800mm Telephoto Lens (Canon EF Mount) for $100

I assembled this lens for around $100

-Vivitar 400mm f/5.6 Telephoto Lens-$52 (eBay)
-Canon FD 2X Extender-$27 (eBay)
-Canon FD to EF converter-$30 (Amazon)

For a cheap little lens it’s not too bad picture quality. Of course it’s nowhere near the quality of a Canon or Nikon of equivalent focal length, but with the price and the reduced weight and size you can’t argue. It’s a pretty fun and easy lens to use anyway.

Thanks for checking out the video, please feel free to check out my other videos and comment.


Anwar Alomaisi says:

great video

Pilotguy251 says:

Not bad for the price I guess. I may invest in one of these. 

AlexCoronaPhoto says:

You don’t multiply lenses when using them on a crop, people tell you to but they’re idiots or misinformed. You get the same reach on both crop and full frame, on crop it just appears longer because you’re cropping the image. You can do the same thing in post. Ever wonder why Canon and everyone else never multiplies their crop sensor lenses by 1.6? because they know you’re not getting extra reach. They’re called crop bodies because they crop the image, they’re not called multiply bodies.

ScreamingTreeFilm says:

I have a 70-200 IS f/2.8, and yes the quality is amazing when compared to cheap ones like this. This was really to see how far I could push focal length for the lowest amount of money. Just a fun lens to mess around with.

Ro Z says:

Best book for a beginner….i mean like somethin to teach a chimp about his canon t5………? Lol

cardiacade says:

Nice one!

gilly2255 says:

Doesn’t that make it a 1600mm? I think I seen the adapters are 1.25x , 2x TC and 60D CF 1.6x is 1600mm? Freakin insane dude! Might this instead of the FD 300/4. Thanks for the video and great job!!

ScreamingTreeFilm says:

it’s actually not that bad, you can get to a 5.6 pretty easily in the day time. Although I like to use 8 because that sharpest.

northlander30 says:

After watching this video I bought a Sigma 70-210mm M42 mount lens I already had a 2x teleconverter so it made the lens a 140-420mm lens which was great. I am using it on a Canon T3i Rebel APS-C crop sensor camera and with the crop factored in of 1.6x the lens with converter comes out to a 224-672mm. The problem I am having is infinite focus! I tried taking pics of the moon but it is almost like I need about an 1/4 of an inch more focus rotation to get the shot in clear.How do you get clear pics

petemayo says:

Damn, I hate insane price claims, yeah maybe you found these items at that price after a few months of searching or severe haggling, but searching for those items or similar on ebay it’s roughly double, looking more at a $200 setup.

skawa1991 says:

hey Crusaderky Im sorry to bother but do you know any trusted websties I could actually find the 500mm f/6.3 lens? I couldn’t find any on ebay, The ones I found were strongly overpriced. Thanks!

Panayiotis Kyriakou says:

what if the crop sensor has the same megapixels as the full frame?

shane brady says:

Overall, with image quality of an old “brownie”..Why Bother??

NightShooter says:

Thanks enjoyable video.

SrOchoa says:

Actually, its more than 800mm since the FD-EOS adapter adds 1.4 multiplication, and since you have a crop sensor you need to multiply per 1.6 so it ends up being arround 1700mm

Binu Sethu says:

i want it for a nikon f55 slr

Will Phillips says:

+Panayiotis Kyriakou The FD-EOS adapter actually does add 1 .4 multiplacation factor. The adapter has a piece of glass in it to correct for infinity focus and the glass also adds 1.4x multiplication. Look it up, and don’t correct others unless you know what you’re talking about.

ScreamingTreeFilm says:

I would try using a greater focal length lens. The longer lenses will have a greater focus reach as it is being that they are designed for farther subjects. Thanks for the comment, please share the video!

ScreamingTreeFilm says:

I pretty much only buy parts and lenses from eBay, usually if I can’t find any deals I just wait a couple weeks or a month until some good listings pop up. The problem is that all other websites are overpriced compared to eBay. You can try looking into a different lens and building from there.

Thanks for the comment, feel free to share and start threads on this video if you want.

SrOchoa says:

Yeah it does, just search google for fd to eos multiplier

revolversntulips says:

Hi I’m doing a similar build. 400mm tokina fd 5.6 with the 2x-a extender. Still waiting for the extender to be delivered. It’s more or less necessary to use a tripod huh? Also do you have any suggestions on shutterspeed/f?

tenow says:

shouldn’t like MTO1000 or some other M42 mirror lens be cheaper and give better picture?

Anthony Dark says:

I know what you are saying I found 4 lenses at Goodwill and a camera which just happen to be manual.. $28 Minolta 50mm, 135(2), and 70-210mm I”m using them all on a Sony A6000 all but the extra 135 that is. You made great points if you look you will find and make due with what you have.. Keep up the great work..

Hiram Gonzalez says:

Overly explained the fact that the sharpness of the photo is not professional, it is a great alternative for a huge zoom telephoto lens. It is a simply wonderful tool to get creative with, specially being a beginner at photography. Thanks a lot for the effort man.
Thanks for listing the pieces, hands down buying this. 🙂

Hiram Gonzalez says:

Oh and the pictures of the moon, really nice.

Siti Mutmainah says:

good video

Crusader Ky says:

TL;DR if you’re on a tight budget, buy a tamron 70-300 and then crop.

Robert White says:
Quang Ngo says:

That’s pretty awesome!

southernexposure123 says:

Thanks for the video.
Two things – first – did you try stopping the lens to smaller aperture to decrease the CA?
And second – have you ever tried an actual telescope?  If so how did that work?
Thanks again.

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