A6500 – Massive 500-1000mm Lens – It’s 80 Bucks, Does it Suck?

Check out my latest video : https://youtu.be/grtp2p1TN5s
Huge lens: http://amzn.to/2mVefdP
tiny lens: http://amzn.to/2nc9skr
Sony a6500: http://amzn.to/2nisAxX
Lens used in this video: http://amzn.to/2nilwBx
Tripod: http://amzn.to/2niuQ8q
Bendy Tripod:http://amzn.to/2ob7Xnw


Zayd Zuhri says:

Don’t use warp stabilizer if you’re shooting on a tripod. It looks horrendous

Review That says:

Hello neighbor lol, from clemson here

Sijolo Rodríguez says:

No había un ma chikito??

Emerson Kloostra says:

i need it

Adam Graham says:

if you tried doing that from a parking garage right now, the police would be called because of how fucked up things have been latley

Hank Milbourn says:


Wolf Reviewing says:

Buy a p900

Nicholas Heah says:

Contrast terrible, sharpness not terrible but obviously could be better but for that reach and price I would buy

Russell Allred says:

First time watching one of your videos. Shocked to see someone else from Greenville South Carolina. Thanks for posting this video.

Christopher Burress says:

Check out my latest video : https://youtu.be/grtp2p1TN5s

Oliver Hilton says:

_”Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras are becoming a considerable alternative to the conventional DSLR, as the removal of a moving mirror makes them a lot _*_smaller_*_ and more compact”_

J Service says:

Say you have a picture up in a show and the picture wasn’very good technically (soft corners, aberration, etc.), but you told them the lens only cost $80, would that make the picture any better?

El KukS says:

That dirt is on sensor, not the lens.

paul Smith says:

The perfect Christmas present for the man with a tiny penis.

The Emo Emu says:

“The last lens you bought is the only lens you’ll use the rest of your life. How screwed are you?”
Time to take up stamp collecting.

Matt's Van Life says:

Take a picture of an Ant.

Puget Sound Rail Productions says:

Why waste money on this when the Canon Powershot SX60HS has a lens that has 1,365 mm and has 65x optical zoom, that’s built in to the camera?

stardomee says:

not bad at all 🙂

Lincoln Riddle says:

I use this lens to shoot all of my videos. Best lens in the world!

funkmasterjee says:

1000mm.   Now I have a cheap lens to take to Amsterdam red light district to photo those clergymen and politicians from the hotel window. $$$£££.   hmmm…..just choosing my yacht from the catalogue.  XD

Jonny Rula says:

Why would you “lightly edit” any photo when you well know we want to see unedited?

Arden Unger says:

The ultimate lens for stalkers.

Daryl Gala says:

I know you are kidding!! Goddddddd this Lena!!!!

Dima childs says:

Dude, you should defiantly try zooming on the moon I think that would look pretty cool! Nice Vid BTW!

LitoLuvSardine Campbell says:

ur wife made the lens look beautiful

Xanerix says:

I recommend you guys check out the Kaplenz. It’s a cup and it’s a lens. Kaplenz.

Jason Foulks says:

lmao wtf

Felipe Cabral Novaes says:

wwoooooooooooooow! How can I get this to a sony a7?

Alan John says:

Will this lens work on Canon EOS 80D? If no, please suggest any such cost-efficient telephoto lenses for Canon EOS 80D.

Adam Bryant says:

Liked because Sony!

akshay kumar says:

Is it work with canon 1200d

N!no says:

Opteka??? Are that a good lens

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