Better than Zeiss!! – BitPlay’s NEW Premium HD Wide & Tele Lenses – RED35 Review

Taiwanese company BitPlay has finally caught up with the renowned Zeiss on the smartphone conversion lenses. Their latest HD wide and tele lenses are every bit as good if not better than the Zeiss, just without the price tag and that famous T* coating. Are they worth it?

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Gustavo Ulloa says:

Iphone X with Zeiss Exolens (which adapter is that)?

Red35 Photography says:

You may wonder that there’s a slight right edge softness on sample photos and videos but this is caused by the fitting of the case (a common effect on ‘screw mount’ cases and mount). But if I hold the lens directly in front of the iPhone camera lens, it’s sharp, both Zeiss and BitPlay. I am really impressed by the quality of the latest effort by BitPlay and also managed to undercut Zeiss by a huge margin. Finally, we have a viable alternative if you are looking for top performance on iPhone media productions.

JDIN says:

can this lens use on moment case?

Sam Anguiano says:

Could you review BitPlay’s filters that they are offering now?

John Harvey says:

Sirui makes a really good tele lens. I made a video about it.

Trevor Mayes says:

Does the new BitPlay tele lens focus to infinity? The Moment tele lens I have is garbage in that department.

Leica Dad says:

Happy Chinese New Year!
I bought the Zeiss lens after your recommendation, very happy with them. Here in the states they were $50-65 each, so very great deal.
I also purchased the bitplay case for iPhone X a few weeks ago, very solid and made me feel safer to have the lens on. Great video as always!

bewty bew says:

What’s the best optic between moment lens and bitplay lens ?

Craig Pickles says:

I wish there would be more video reviews of how the new smart phones work, AS A PHONE……

justhc says:

Great video!

yongxin yuan says:


Achilleas Labrou says:

Exolens by Zeiss lenses don’t support iPhone X officially.

NTS trio says:

Thanks for this one!
I have one interesting Q? Could you pleas let us know if these SNAP ”cases” could be used with Zeiss exolens? Looks like same size of screw thread.
Many thanks.

Oren Haim says:

Show more, talk less please. Thank you

baggio tsai says:

as i know, bitplay case can use (bitplay lens) and (zeiss exolens). bitplay premien wide and tele are $99.99, and zeiss exolens pro: wide with kit$129 / tele with kit $69 (Amazon). I will buy bitplay case and zeiss exolens 🙂

sanysmail says:

I am not going to take these videos too serious, let them first consider Android phones also in par with iPhones… Then let them expect us to buy.

Anthony Cauich says:

I know I am late to the chat but I was wondering if the ExoLens work with the bitplay phone cases and attach very well? Truth is I’m getting into the smartphone photography scene and want to purchase a bitplay case and the ExoLens pro but first I want to know if the ExoLens pro attach and work with a bitplay phone case? Love the video by the way.

Ibraheem Dodo says:

No bitplay case for Google pixel 2?

Amnart Hengprasitwong says:

Your video is very useful.
Please suggest me about can bitplay clip attach with iphoneX+Moment case? I want it for front camera.

Kenny D' says:

Would have been nice if you had shot a lens test chart for sharpness as it’s more scientific and a lot less anecdotal…

dj caterer says:

Thanks for the great reviews . I purchased the snap7 case and found an adapter from 13mm to 37mm so I can use my moondog anamorphic lens with it as well as bitplay lens. Thanks to your review I am ordering the clip as well as the new HD lenses cheers

yolko says:

dj caterer ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
I’ve been looking for a 13mm to 37mm adapter for a long time, please , please, please, share the link. I would really appreciate it.
On the other hand, in terms of quality, price and bitplay is the most decent on the market, but with some usability inconsistencies ….
I bought the HD Tele & angular with the CP filter( Polarizer). Once the polarizer filter adapter is attached to the angular lens, caps lens does not work .
The adapter system for filters (the lenses have no thread) I do not like at all and it is very impractical to change it on the go. The case of wanting to exchange the adapter between the two objectives quickly, is not viable, and according to my criteria, adding an ND-UV filter, or protection + caps lens to both lenses is essential.
Then, it is necessary to buy two adapters (one for each objective) and here comes the most ridiculous. The adapter is not sold separately, you have to buy an second M52 CPL Filter ( costs $ 43.99 + $ 18.17 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Spain, in my case) for a simple adapter and you will have two polarizing filters, which does not make any sense because once each lens has its thread, the filters can easily be changed on the go.
And I ask myself…. it would not be easier for the lenses to have a thread since the beginning ?
Finally I have to say that the HD telephoto, in some light conditions (with predominant lighting at 90 °, for example) gives an unacceptable flare and it is mandatory to use parasol, a question that increases the size significantly. So the size is bigger than the bitplay box for two lenses.
I have also tested several caps lens from different manufacturers in different mm and with the polarizing filter, none worked.
really, I’m waiting to solve all these problems to be able to test them in real situations.

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