Altura 0.43X Wide Angle and 2.2X Telephoto Lens Attachments Unboxing

Altura 0.43X and 2.2X Lens Adapters (Amazon):

Unboxing 2 new lens adapters I got from Amazon. Will hopefully be doing a more in-depth review on them soon.

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Amöbe says:

Realy good unboxing, I’ll buy one of these on ebay after seeing your video and I´m very happy with it.

Roberto Ayala says:

Most of the times if you unscrew the bottom part of the wide angle you can still use the top part as fish eye. 

Derek Weselake says:

Hey Dragon Ride, I have a canon 7d with the ef-s lens it came with, but I am not sure I have the adapter for these lenses, I can’t find a way to screw them in, is there a specific lens attachment adapter I need?

Eurodollar tv says:

what is the differences between 0.35x wide angle lens and 0.43x wide lens?

danial sharif says:

Hey Man,
Can u please help me out here,
I just got my cannon 6d pack.It came with these two lens and 2 cannon lenses.
I cannot figure out how to use these vivitar lenses? What kind of adapter I need ?

Carla Blacutt says:

fine!, for those who are interested, I bought this product on amazon, in shop 🙂

Matthew Olivarez says:

Great video thanks…

Laura Tai. says:

Can the lens you demo’d work on the 18-55mm lens? Also what would it look like in terms of u standing 2 feet away?

Lilian Sirbu says:

how is affecting iso, diaphragm, and shutter speed after attaching?

Enrique Rodriguez says:

Do these leave the black circle in photos?

Soldier1287 says:

Can you put it on a camcorder?

If not then is there a camcorder version?

AboAyoob says:

Thanks so much for that explanation; really excellent and easy lesson

Rory Sagner says:

Hi! I tried the 2.2 telephoto attached to my 55-250mm zoom today and every shot had horrible neon blue “edging” around parts of the image. I tried a few different settings. I had the zoom fully extended as that was the whole reason I wanted to use the 2.2…to get close to 500mm, but the image quality was horrid. Any ideas of what was wrong?

none says:

Awesome, thanks.

Sylvia Bamusiime says:

Thanks for this video.Do you have a review of how the 2.2x turned out? I am having a lot of focusing issues with my current lens.

kgjk bk says:

there are not many review on these adapters but i notice that nobody pointed this: I bought the 0.43x wide angle but IT IS NOT 0.43! I tested with my 28-75 zoom and found that it’s actually only 0.74!! I tested in different ways at different focal lengths and got the same number. Am I saying something stupid or it just happened that nobody actually tested this?

Poppy Aliski says:

I used a 0.43x wide angle professional lens it’s 52mm and before I used it my camera lens was fine, I tried it and now my camera’s focus won’t go back to normal? It will only focus on REALLY close things other things are ridiculously blurry, how to I fix it?

haitham baloch says:

Does these lenses fit in 18-55 mm

Hercules Lafayette says:

When you say they’re lens adapters, does that mean that you need to layer them over another lens? Or can they be used independently?

Eko Mamtimin says:


Basudev Acharjee says:

do work nikon coolpix l340

william O'leary says:

i have a canon 18mp t3i 600D and just ordered the telephoto hd lens and am going to try it on a 75-300mm, thanks for posting the video, your explained review was really simple and understandable thanks.

Ash Eivani says:

Thanks for sharing that. Excellent 

Dunk'n Daniel says:

Thanks for the great review i’m looking in to getting the Altura 0.43x wide angle one, and this video just sums it up 😀

Atax GFX says:

Can you please do a video using the 2.2x?

Deyvson Moutinho Caliman says:

I bought those and they are complete shit. The wide angle adapter only work at a distance of 50mm at least, otherwise you get a completely black vignetting around the image , and just reproduce an image of 18mm with heavy distortion. Cool the first time you use, but then you never get to use it again. Any teleconverter filter simply doesn’t work, the image becomes heavily blurred, the camera can’t focus and should be forbidden to sell that shit as a camera accessory. The Macro filter is actually nice, I got some good pictures with it in my mother’s garden, the camera keep focusing and although doesn’t have all that great a magnification you can take pictures incredibly close and they are completely usable.

Napoleon Velasco Carrillo says:

I want the full review!!

Thomas DeMasi says:

you are so cute omg

Amber Nicole Sherman says:

Thanks!!! You convinced me to buy the Altura 0.43X Wide Angle!!!  You rock!!

hebe kona says:

oh thank you that’s so useful!

Digital Goja says:

Nice Video!

Edwin Packard says:

Have a 58mm 18-200 Sigma lense on my Canon T2i.  Will this fisheye work with that?  Thanks for your time – ed

227beau says:

Have used the 0.43x on an iographer mount with ipad and it works really great. No issues whatsoever. I guess for some uses not so good, for others like mine it is really good and recomended for the price.

ereyes51080 says:

Hi there, did you have any issues with vignetting when you use the wide angle lens?

buggend says:

can i use this with my lumix lx7?

Salut C l'Noir says:

Thank you for sharing this video! It really helped me in deciding on whether to buy it as well!

Cheers! 🙂

Mamdouh Ahmed says:

Hi Thanks for preview but i can’t find this product on Amazon … the only there is 58 mm which doesn’t match the 18 – 135 mm STM … CAN U PLZ SEND me link to buy it

Zachs Video Adventures says:

Can you please show me how the 2.2x lense turned out? I am considering buying the same attachment for my camera but I’ve been seeing very mixed reviews online. Nothing better than a visual example.

Kevin Bautista says:

Lol ocean city is awesome

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