The MOST versatile macro lens for your M43 system – RED35 Review Olympus M.Zuiko 30mm Macro

Jimmy took the Olympus M.Zuiko 30mm Macro lens out for a jewellery shoot. Don’t overlook this tiny macro lens, it’s an affordable and versatile lens that will surprise you in terms of optical quality.

Special thanks to JCO London Ltd for use of their fabulous jewellery, you can check out their work @jco_london on instagram.

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MO PZ says:

Where the EM-X1 . You said it would be release 1/19/19

Christian Augustin says:

Spot on, best bang for the buck – by far. I bought it for repro work, but instantly got hooked. Best all-round prime lens for Olympus, at least for me. Sharp and good micro contrast even at open aperture – never think about focusing distance again!

Gary Scott says:

If you were going to purchase one prime lens what would it be? I already own the 60mm macro and the 12-40mm pro lenses.

Vici Martynov says:

I did look at this lens for a nanosecond but, like all such lenses (all manufacturers make one this sort of focal length), decided they are all a bit pointless. Your video, as you struggled to stuff your finger in, makes the point brilliantly; a macro lens needs longer working distance. The 60mm is perfect. I was drawn by the thought of its flexibility but in the end I bought the 45mm f1.8 and dont regret it as it is bitingly sharp and much faster. Really you dont need AF for macro, you are better setting the lens and moving the camera to focus. So, rather than buy this limiting lens, if you cant afford the 60mm you are far better off buying a longer manual legacy macro lens with an adapter and a nice 45mm for normal shots. Well thats my opinion for what its worth – winks 😉

Ozzy Paul says:

I bought the Lumix 30mm equivalent for a measly $80aud about 3 days ago, takes up no room in my bag and works well on my Olympus bodies, just handy know that I have a macro just in case.

Bene C says:

gee some fantastic shots here well done forgot how much fun they can be stay safe see ya

Craig Roethler says:

Is the 30 versatile for everyday shots and even portraits? I’m thinking its 60 full frame equivalency could work for street but maybe a bit short for portraits…not sure. Oh, and do you have any handy ways of keeping a non-weather sealed lens like this protected when the weather isn’t cooperating? You guys looked pretty exposed on that roof and it seemed like it was threatening to ☔️

Zheng Ricky says:

The next generation EM1IIx is about to release, you can upgrade your EM1, and the new m43 flagship with handheld 80mp pixel-shift can provide insane details with macro lens.

Roman Geber says:

Thanks for reviewing this lens. Not many people talk about this little guy.

Anastas Tarpanov says:

Haven’t tried it, I’m big fan of 60mm macro, but for the price and the size of 30mm, I should give it a try. My only regard is that is not weather sealed. I still hope for a PRO macro someday.

Jess Demant Aggeboe says:

Good review, thanks!

David Sornberger Photography says:

Super informative review! Thank you, Jimmy.

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