Tamron SP 90mm MACRO f2.8 Di VC USD

Handling, focus, VC testing and image samples.

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J Glad says:

Good video. Nice attention to relevant details.

Hypatiakitten says:

‘I wouldn’t want to get close to African wildlife’ … so says the Australian 😉

Steinar Knai says:

Great video! Short and concise but has it all in there.

arnold liu says:

Hi Matt! It would be helpful if u do a comparison between tamrom 90mm usd and tamron 60mm macro. I have a canon aps-c camera and having trouble chosing one. Plz help

Argantonis says:

Is this less sharp than the Sigma 105mm macro?

Kisi3L says:

Dear Matt have you tried this lens in a video mode? How’s the VC? Is is better than jumpy VC on 24-70?

Nicole Hanna says:

A new one? I’m so geeked! I love my 90mm.

trevorpinnocky says:

Might be worth the investment actually.

Stéphane Pierrejeu says:

The 90 f/2.8 is a great lens, but it comes with a huge bellow effect. When you shoot at 1:1 ratio the maximum aperture is only 5.6 and you only reach the nominal 2.8 at infinity.

Dominique Richardson says:

would love to see a comparison against the nikon 105mm

Peter N says:

this guy is rule, not replying to people’s questions.

MrAbletospeak says:

What do the new codings do?

Dr. Ebrahem Habibeh says:

Thanks for the review. Do you recommend this one or the Nikon 105mm f2.8 Micro N.

V Dan says:

Looks impressive

Elvis says:

I hope Tamron can update 2-70mm F2.8 VC too, especially the AF accurancy…

Xi He says:

It’s 100bucks cheaper in the states than the last gen. Seriously considering getting one.

Gaurav P says:

Is this lens flat field?

shaolin95 says:

what a stupid video. how is this called a review??????

Tiny Room Studio says:

i bought the 2nd gen model a couple years ago and i love it. I won’t be upgrading to gen 3. I want my next macro lens to be in the 200mm range

nicodimus2222 says:

Does the front lens element extend and retract as you focus?

Jess Demant Aggeboe says:

Sony FE 90mm.f.2.8 Macro G OSS also have 3 step AF-range …..

Redzo79 says:

Your desperation for clicks and views is getting worse for every day Matt. Now you are even prepared ti lie and call something for “review” just to get by. Your photo business going down the drain ?

R134eS2o says:

I’m sorry Matt but apparently you just robbed a vault in Switzerland at this very moment no other evidence was found other than your single finger print being everywhere. As well as many tech savvy boyfriends have created a 3D printed version of your finger print to lock their phones with, not telling their girlfriends so now they can leave it out without worrying. Sadly they have to carry a copy of your fingerprint with them or fly to Australia, take your workshop and try and get you to touch their sensor to unlock their phones.. Not a bad marketing ploy when you think about it.

vamsi nallapeddi says:

So is it better than tokina 100mm f2.8..?

John Summerfield says:

Good for landscapes too.

stanchung69 says:

wow- fantastic! gonna get one!

Smaakjeks K says:

What a lovely looking lens! Thanks for the video, Matt!
Also, I am well on the way to get you on Interpol’s most wanted list by using that fingerprint.

Fallen Star Features says:

The earlier version of this lens could not get within 50 feet of f2.8. When focused closer than that, the widest aperture it could reach was f3. Any info on whether the new Tap-In Console version shares this limitation?

ILoveCheese says:

Hey Matt how do you compare this new 90mm Tamron VC to the last one? I could get the VC version before this one for much less..wondering if it is worth the extra $$? Thanks!

Prashant Saikia says:

Hi Matt! Did you have a chance to play with this lens and use it extensively? Which one would you recommend between the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro vs the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro? Many people have said the Tokina is really good, but I want an objective opinion from a pro, especially since there’s a $200-$300 price difference between the two. Could you kindly point to the pros and cons of both? Thanks.

Boomerino says:

It’s a shame they don’t make these for mirrorless cameras. Even if they were to just weld a very basic adaptor on to it, I’d be happy.

MrAbletospeak says:

Surely moisture resistance is better than dust resistance.

ricky v says:

Always loved those Macro lenses. Thank you Matt.

Jake Held says:

How does this compare to the popular reviewed Tokina 100mm Macro?

El polizonte says:

I hope the new Tamron 90mm has a bit better image quality than the 105mm f/2.8 G vr.

Kris Opala says:

Got the original SP VC version for 370 usd. A steal if you ask me. Would take a massive improvement here to make me consider upgrading.

Vici Martynov says:

Oooh I do like that 😉

Ex J says:

Is there a difference with a 1:1 Macro lens if used it with a crop sensor camera or full frame?

The Cute Wombat says:

Can I use this lands for landscape shots too?

beavertown2006 says:

Are you holding a D5 camera or a D4???


Hi Matte .can you put a link with samli images in full res of these photos here ?

villegas24 says:

it looks sharp as hell. I think I’m sold

B Y says:

man your voice sounds funky in this video. Great reviews from cp+ cheers!

Javad Khaleghzadeh says:

My question is: Does the aperture close as you focus close like it does in some macro lenses?

Mikhail Campbell says:

matt im sorry for making fun of that guy a few days ago also i would like to know if this lens is sharper than the canon 100 macro L

ramel says:

Yesterday i saw this nice lense down at my local camera store, and i have to say it is really awsome. I cannot way to test it soon. 😀

Kevin Taylor says:

you need to clean your sensor!

Alec S says:

i loved the joke about finger print crime haha!
nice video btw

time4tradin says:

how does that compare to the tokina 100mm macro

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