The Angry Photographer: LENS REVIEW: SIGMA 150mm f/2.8 MACRO with OS

The Angry Photographer: LENS REVIEW: SIGMA 150mm f/2.8 MACRO with OS


nicodimus2222 says:

PROUD MACRO SLUT! Wish Tokina made a macro lens in the 150-200mm range. The 100mm still makes you get so close to a lot of bugs that they get scared away.

Axel Becker says:

For still shot on a tripod I always hear/read to switch off the OS. And it makes sense. But what about tracking a bird, car, athlete etc.? OS on, or off? On right?

Milly Vega says:

I am an amateur who likes taking pictures of flowers. I want to be able to get closeups of the interior of flowers and get more detail and kind of artistic shots. I have basically been shooting with my 50mm F/1.8 and with my telephoto Sigma 18-250mm lens or my Nikon 55-300mm (because I am new at this and of course, am trying not to spend too much.) I think I am ready to step up my game as I think my equipment is limiting me. I am considering the Tokina 100mm F/2.8 based on your recommendation (and price vs Sigma). I don’t think I will be doing anything fancy a.k.a. bugs 🙂 Do you suggest I get the Tokina or just go with some extension tubes? Thank you!

Pukki34 says:

Sigh, why dont u even show the lens in your “review”?

Kai Chinn says:

one question:
what do you think of the Nikon 200mm Macro F4?

Henry Gentles says:

Hey Mate! I just ordered a Sigma 105mm OS Macro on sale new $440! How do you rate that lens?

Melvin Chong says:

Any plans to review the Tamron 180mm F3.5 macro ?

Christopher O'Grady says:

If you were a true macro SLUT you’d have a Nikkor 200 f4 macro!

Abhijit Nayak says:

Informative video, liked it. 🙂 Could you do a detailed lens review of the Tamron 180 mm f/3.5 Macro, specifically comparing the Image Quality with that of the Tokina 100 mm f/2.8? Thanks a ton.

BrokenBow says:

Sigma 180mm F2.8 EX APO DG HSM OS Macro for Nikon SLR Cameras

Rightful Hare says:

Looks like the Sigma is now going for $570 vs the Tokina at $380. At a little less than a $200 difference and you could only own one, which would it be? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Bill Zidis says:

Hello Ken,ok here’s is the question.I own the Sigma 105mm DG OS macro blah blah blah and it’s my favorite lens for whatever I’m doing.Its light and the image quality is great.Now the question:Is this focus faster than the 105mm?I prefer to use primes for shooting not zooms.Also should I jump to Sigma 180mm instead of 150mm?(Because 105 and 150 is not that much difference.). Do you think that these 3 Primes made with the same material and same autofocus speed ? (105,150,180)…As appearance they look the same…Your answer will help me alot.

Pete Photography says:

I have the Sigma 105, which I am happy with but always makes me think, would I have got better results with the Tokina… ? Mine doesn’t have any quality issues but if I ever find a Tokina, I’d like to do my own side by side test.

David Currie says:

hello mate will this lens fit the Nikon D2X. ? great video cheers for uploading

rainmakr20 says:

Ken may I ask what type of strap connect you are using on your d 7100 ?

peter mullen says:

good review. I have just bought this lens and am impressed. don’t agree with the fast auto focus claim as I have 25 year old canon lenses that focus faster. I don’t shoot Nikon so don’t know how well they auto focus but if this is fast for you I’m glad I shoot canon.

Jonaton Jonny says:

very good high-speed lens with stabilizer, and 19 elements that block light, it’s very heavy glass for this plastic box. So fragile.

Adam Redmond says:

Hey Theoria, love the review as always! Just wanted to ask you, I have a D7100 with nikkor 40mm micro and looking to go bigger with macro on a budget with the Tokina 100mm based on your recommendation! But have recently seen the Sigma 105mm f2.8 ex dg os is now reduced to same price new and has great reviews. Should i still go with the Tokina or is the Sigma as good and worth it for the OS and the flashiness?! PS I primarily shoot wildlife & portraits as well as macro so thought OS might be good (all my lenses so far nikon so im a rookiw to 3rd party lenses!) Cheers 😉

rainmakr20 says:

Good review.

Michael Russo says:

You need to attach the two hoods together to make your dick look (feel) bigger. Lol

S Chattin says:

Question. I have the beloved tokina. I have access to buying a mint sigma 150 (non-os) for $300-320. Worth it?

Tiago Rodrigues says:

+Theoria Apophasis how does the king Tokina 100mm compare to the Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro? Thanks!

thewalrus1968 says:

totally agree with you about all other sigma lenses apart from the art series .. they are all fucking dog shit and not worth spraying my filthy yellow stained man fat over

phaederkiel says:

Thanks for the reviews! I think a point of interest would be a comparision between sigmas 105 macro and your favorite tokina.

Ahmed Raza says:

how come no body has done review for this lens????? i mean its really good lens so they should be doing reviews for good products

Ken T says:

I owned the 100mm Tokina, but have acquired the 105mm HSM OS Sigma (used) for the same price that paid for the Tokina… I immediately sold the Tokina, the HSM/OS combo is a deadly 1-2 punch that the Tokina doesn’t have, almost identical IQ… The SIGMA is a much better all rounder by far due to its much faster autofocus says:

I though you said the Sigmas are trash as far as built quality, that they have a reputation for the aperture blades coming off.

Phillip Pilkington Photographer says:

Hey, the only reason why I am thinking about getting the sigma marco lens is because you said its good….OK, wanna do jewelry images, so either sigma or Zeiss 100mm? Any word on the Zeiss?

Vinyasa Ubaradka says:

May be a stupid question after watching this review, is sigma 150mm macro OS is really that good? I shoot butterflies and insects and have been using Tamron 90mm VC since 2013 and its good. I am thinking of buying either nikon 105 or sigma 150 for extra reach and faster AF. I use D7100 and may upgrade to D500 or a FX next year. I have seen few complaints on sigma such as image shift when OS switched on/ slower AF speed when full range switched on, whereas nikon is a safe bet. I am ok with nikon’s built quality. My worry is optics, AF speed and durability. Is Sigma really recommended?

gregory hamilton says:

mate what about the old one the previous 150mm macro sigma made with no OS, is this beterer ?

Ray Geary says:

Minolta 100 m m f2.8 ?

Shadman Hasan says:

Ken, this or nikon 105 micro nikkor f/2.8 vc, which one I should go for? Which has better optics?

D Hollister says:

OK, I have to ask. I’ve been watching your videos for some time and have bought some equipment because of your videos. Here’s the rub, I can’t remember just how many videos that I’ve watched where you said Sigma was complete dog shit. I think I’m going to have to spend some time writing down dates to see where Sigma went wrong. Love you buddy.

Cinerella Story says:

Sigma 180mm F2.8 EX APO DG HSM OS Macro for Nikon SLR Cameras best offer ever!

Infinite Being says:

Theoria, is the sigma 180mm macro just as good as the sigma 150mm macro? And is 180mm better for macro photography than the 150mm?

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