Weird lens reviews: Mitakon 20mm f/2 4.5x Super Macro Lens

It’s the closest-focusing lens I have ever tested – including the time I made that Photo101 video experimenting with macro extension tubes. Let’s see if this inexpensive (US $200) Mitakon lens is a practical solution for extreme macro work.

All pictures taken by me on a Canon 6D camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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CallahanJones says:

I think it was made with focus stacking in mind. Instead of changing focus. One would put it on a macro use tripod head that would allow you to move the camera forwards or back by tiny degrees. Then you take a bunch of photos and focus stack them.

Deathwing8966 says:

Hi Chris, hope you can review the new Canon EFM 32mm 1.4!

Goŋz Koronado says:

I have that lens in my collection and I’ve gotta say it’s pretty cool but also hard to nail focus. Overall a fun lens to use.

Diego Rivera says:

First! Again!

grzych17 says:

I wonder if it’s possible to attach this lens to a camera with a smaller sensor. It would be bigger magnification

Fluffy HotTub says:

Hi,where can i get the photo you use for testing distortion sharpness etc?thank you

John H says:

Is this a completely fixed focus lens?

Witono Halim says:

Looks like a copy of the Olympus 20mm f2 x4.2 macro

Dragonheng says:

7min + okey i hold a Cup of Tea in my left hand and wait.. 5 min later the Cat need fun wiht the 20mm lens, so a wait again.

Glorious Leader says:

I have no need for it, but I want it.

p gh says:

I’m wondering how the pictures would look like with extension tubes, how close we can get.
Interesting lens, I haven’t seen this one before.

Akash Pradeep says:

saw weird lens review notification… clicked immediately . long time is last weird lens review

dopamining says:

Weren’t you tempted to try the ibis in your Sony with this lens?

MetalSlugzMaster says:

The Zenit factory has recently updated its Zenitar 85mm f1.4 (Helios 40-3). Could you possibly do a review? I can find some examples online, but no comprehensive reviews yet.

Camera Conspiracies says:

I wish it was just a regular 20mm f2.

Sayan Paul says:


UpDowngrade says:

It looks like it’s simply a reversed lens. I modified a 18-55 kit lens to attach the lens backwards for macro work, and as you mention, focusing is very frustrating. I even conected wires externally to keep electronic communication but the autofocus is pretty much useless. I recorded the whole process as a video tutorial. I may upload it sometime soon in case someone is interested.

EposVox says:

This is amazing.

Bikash Jana says:

Please please review Tamron 17-35 f 2.8 OSD lense. It would be great to see.

CallahanJones says:

Re lighting. One would use macro flash (either a ring light that would be around the lens, or two small lights to either side of the lens) or other macro lighting technique so I don’t don’t think the exposure times would be as long as in your video.

Robert Hansen says:

It goes for about $169 at B&H, very temping and it has a mount for my camera!

james ohara says:

Are you suggesting Counterfeiters would find it more than useful 🙂

Alejandro Hndez Cañas says:

Nice. A proper review of this lens. Thanks!

B L I T H E says:

Weird Lens but Ok!

Andrew Montague says:

Weird. But if you wanted to do something very different I guess it’s cool.

Jonny Raul says:

I waited for this video so long… thank you

Torben Lysholm says:

Wow, that’s one specialized lens.

Gavin Wade says:

I love weird lens reviews!

MarcinP2 says:

“It’s a totally manual lens”
Well, buying macro rings will be much cheaper then. :/

Jose Ruiz says:

It looks like a normal lens that has been reversed. And essentially that’s what it is

lazerman121 says:

Man I have been eyeing this lens ever since USB microscope kicked the bucket I may pic one up soon. Definitely better image quality.

Jian Ma says:

Thanks for this. I’ve always wondered about this lens and you’ve answered all of the main points I wondered about.

Steve West says:

Good review. I have this lens and your summary of the properties is very good. I have gotten some very nice images with it. 4-4.5x is quite difficult to use effectively and requires care. Lighting is best done with a couple of fiber gooseneck lights due to the tiny working distance. After messing with this lens, I’ve moved to a stacking rig using a 5x mitutoyo objective with my 70-200mm used as the tube lens for it. Much easier and longer working distance but a LOT more expensive. I find the Mitakon is much more at home on my stacking rig due to the excellent control of the lens and subject holders on that microscope base.

TheInterMaus says:

Do you usually keep these cheap/weird lenses you review? (I’m assuming these are not loan review copies.)

Mr Hist says:

Great review as always!!

becool365 says:

At this point this is a microscope…….. I dare you to put macro tubes on it 😀

Petri Sara says:

Thank you for this great review! I´ve been thinking of getting this lens for a while now and tried to look for a decent review of it. 🙂

SoFlo says:

You guys ever wonder what an octopus based vehicle will look like?

Broj 1 says:

This is microscope magnification territory.
Did you use electronic first shutter curtain mode to eliminate image blur due to shutter vibration?

Plus plus says:

Why not use an external flash for macro?

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