Which Macro Lens? Sigma 70mm F2.8 vs Sony 90mm F2.8 OSS

I compare the Sigma 70mm Macro vs the Sony 90mm Macro.
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iAsperity says:

Which strap are you using at 10:50?

Thomas Bowan says:

Would you buy a macro or art lens?

Chryseas S. says:

Danny, I just caught up with this and I am glad I watched as I have owned the 90 mm macro since it became available ( it was the ‘hot lens’ to get when it first came out and I took a very long bus ride in the bitter cold of late winter to grab the “last one” in the city ( total GAS!). Well, I consider it my sharpest and best built lens and now, I have switched to the a7iii from using the a6500, I appreciate it even more. It definitely belongs on the full frame and certainly can be a portrait lens, as well. It is a bit front heavy on the a6500 and I actually would recommend the underrated and dead cheap Sony 30mm macro instead for the APS-C bodies.

e1darie1 says:

How did you manage to put quick release PD through that tiny hole?

João Maria Vasconcelos Fontes de Barros Taveira says:

3:48 And Tokina lenses.

simon ngan says:

would you be kind to do a sigma art FE 24mm f1.4 too?

Chuck says:

how about the 50 2.8 macro?

D F says:

Sigma 90mm is extremely sharp..also great for portrait shots perfect focal length in the color rendering is amazing. Are there threads on the Sony 70mm?

Michael Mystro Pierce says:

I have the Sony 90 macro and use it a lot at weddings it’s a great macro lens and Danny yeah a lot of people double up and use it for a portrait lens as well your right. Question do the Sigma have 1:1 magnification? I can’t remember, Love the video also Danny great work.

Zipp4Everyone says:

Considering the footage being presented i’d say the Sigma kills it. It seems sharper and over all nicer than the G-master. However, i guess convenience warrants double the price?

Donatas P says:

what about sony’s SEL50M28 ? 🙂

Ankur Bagai says:

Thank You <3

Hisham Elkawash says:

Thank you for the comparison. I would like to know which one is better in terms of image quality especially the sharpness. Cheers

Mel says:

Been wondering this for a while. Perfect!!

Fauzan Jamahat says:

Ive managed to get my hands on sigma 70 macro and the famous sony 90 macro just for my own comparison with my a7iii.

In my test, i do not see the benefit of OSS in the sony. Realistically, taking macro handheld still requires me to take the shutter speed up to 1/250, same goes with the sigma. My guess is the stabilization of a7iii is good enough for the sigma as well.

Even for video work, handheld causes minute vibration in both (again, OSS didnt help much) and i see tripod will be the only option for absolute stability. Focusing wasnt a problem with both as well in video surprisingly. In macro video u still need to go manual for both lenses as it hunts.

The sharpness is the same and i dont see any significant difference in color rendition. That goes the same with micro contrast etc. one would hardly tell any difference side by side

Focus on sony is good but not miles better than the sigma as well. Both hunts for focus, and when u get to macro 1:1 to capture sharp small details, u still need to go manual or tripod for both the sony and sigma. Although the sigma was “abit slower” than the sony. But not by much.

For potraits, i realised 70mm isnt an issue vs 90mm. Both have significant detail,sharpness and background blur. Infact i realised there was more flexibility with the 70mm as a walk around lens.

I dont see any reason to have the sony at its price point so i sold it and kept the sigma. Somehow overall, i felt sigma was more consistent in its performance vs the sony (where at times it hunts more than the sigma)

Ofcourse this is my own personal opinion.

taylor wilson says:

Wait until sony has one of their rebates going, then go and get the sony through GreenToe. I got mine for $899 brand new.

That Guy says:

Trying to decide between the 90mm macro and the 85 1.8 for portraits. I wish the price difference wasn’t so great.

Jihad Al Razqi says:

Can you explain what those infity to 5 or whatever they are switches do?

micke johansson says:

Well, he said it himself. He is not a macro guy and it shows. No good image quality testing. No bokeh testing. True the Sigma doesn’t have IS but that is a good sign image quality wise. Macro designs with IS always have to give up a little bit of image quality. The pictures I’ve seen from the Sigma looked incredibly sharp and it also compatible with the converters from Sigma so you could get more than 1:1 size. Please be careful when you take advise form testers who haven’t got ‘the whole picture’ and/or personal experience.

EscapeArtist15 says:

If you get the 90mm back I’d love to see a sports test! I’ll be getting it soon and sports photography is something I really want to try with it.

Zipp4Everyone says:

Shooting handheld macro without stab, possible or really messy?

Mike H. says:

What about the Rokinon 100mm Macro? It’s a pretty awesome little lens (well it’s not very little) but not a bad price if your looking to upgrade from extension tubes. Which anyone should really start there to make sure macro is something worth pursuing.

Jay Dev says:

Sony 50mm 2.8 macro – 70mm macro sigma – or the sony 90mm 2.8 macro

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