Wide angle Macro : 15mm f4 Venus Optics lens review

In this video I take a look at the new 1:1 wide angle macro lens from Venus Optics. This 15mm f4 lens with tilt shift has a bunch of pros and cons and in this video I do my best to cover all the points I have found so far.


Uncaged says:

Better as a close up wide than full on macro I’d say. They have a lovely 60m that does 2:1, would be better for true macro, I think this one is more a creative close up wide.

Lorsey Jones says:

Finally received my lens from the Laow, this lens gives an unusual perspective that I enjoy.

F3nd3ric0 says:

Hey dude! Thanks for this review 🙂
Can I ask you something? Im a newbie, into photography since few months now and im having so much fun with it, but now I would like to start some serious macro photo, as im using a simple 18-55mm and 55-200 lens. Many tell me to buy directly a macro lens, but my budget is poor (cant go over 250euros), other says to buy lens extension, tubes, reverse ring and weird stuff like that. What would you suggest? Id like to take nature macro photos, so insect, flowers, stuff like that… Thanks in advance !

Charlie Eads says:

I have read that in most cases shooting macro you use a triggered remote flash setup. Did you try that and still have problems?

tsy1992 says:

Hey would you recommend getting this as a cheap(er) alternative for tilt-shift lens? Is shooting high aperture and architecture mostly worth using this lens?

Account One says:

Thank you sir!

Frank Hatcher says:

Thank you for the review Adam. You answered a lot of my questions/concerns about the lens. I love shooting macro and the thought of shooting wide angle macro is intriguing. On a side note… I was stationed at Kadena Air Base for four years, lots of great memories on Okinawa. 🙂 Thanks again. Frank

Laura Godoy says:

Hi, awesome video, one query, mounted on a nikon d7100, at f11 or f22, the light I have on the viewfinder or screen, is good enough to take the picture or completely dark? cheers!!.

Charles Balce says:

Wow, thanks for the review. How long did it take for it to arrive?? Looking for wide angle lenses. I just love the creative perspectives you can do with this lens..

Dr Victor Fursov - Entomologist Beekeeper Teacher says:

Thank you for an interesting video. Good luck!

Emil Mondoa says:

I bought the earlier Laowa lens and had a similar shipping experience. I had practically forgotten about it, and one day it just showed up! I guess it is an engineer/enthusiast run company. Perhaps I shall buy from B and H, which carries it.

AlCast Photo says:

You should watch Thomas Shahan’s video review of this exact lens. He is a Macro photographer who does amazing work. This is an awesome lens!

Niven A. Nolte says:

Thank you very, very much.

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