Best Tele Lens For Your Phone | New 58mm Review

Introducing the Moment 58mm Lens…the sharpest, crispiest, tightest telephoto lens ever made for a phone. *Order today, save 20%. Hurry, offer ends 11.16 👉

*So, we sold out in about 2 hours 😳. Back orders will be shipping 11/26 – 11/28.

Learn more about this lens 👉
Check out the launch video 👉
Check out more pics taken with the lens here 👉

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trahannn says:

Watching the video section makes me want to see a 58 anamorphic in the future.

Haxog says:

Does someone know if their prices are in Canadian$ or in US$?

BenniArt says:

Thanks for the additional info! Any chance of seeing a couple more portrait shots without the additional software blur? I’d love to see how the 58 handles them on its own…

박제이 says:

1….I will mainly film. I do not know what to buy. My cell phone is iphone xs max.
2….3-stop. 6-stop. What’s the difference between these two?
3….I’ll buy you a recommendation

Angel Hernandez says:

No support for the p20 pro saddddd

Joost Schlatmann says:

stoked. Assuming the ND filter adapter as per Moment.. will fit for same?

Dennis George says:

Great lenses. Built strong easy to use. Love the honesty about your products limitations.

Vanquisher 3001 says:

but the 58 produces heavy chromatic aberration in 4x mode. It showed in the video…

MelvinDlaCruz says:

Something I forgot to tell you guys, you are here because you want to sell more lenses but why you may more different cases for different smartphones? I think u only focus on iPhone, Samsung but there’s many other brands remember something really important it’s not about you it’s about the customer. Why you don’t make any case for LG, huawei ?

Blackmores says:

Try Sirui lens. It is better.

Sudhanshu Kumar Mahto says:

Moment aap doesn’t working on poco f1 phone… Please do something

Mark John Pareja says:

Is the moment app only works on flagship phones?

brad miller says:

Sounds like a great product; frustrating though to not find one available anywhere.

Sandro Frias says:

Make one for OnePlus 6 or 6t and I would buy it..

Syd Barrett says:

Will this lens work without vignetting or any other issue attached to my iPhone 8 Plus using a V2 moments case?

TechnoGenuine says:

Is it available for note 9? I’d love to buy one!

Joakim Nordgren says:


Jackson Hayes says:


painkiller1258 says:

Lens ordered, now we have to wait… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kaytreuna says:

Can you mount the 58mm on the iPhone 8plus ?

Creative School says:

We need upto 85mm

Connor Stevens says:

Always watch the outro!!

Sean L says:

Ahhhh man now I’m stuck in between which one to start with the anamorphic or 58…..might have to get both

xun wang says:

Would like to see a comparison of the 58mm vs the Sirui 60mm lens since functionally they’re identical(including the mount) and the Sirui was vastly superior to the v1 Moment 60mm. I own the Moment v2 18mm and compared it with Sirui btw and I prefer the Moment for its slightly wider view and no darkened corner for photos for samsung photos(it’s wider than iphone). But the flare control was much better on the Sirui thus make it more contrasty in certain lighting.

Revolt894 says:

@1:16 it was great and I am full.

Mar Long says:

“Man we’re funny”

Dann de Haseth says:

*Cries in oneplus 6*

Loïc Cangy says:

Kinda wanna see how the note 9 would do with the 58 lense!

Dante Corbett says:

Any chances for free shipping using a code?

Cee Little says:

You guys need to hire a race and cultural sensitivity consultant, and you’re based in Seattle so there’s no excuse you have the resources. Red flags that I saw as a white person: 100% Cis Straight White faces, black voice, and black slang. You guys are blowing up quickly and I love it but make sure you’re doing it right. If you need some recourses in Seattle let me know.

Loren Ten Eyck says:

Niles cali tan.

Anna Kincaid says:

I know you guys are iPhone fans but, as a galaxy user I would to see you guys use the galaxy S9 more often.

anas rahabi says:

Does it work on galaxy S8 and S9 ?

Akshay Sharma says:

note 9 + 58 mm ?

yeinhorn says:

Love the cringy style

Ignacio Ocampo says:

4:11 it looks like edge detection fails in the upper right corner

Martin Rotaveria says:

we made it to the beach woohoo!


Nice lens beauty

Syed ARAF Hossain says:

Background music kept reminding me of Filthy Frank’s JustGirlyThings video. Immediately gave it a rewatch…

MelvinDlaCruz says:

Hey guys I really love your videos but you need to put a little more effort and coloring your video and little better, don’t get me wrong I like all the stuff you do but I feel you need to work a little better and how you grading your videos, because they looks like my mom’s videos.

Austin Rooks says:

tbh I feel like all I would have to do is take a few steps closer to the subject and I would have the same quality photo as with one with a Tele lens that’s a few steps back. For some reason, you don’t mention the old Tele lens is 60mm. Is 2mm that big of a difference?

LokFive says:

I love your lenses, I want the Anamorphic (and now this), but I have a OnePlus 6T. :c
I know you were developing for the OP6, any updates for the 6 and/or 6T?

Ayden Carpenter says:

So would you recommend the 58mm or the v2 Tele lens for Pixel 2 XL users?

I noticed you said the new 58mm is up to date on sensor sizes and doesn’t produce any drop off on the edges.


So dope! Saw mine shipped already… can’t wait!

(PS. Outro’s on point)

Daniel Acosta says:

Always watch the outros. 🙂 Can’t wait for my 58mm lens!

Ali Shadpour says:

Are you guys taking back the old tele lens, 60mm, maybe be a trade program? It was not a good lens at all!

Hiếu Béo says:

3:10 That Awkward Moment

Carl de Prado says:

What about the filters

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