Testing the 105mm Macro f2.8 & Nikon D800/E

Is the Macro sharp enough to resolve the full potential of the awesome D800 sensor?

Let’s test it out!

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berto1999 says:

Hello Matt, you have not yet made ​​a video where you talk about the Photo printing. Do You print in jpeg Format? What is the best way to print photos of the D800? Is there any way to print in TIFF Format, to avoid losing the dynamic range? It ‘hard to find those who print in tiff format. To you is enough the jpeg format?

El polizonte says:

I am particularly interested in the diffraction issues D800 w/105mm VR lens – the lens was my first for my Nikon D700, I sold my D700’s and have ordered the D800 – any ideas would be appreciated. Tom

Allen Butler says:

I don’t know if this is the same lens, but I have the IF-ED version. Even on my entry level DSLR, the photos are brilliantly sharp just like these when zoomed in at 100%

Brad Chiplin says:

Great combo. I prefer ot with kenko extension tubes and using the macro R1C1 flash kit. You can get some amazing images if you’re patient and can hold still enough. I still don’t believe in using tripod for macro shots. Most thin gs worth shooting are alive and kicking and moving, making the tripod redundant. What I didn’t know, is that this lens can stop down to f/57. That’s frigging crazy. Wonder if my little macro flashes can pump out enough light to counter for the f/57

stanglova86 says:

count me in mate , dont them bastards play hard to get ?

Zein Meister says:

can i use this on my d3300 ?

Fulin Sun says:

You sound like Rowan Atkinson in Black Adder!! Am I the only one hearing this


Will this lenses fit on the d5200?

MidasGoldKing says:

Very cool man…you make me laugh

Type your Name says:


Ken Cox says:

Ummm according to Nikon the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED steps down to f/32 not f57 who`s correct you or Nikon or is this a different lens than the one I commented on, not trying to catch you out or nothing just if tyhere is an f57 one I would rather that than a f32 🙂

Prophet Muhammad Successor says:

Hey Matt ehen you start put nude shoots I stop watching your channel it puts some nasty pervert ambience to you( pity you did good channel before

Sascha Lucas says:

“Now I understand why the French and Italian eat you.”
Best comment ever! LMAO

Naresh Chander says:

Hi matt, this is naresh from melbourne. i am getting into macro photography. i have nikon d600. can you please suggest between 60 mm and 105 mm micro lens or other cheap options by tamron. i am interested in doing micro photography in minute details. such as legs, eyes and wings of a honey bee or an ant. if you have photos of the same subject with 60 mm and 105 mm, then it will be great. thanks.

Hilmi Apak says:

this was not a little spider 🙂 Pay attention to Lyme disease . I was a tick

guillaume will says:

“Now I see why the French and Italian eat you” LOL…

TheAcademicHorse says:

that pun though…. lolol

Hector Pixs says:

can I use this lens for night club photography??

Matt Granger says:

@l67swap1 the horse whisperer…no, the horse screamer

CSMedia says:

The Sigma 105 is better than this Nikon version!

Sebastian Tröger says:

this is not a spider… this is a tick ^^


Matt, My Nikkor AF-S 105 f/2.8 macro IF ED VR lens when focusing but the aperture also changing is it my lens problem?? when focus on infinity is F/2.8, and focus on nearest is f/4.5 or above. thanks

Kurt Story says:

Don’t forget the AF Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D for macro. It’s the older design (not AF-S), but if you’re just getting into macro, it’s easier to handle than the 105, very sharp–and 1:1 and hundreds less.

Paula Mottram says:

Love your videos! 🙂

Dennis W says:

I have the older 105mm D series macro. It is super sharp on the D500. It maxes out at F32

samados969 says:

Excellent ^^

Tomek Rospondek says:

OK, so I shot the horse at F-16.
Damn, you really were angry at that horse…

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