The Panasonic 30mm f/2.8 Macro Lens For Micro Four Thirds Cameras

This is my take on the Panasonic 30mm f/2.8 Macro lens Micro Four Thirds, M43, M4/3, MFT cameras by David Thorpe.
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frontsideboy says:

in my short experience into mft and cameras in general, i fnd myself lusting after a fast 75mm equiv. or have i missed one?

Alex says:

How does this compare to the Olympus 30mm macro?

bnielsen44 says:

I am interested in getting the GH4 with the Olympus Prime 60 mm Macro Lens. I would assume that a Metabones Speed Booster would go great with this combination, no? I can’t find any mention of this setup anywhere. Is it even a logical setup?

B Rajagopal says:

Wow thanks David for your review …. i feel important now that u fulfilled my request for a macro lens review 🙂 ty vm again…. keep em coming

Tecnovlog says:

will you review the 25mm f/1.7?

CubeToys says:

do you know this will work with the lumix G5 body

Brian Cullen says:

great review David your reviews are awesome. My daughter just dropped my GX1 so I’m looking at replacing the power zoom and possibly the camera. Thanks for the help.

Ruel Payawal says:

Great review as usual David! Question, will you be reviewing the GX8?

Alfonso Castillo says:

Thanks for the video. What about Zuiko’s 30mm Macro?

Marek Bari says:

Is that minimal focuse distance really such difference between 30mm and 45mm?Both are nice, but i appreciate that 30mm is much less expensive.

Jose Miguel Vicencio says:

Thank you for your reviews Dave, they are very helpful.
I would like to ask your opinion comparing this lens to the 30 mm Sigma f/2.8, assuming of course that the comparison excludes the macro capabilities.
A final question. How to contact you to buy used lenses from you?
Many thanks


I’m glad you’re not the type of reviewers who get bored of “reviewing”.

derik mercado says:

Great video essay bud!

Martin Kulle says:

60mm just came today. First impressions are promising. Olympus 12-40 2.8 PRO is also very useful for close-ups.
Thanks for doing your reviews.

Robert Mckinney says:

Hi David,

Im currently looking to buy a GH4 for video, and need some help on lens selection. I need a lens, probably wide-angle but I don’t want fish-eye, that can get me and the food on the table at restaurants for food challenges. This means I need to be able to keep my camera fairly close to me in front, sometimes due to some restaurants space. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

D Ch says:

With 1.25 M.Zuiko ED 30mm f3.5 Macro that’s four native macros for MTF now. Plus manual focus MFT mount 4x-5x Nanoha and LAOWA 60mm and 15mm.

Paul H says:

YES! another superb video. Please keep them coming.

b Tommy Douglas says:

Hi David, I’ve searched your vids and have found very little mention of the Olympus 75mm f1.8 and it doesn’t seem to be in your kit. Is it the unusual focal length?

Valkyrie743 says:

the the past week, ive been thinking to my self “when is david going to do a video about these 2 lenses” and BOOM my sub feed shows them 🙂

Thanks so much.!! I want to get this 30mm macro but for the same price i can get the pan leica (used though) on ebay. but the pan leica 45mm is a 6 year old lens and worried opticlly, its not as good as this new 30mm. plus worried about the focus speed and its OIS compared to the new 30mm. I would get the oly 60mm macro BUT not having OIS kinda scares me from buying it. I do have a GX7, but not sure how well the IBS would work compared to the 30 or 45 with OIS.

David, did you see the news that panasonic is releasing a new 25MM lens?? they just announced it today!!

its a lumix 25mm F1.7. I JUST bought the oly 25mm F1.8 to replace my pani 20mm 1.7 pancake (version 2) was a nice little lens but i HATED the slow focus speed. i bet this new 25mm, will have slightly better focus speed than this oly 25mm that i just picked up. (Im basing this off your last video about the 42.5 f1.7. its seems the oly 45mm focusing was slow on the panasonic bodies compared to the Panasonic on the Panasonic body. )

ANYWAY, I love your videos. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the GX8 !!!! and hopefully this new 25mm once its released.

Omar Clarke says:

Would you mind commenting on the macro capability in conjunction with Panasonic’s ex. tele zoom feature (jpg only)? This would definitely increase the minimum focus distance for a 1:1 magnification, but what would this be like in real world terms? For an amateur like me dabbling in macro, but wanting a decent focal length for indoor this would be a great “angle of review” :). Thanks in advance if you manage to test this out.

Juha Koski says:

I’m happy with my 60mm Olympus lens, but I am a bit interested on the Venus 60mm 2:1 macro lens

Wil Santana says:

Thanks for all your reviews. Very helpful for enthusiast like me. Greetings from Barcelona.

Ephraim Kunorishi says:

This is a great lens, not 100% useful for macro as is not long enough and you have to get very close to the subject but is very sharp for portraits and group photos and I love it so much. Is even sharper than the 45mm f1.8. I find that is really nice lens to get everyone in focus at f2.8. Tack sharp wide open. Worth the money!

John Clark says:

Thanks for the great review! I agree totally with your assessments on this lens. I had problem initially taking macro shots of flowers with getting it to focus on where I wanted. Then I set it for pinpoint focus and got some great shots. I was blown away by how sharp the pictures are and the amount of detail this lens can capture.

Shlomo Levi says:

find today new on ebay for $199 . think about)))

Jeff He says:

Hello David, I enjoy your the contents of channel very much, they have been very helpful. I love the gh4 which is my first digital camera, I bought a three native samyang cine lenses to learn filmmaking. They are indeed compact and produce good quality images. And I do not regret, however, there is a problem for photography which I also intend to practice with my gh4. I recently have friends and family who asked me to shoot photos for their events. Problem is, all three samyang, 12mm, 21mm, 50mm are full manual prime lenses. I am thinking maybe to get another native lens with autofocus for my general photography use, when I shoot for events for friends or go travelling etc. Should I get the Panasonic 25mm f1.7, or this 30mm macro? Image quality and practicality are the keys really. Or would you recommend another focal length? Given I already a
Have 12mm, 21mm and 50mm. I’d like to hear your opinion before I decide. Many thanks.

robbyboyo says:

Another top notch review. And another lens to add to the list. Maybe a full lens run down film is in order.

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