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Coty Stapula says:

Two minute tuesday is probably my favorite series on youtube

Shorts & thongs says:

hey peter!! love your content! PLEASE DO NOT STOP CREATING content! your stuff is just gold!! i personally learned a lot from you. i know how hard it is to pump out content like you do and it is just insane!! keep up with the good work! just curious… have you ever heard of “luwak coffee” by any chance??

Peter McKinnon says:

Secret’s out! My Swiss army knife lens is a 100mm MACRO! Anyone else guilty?

Subways Shenanigans says:

smashed the like button so hard i need a new mouse…

Enaisikey dibawest says:

Hello Peter my mame la Diana from Peru.
I esa wonder le hoy van do a tutorial about how yo use a Macro lenses. And le you listen about Sony cameras alfa6000.
I hope that you can make a tutorial about it. And if it is not posible please do a tutorial about macro lentes and how yo use it.
Im from Peru and I like you tube Channel

matthew hauser says:

I wish I had the money for one haha!!!

Jeannifer Hwang says:

macro lens or fix lens first??

Pre Pro Productions says:

Love macros!

vinayak mayekar says:

Yo great !

Nicolas Ganea says:

I couldn’t agree more! I use it for everything for cooking videos and telling stories

Hacky says:

god dammit: even your ‘B’ roll stuff of the rain is quality. Another great 2 mins I enjoyed……now where’s that coffee 🙂

Ask Anything says:

I absolutely love my macro lens! When I first got it I thought it was kinda stupid, but I’ve grown so used to it, and definitely wouldn’t want to miss it! Peters seems to be even better so maybe I will need to step my game up and invest a little more soon!
On a side note: that pizza making montage was the bomb! Had to watch it like four times in a row! Just so aesthetic

Gauransh Gupta says:

best Utilisation of 2 minutes

Paola Garcia says:

the rain reminds me of Seattle Washington

Kiera Jo says:

Glad you’re giving the 100mm macro some love. I’ve had the non-L version for several years now, and I LOVE IT. I use it on every portrait session I do. <3

Michał Nerć says:

Great videos and channel, congratulations!
I have a question though, why did you choose Canon?
What do you think of other brands (best case scenario: Fuji 🙂 ), did you use any of them? Test it maybe?

Love to watch video about that.


The first time i watched your video i was an upcoming and that pushed me to subscribe since it became common in your videos. That was january of this year but since then i have kept on asking the people who ask me how i take my photos and set cameras to check your channel. I pray i win this beast camera to take my work to the next level and be better than since in life we are all unique. Am one of the biggest fun to your work Peter Mckinnon. wish everyone the best of luck.

Vianca Gigglezallday says:

I have this lens and was considering selling it and my 24-105 (i just dont use it very much) for a 24-70 2.8 with macro capability, but also am a but torn because I do enjoy my 100mm macro! thoughts?

Tiffany Onwudinanti says:

Will this work with the moment macro lens?

J Hill says:

Will you make a video on how to make or get a intro for a video
Like how you got yours ?

the best gaming lols says:

Anyone know the Nikon equivalent of these?

wan fakhrullah says:

Yeah..its make it better…awesome

Marvin Suhul says:

I own an Old Nikon 35-70 f/3.5. Super Sharp MACRO.

smart life video says:


Jérémy Plmr says:

Hi Peter !
Excellent video as usual 😀 but I remain skeptical about the versatility of a 100mm fixed focal length… I have a 55mm 1.8 and I am really constrained by my environment, often, especially when I want to go from a portrait to a scene. I’m used to switch between my 55, 18-55 and 14, but it’s such a waste of time for me… The sharpness of a ffl is certainly incomparable, but is this the only advantage compared to a 18-105 for example ?

Thanks in advance ! Great shots tho, love it 🙂

Ben Tidswell says:

Been hitting someone….. cuts in your nucleus

Colton Thomas says:

Now i just need 800$

Narendra Gitaramadhan says:

normal people: “oh it’s raining”
Peter: “B-ROLL!”

121 Gado says:

What happened to your left hand?

Reynald SixPack says:

2 minutes of worth

Thomas Nichol says:

Hey Peter. Great video, but I have to ask what advantages does the 100mm macro have over my Sigma 70-300mm which has a macro setting?

Jakub Lap says:

What its better panasonic lumix gh4 or canon EOS 80D ? it has very similar price

乐可 says:

MAN I love that ending brolls ! its so dope

Daniel Huang says:

nice video, peter. however, i think i should unsubscribe….cause my wallet said so! =P

Sk Gamer says:

As always great vlogs I smashwd that liked hah because i love peter and the way he vlog love the way he vlogs love it ma man

Seejay Ceallaigh says:

I’ve had a macro lens in my bag for a long time but almost never pulled it out until I watched this. I’ll definitely be exploring it a bit more now. Thanks for another great video!

Omphulusa Tshikovhi says:

i smashed the like button ,,,,

Angus Crossley says:

I still just don’t understand anything about lenses

davilinodergrosse says:

Better call it 3 minutes tuesday

MRIDUL Mirza says:

So good idea

Christopher McPhee says:

Peter…Bro!!! Thanks for the insight. I am new to the game, and your videos have been of great value. You are definitely my GO-TO source of information…Thanks Brother!!

Jake Eko says:

Love my Macro lens ❤️❤️

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