Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro Review

Darren Miles, Southwest Florida and Naples Based, Wedding, Portrait, Family and Real Estate Photographer;




CONCLUSION: So to wrap up this review, we gave the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro lens a 46.5/50 and our Highly recommended rating! So to answer the original question, did the Angry Photographer make a decent recommendation? Yup, he did. Thanks angry, as I would have most likely picked up the much more expensive Nikon 105mm f/2.8 micro – which granted has VR, but it’s also more than double the price.

THE FINAL WORD: If you’re anything like me and you’ve recently changed systems to Nikon and you need a high quality, good value macro lens, then look no further than the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro with it’s excellent combination of fantastic build and great optics both for macro and portraiture and all for a very reasonable price, then it’s really hard not to highly recommend a lens like this. Tokina has historically done a great job offering 3rd party glass with superior build and great optics and all for very reasonable prices, the 100 f/2.8 is exactly that, I just wish the focus motor were a bit faster, and a bit quieter.

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Dennis Maher says:

hi will this lens work on my NikonD5500 and if so will it work at f2.8,thanks

OriginalHawk says:

Link to your tripod? Thanks

MrCochise71 says:

amazing lens. one of my best lenses ever. great vid!

maketelma says:

Singer of Queens of the Stone Age reviews Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens!

Ron Mitchell says:

I just bought this lens based upon Ken’s recommendation and this video. I purchased it to use on my D810, the first time I tried using this lens, there was an error code “FEE” In the view finder. Initially I was disappointed, however, after researching on line, I discovered you need to manually see the F stop on the Tokina to its smallest stop, f32. At that point the code went away and the lens functioned as it should. I really didn’t understand the why for this, and surprised that bit of information was not mentioned in this video or others I viewed. Overall I’m very pleased with this lens.

DryasAnne says:

Very nice review! Just ordered one.

Gauthaman M says:

does this autofocus on live view?

Rodrigo Vilches says:

Thanks for the very detail and full of valuable information, I just purchase mine. (and subscribed to your channel)

Muhannad Fakih says:

+Darren Miles, can you help me about my macro lens, I already bought the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM OS, with margin price 300$ only, but now I saw your video about the Tokina, I’m surprised about it, I’m confused now since the Sigma is amazed build quality, with OS version which help fir hand held photography, and with.low price!! please can you advise me what to do??

my gear is D7200 !!??

nuckinfutz355 says:

Does this auto focus work with a canon?

Allen Latham says:

which is best for portraits full or Limit?

Muhannad Fakih says:

Sigma 105mm f2.8 ex dg hsm OS macro vs tokina at pro 100 f2.8 macro / nikon mount!!??
incase there have same price??

Todd Roy says:

Hi, Darren, I’m using the d810 and I have the tokina 100mm and it won’t auto focus, can you help me?

David Duong says:

i lost the len hood, is it ok to shoot without the hood with sunlight ?

Robb Quinn says:

Daren, not even sure if you will see this but I already have a 70-200 2.8. What is the advantage of this lens over that as far as for portraits?

james cason says:

is this lens comparable to the Canon 135 mm L?

Anomalous lover says:

sir, what about tokina 100mm macro f2.8 with AF, I have d5200!

David Smith says:

Angry photographer. Thank you I am going to purchase one.

vikk says:

nice review! i m nikon D810 shooter suggest me macro new tamron 90mm 2.8 or tokina 100mm?

Giang Vu says:

I really like your review style. Straight to the point and easy to follow. Keep it up!

Victory .Studios says:

Why cant all review videos be like this?! Amazing information, the the point, and legit feedback!

Boudewijn J.M. Kegels says:

Hay Darren, coming from Canon platform, can you say how this lens holds up to Canon’s EF 100mm/2.8L IS USM macro ?

Dino DiLabio says:

My Fujifilm XS1 can do the same thing too

Archontasius says:

this, vs tamron 90mm VC or sigma 105mm OS??
is the lack of vibration control really matters? especially for a 100mm lens ?

David Abbs says:

Right sold, will purchase later this week!

obsidian00 says:

Great review…you sold me on this lens!

Bill K says:

Great video. Excellent speaking and audio. I just bought this lens based on Angry Photographers review

mark shirley says:

thanks really helpful – I shoot with a D750 both images and video. Did you shoot the video clips with the D750. So nice to see someone else using this camera for video.

Steve Kunder says:

Great video, a lens I am considering on my D500. Do you think for macro it would be a winner on DX?

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