks so much Blunty this helped me a lot! cheers

indoskunk says:

the autofocus has been improved a little on the q10. You should really consider buying the Q7

FlameSnipe says:

I have a Nikon D3300 and I certainly feel compelled to getting a little companion camera like this one. 

George .B says:

wow very impressive :O

Gsus Jones says:

Waiting for mine to arrive from Japan as I type this, I haven’t got the 02 lens yet, hopefully for Christmas somebody will get my hints..

Max says:

Love your reviews.

zec668 says:

Really enjoy your videos sir. Just about made up my mind to purchase a q largely due to your review. Your photographic style is very reflective of your personality. It is very playful and refreshing. I particularly like the contrast of the photo you took at 4:56, but all of the photos were very enjoyable to be honest. Keep making these great videos and enjoying photography.

dacasman says:

Your original review made me buy this camera, and I freakin’ love it!

flipidy94 says:

Thanks blunty I’m sold! gah 🙂

Jan Bob says:

Love your review. Bought the lens just based on this review. BTW, Pentax Q body has been becoming my to go camera for a long while now. I always have it due to its small size, and i even sold all my other Pentax DSLR setups along with many thousands of dollars worth of expensive glass.

Kudos the people who recognized that the best camera is the one that you almost always have on you !

ipariszalonna says:

Q prices really went down lately. I haven’t tried the Q10 yet but from what I heard it’s not too good. Image quality is basically the same and the body is plastic instead of magnisium alloy. In a way it was a step backwards for Pentax to reduce costs of production I guess.

Masticina Akicta says:

F2.8 full range.. now that is good news.

slimphotog says:

How is Q to handhold? I’m wondering if it’s too small.

Jamie whitcombe says:

Blunty would you take the Pentax Q10 over a NIKON V1 / V2 for someone looking to use it mostly for travelling and wants to learn to use manual settings more and more ?

Im have a DSLR but im still fairly new to photography and my DSLR became a huge burden when travelling overseas

dsquard7 says:

Fabulous review, images and video. Thank you!

Blunty says:

May it provide you with as much joy as it does to me. 🙂

CrispyYiger says:

Saw these on display in Tokyo, never thought their performance would be this respectable!  

Daves Archives says:

Man, that was quite a belch at 4:38, ha!! Great review by the way! I just preordered the Q7 and now I’m kicking myself in the butt that I didn’t buy this in the two lens kit they offered. Argh!

Gsus Jones says:

Point and laugh.. I love my Q

manniulm says:

Hey Blunty! First of all: Thumbs up for this video, your footage is just amazing! So you made me interessted in buying a pentax camera with this lense. But now there`s my question: Can you recommend a Pentax of the Q-series? Where is the difference between the Pentax Q and the new Pentax Q 10 ?
Keep on filming so well, best wishes from Germany

Lerosh s says:

finches fighting and rainy strret shots for me,,,,cool,,rgds

PentaxSource says:

This makes me wanna get one! so small and cute!


Iain Dickinson says:

Blunty, I have a question. have you got the Q to K adapter for the camera? I was wondering as I do have a plethora of K-mount and M42 lenses. So with that in mind I was wondering how something like my 50-135 would perform in the real world on a Q for nature work?

Andrew Head says:

Giggled at the DRTV reference. Nice one

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