Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 LD Di Macro lens review (with samples)

Here we have the cheapest 70-300mm camera lens currently in production, and one of the oldest. It’s Tamron’s NON-image stabilized, macro-capable telephoto lens. It’s so cheap – can it also be good quality?

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All images and footage taken by me, on my trusty Canon 60D.

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Gerardo Mait says:

will it help if i use a monopod to stabilize the shot?

Dorna J. Basnet says:

Hello Sir Could you please review TAMRON AF 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 XR Di LD Aspherical [IF] MACRO (Model A061N) it a old lens but i am planning use for my nikon D610. I could not find review for this lens………..

Subhajit Kaity says:

canon 1200d 700 300 tamrron used yes and No???

Mitten Press says:

great info for a beginner, and i think it will be a starting point. considering the price on ebay thanks

kxrist2 says:

You are right Christopher, can get decent pictures with some effort and most of the times with the help of a tripod…..

Valentina Muzzioli says:

for the picture more zoomed (like the 220/300 x) did you use a tripod?

Prexto Rex says:

YOur voice reminds me of Lord Varys.. lmao

ahmed tanveer says:

hallo i have nikon d7200 wich lens is best for me

Raju Indalkar says:

Is this good for video recording

Best Shot says:

Tamron 70-300 first macro test shot
The macro feature on the lens is a bit tricky to use but you get great results out of it one you nailed it.
The thing with this lens is that it goes in macro mode from 180-300 zone and from there you have an extra focusing distance that the AF does not reach meaning you have to get use on using the lens strictly in manual mode, but this is a good thing because you know that you are the one in control of your focusing point and distance, and you focus much faster than the AF system if you’re used with manual and if not it is a good thing again because this lens helps you to get used to working in manual mode
So if you are just starting in photography and you want a budget macro telephoto lens to really learn on this is your lens
https://m.facebook.com/rescophotogtaphy/photos/a.1732884736958901.1073741832.1732533336994041/1765104770403564/?type=3&source=48 here is my result on my first test shot for more questions leave a comment

serban sandru says:

it works on canon 100D/Rebel SL1?

alberun mandal says:

Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor 70 – 300mm f/4-5.6G Lens or Tamron AF 70 – 300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro

Sam Davies says:

Will this lens work on a Canon 60D? I’m looking to buy a good cheap telephoto! If not do you recommend any? Within the £70-£150?

kunal meena says:

I purchased Canon 1300 D Nd I m looking for best lens …so which lens should I buy?

Dane Mitch says:

I wish I saw this review earlier. I already wasted my money. Ugh!

Mikael Andersson says:

You saved me 100£, thank you!

Best Shot says:

Tamron 70-300 my review:
Cheap lens which handles ok , its not a great lens but for a budget it does its job
Tips: when shooting at the tele end try using live live view and magnification to get right focus.
The lens is not that good in terms of speed and accurate focus but you will get used to it
I tend to use manual focus just to be sure I get it right
In terms of response it is slow you will focus way faster in manual, especially in the macro mode
Some say they had problems with chromatic aberration I did not notice that but still I have the lens for a day but one thing I can tell you is that at f4 images tend to be a bit soft but if you go to f5.6 or 8 you get sharp photos
Hope this is helpful
for more questions leave a comment

Eric Jung says:

OMG, its AF is really slow…

satyr zokneee says:

Is it made by glass or plastic lens?

Ashpreet Singh says:

just a question that using tamron lens on our canon dslr can affect our dslr???

Meric says:

I have the lens and in my eyes it workes wery good, I only takes you some time to understand how to use it.

Scarlet Pimpernel says:

This lens uses a older type external focusing which will take a bit longer but the the lens is a sharp all through the zoom range it kills My old 18-200 Nikkor for image quality I must admit. I use a D 300 which is better than a EOS 60 D. All this guy is interested in is C.A and purple and more C.A unfortunately there is nothing wrong at all with this lens.

This Guy is a Shit Canon Fan Boy who has a inferiority complex- Us Nikon Fanboys can use any lens because We can adopt to the lenses design characteristics so this lens can trounce The Canon 55-300 when used on a Nikon camera its because We know what we are doing as we dont go around making people believe that 3rd party lenses are shit when in fact.

Tamron is The Best Independent lens manufacturer so all you Newbies dont take much notice of this review just buy one and use it -Remember I have been into photography for 37 years and all this shit about reviewing is for total self vested interest any good photographer can adapt the camera?lens and equipment without the techno freaks photo-snobbery.

alex chamling says:

can I use this lens for D5500
how would it be??
which one is better Sigma or tamron. Is these auto focus? ?
I’m beginner plz suggest me !!
thank you .

Peter Crabb says:

I got this lens for use with my Canon 1200D. It’s OK for normal zoom photography but I cannot (I’m a complete amateur!) set it up to take focused macro photos. I turn the switch on the lens to macro but then find I cannot focus on anything close. Does anyone have any ideas for what I should be doing to make things right?!

BoringPeople13 says:

mine is just never sharp, even though I will shoot at 1/1000th it’s still not enough. I am not sure why.

Dominik Essenhofer says:

Well, I wish I saw this video a bit earlier….. I thought it was me who had the wrong setting or so (you know. Don’t blame the equipment but the person using it).

Mohd Salman Sayed says:

Can we remove chromatic aberration in post processing?

calvin san diego says:

The Sigma 70-300mm not APO one or this?

Fredrick vijay says:

Does this lens work on canon 6D??

Bence Szabó says:

Let’s be honest. This is one of the cheapest lens you can buy. It gets the job done, but don’t expect L-lens quality from it. Anyway, I think I’ll be buying a used Canon 55-250mm IS STM for the same price as this.

Marialena Mour says:

tamron 70-300 fit for the canon 1200d?

Mike Hermes says:

Good video but please use music that has been created this century

yash dewangan says:

is this lens is compatible with nikom D3300

zecebolabatata says:

For 84 £new in a store and for a poor man like me,i am greatfull ..i am very happy

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