5 Reasons Why You Need a 70-200mm Lens

Kai gives 5 reasons for owning a 70-200mm lens (http://bit.ly/70200Lens) while shooting part time footballists with photographer Matt Usher.
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Pricing Reference:
Canon 70-200mm f2.8:

Canon 70-200mm f4:

Nikon 70-200 f2.8:

Nikon 70-200 f4

Sigma 70-200 f2.8:

Sony 70-200 f2.8:

Tamron 70-200 f2.8:

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ÉN says:

I alredy have a manual 28-200

Richard Muniz says:

What a useless video, period!

MufflePuff says:

LMAAOOO 2:40 wtf

Amanda Cortese says:

I just bought this lens, used, to start shooting the Chicago Fire soccer team, I’m excited to see what it can do!

billa vel says:

There are 1crore reason, why we need money

The IronForge says:

Look its shia labeouf at 3:57

History and Reviews says:

Since when are cameras water resistant?

Jeff Liss says:

I sold my house to buy one. The wife is still trying to figure out what happened to our home.

KeetsBeautifulFlukes says:


Dovi Wind says:

Blimey these lenses cost more then my car!

xhacker says:

70-200 lens to record JAVs? Sure.

MEKEX says:

I have 18-200 3,5-5,6 VR. Aperture is kinda shit but it is very usefull, also pretty compact.

Zeus Forge says:

I about lost it when he said ‘monkeys scratching their ass and sniffing it.’ lmfao

Deepak Gurung says:

can you do my weather proof test, i have two natural fixed lenses.

Oxud says:

Subs me I will Sub you back

Genesis Edits says:

Want that lens but i have no money:<

Oscar Sauce says:

I just clicked because its raining. I’m very nervous now

Chico Peebles says:

I forgot how much I dislike this dude.

Nicolas Lewis says:

What about the 70-300 f4-5.6L then?

Brodee Leonard says:


Angelo Cella says:

A die a bit in the inside when you abuse of photographic gear.

denvera1g1 says:

i have a 24-240mm lens, wasnt cheap becaue being full frame for Sony FE but it was worth it

Ibrahim Uraza says:

Can’t wait for the Nikon z7

Fayel ifti says:

How money prize America???

408 Aerial Imaging says:

Why were your photos so noisy?

Matthew Blevins says:

4:48 lol someone is RAGING Haha

Razors Max says:

What camera you use for the recording.?

Major Mazzaroth says:

Any sense thats white I can’t afford.

ScaryTaco says:

My heart dropped and then sank through my entire body seeing that lens go through all of that. OMG!!!

shadi atallah says:

Which is mode should I put…in sport photography? 1or 2

saiful efendik says:

your voice is so deep, i really like to hear your naration

WayBeyond says:

This guy insults the players on the football team, his mind was on penises a little too much and I get a sense of a general ere of duchebag about this guy trying way too hard to be likeable. With how often he seemed to make fun of the guy next to him or anyone else he thought was lower than him, i wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually getting pissed on. Not rain bro….

Anonym Anonym says:

This is like the Top Gun of camera lenses.

hitmhard says:

Newbie here: Is this lens good for wildlife on a crop sensor camera? Also, would it be silly to get the 70-200mm f4 when you have to figure in crop factor? I guess what I’m asking is, would I see a huge difference between the 70-200mm f4 vs the f2.8

Fayel ifti says:

How money in Bangladesh????

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