Wide Angle Macro and the Venus/LAOWA 15mm Macro Lens

A not terribly technical overview of wide-angle macrophotography and some of my thoughts on the Venus/Laowa 15mm macro lens.

Venus Optics: www.VenusLens.net


Special thanks to Kathleen Neeley of www.KinkPrints.com for helping out with shooting video.


Venta de Esmeraldas Colombianas says:

what is the camera more cheap for macro photography that you recommend ,? I need a camera with real colors and cheap , please help me

Undercover Legacy says:

what camera models does this fit? my Pentax K30 is tiny compared to my canon 7d mark II

martin brimble says:

How to achieve such large depth of view, these are great images… thanks for uploading, its very interesting

Photoshoper Grh. says:

What is the lightning diffuser?


Not sure if somebody had already asked this question but how did you customize your light diffuser? What materials did you use? Your photos are just amazing. Great work.

Laurentiu Sofineti says:

Hi, How did u build the flash for macro, and what did u used(i mean this plastic thing). I have a normal flash and i want the light before my lens. i have a 88 mm diameter lend.Tks

Ramp2010 says:

Watching this makes me itchy..

Xenia Cheah says:

wow … you took a really really really really good picture !

Zpokiie TV says:

Can u use This on a Fujifilm

Steve G says:

digital photography?

Miroslav Kvicala says:

Nice video…

Adam Baus says:

I’m putting down an order for this lens. Did some alpine wildflower photos with lady beetles and bees on them this morning with a 100mm and couldn’t show the location very well. This lens will do it!!

Man4Tide says:

Can this lens be used with traditional, straight up landscape shots?  If so,  how would you rate the lens as a landscape lens?

frank jones says:

That image at 6:39 is creepy cool. looks like nobody has been there in over a century

Lecker Pfannkuchen says:

Amazing video man! Very inspiring

Steve G says:

Excellent just excellent, you sir are also really, really, cool.

anDrew Reid says:

Excellent work. K30 still kicks ass! Pentax forever!!

Stian Krane says:

Thanx for your videos and pictures. They are truly amazing and inspiring 🙂 I’m thinking about buying this Laowa lens. Do you think it will perform as good on my crop sensor Nikon D7100 as on a full frame body?

Donald Klopper says:

Glad I saw your artwork. Thanks for sharing!

martin brimble says:

I have just purchased the OPTEKA 15MM F/4 LD , have you considered a comparison. As this is a much lower cost.! Great videos Thomas


I love your voice!!!

quack star says:

looking at these shots is making me want to sell my Canon 60D to buy a pentax camera. which one are you using ? thanks


this is amazing..

Michael Maddox says:

Oy, this lens looks likea treat to play with! I hope it’s not prohibitively expensive…

Doyle LaCrua says:

I see I’m a little late to this game here. I was wondering why it is so difficult to use?

Fritz says:

You’re an excellent photographer.  Thanks for sharing your work and talents.

martin brimble says:

Regarding the Tokina 10-17mm fish-eye, could this be partnered with an extension tube or other, to achieve a 1:1 magnification similar to the LAOWA..? Thanks

S.U. Productions says:

This is the first video I’ve seen of your channel, and it’s very calming. I will subscribe to your channel.

Heraldo Oliveira says:

Is the Pentax 10-17 a macro lens?

David Gomez says:

awesome review, u made that laowa looked like an easy to use lens 🙂

SESkey says:

Very useful lens.

moin3211 says:

Hi Shahan, I’m fan of your videos. Great narration and beautiful photos.

Sixx Roldan says:

I’m just starting out in macro and I have no idea how people like you get such sharp images without any blur from movement without using a tripod. If anyone can help me with this I will greatly appreciate it.

Aline Kalleicher says:

very interesting video, incredibly amazing

filosofodemierda says:


G.D. says:

You’re one of the coolest you tubers!
And how do I find a beautiful woman like that? That’ll take pictures of spiders and bugs with you out in nature? Count yourself lucky!!
And that song at the end of the video was just butter!!

Christian says:

Incredible! This was a whole new side of macro photography for me. You got some beautiful shots as well. Great job, and thanks for the video. 🙂

Carl Delain says:

In the milky way shot towards the end did you use a star tracker?

Alokesh Bagchi says:

Dear Sir,
I am following your work from last about 2 years! It’s wonderful! I got the Laowa Lens. It’s packed and received scratchless! As you said, it’s a superb, but very difficult to use lens! I am extremely happy and pleased! Wish to join your workshops! Thanks and Regards! Alokesh Bagchi

George F Spicka says:

Not only are the shots outrageous, I love the shooters philosophy 🙂

evemitchellanderson says:

Very nice thank you

Felipe Bezerra says:

You know what would be cool? A tutorial on how to fashion the speedlite the way you did right in the beginning of this video. Gonna try it.

Dunedan says:

I don’t get how that lens focuses so close and so far.

Chopin's Etudes says:


Paulo Mateus Guerra says:

Man, if you don’t know how to take macros, I don’t know who can!

Spencer Parks says:

Thank you for this video. I’ve been wanting to get one of these lenses ever since it was announced but I haven’t gotten around to it because photography is still a hobby for me. After I pay off the two lenses I just bought, I think this might be my next purchase.

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