Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens Review

In this Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens Review I will go over everything you need to know including: Hands-on Lab testing w/ New HO Model Train, Real World Macro scenarios including ants, spiders, flowers, and portraits testing with Layla!

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Tony ward says:

Hello, will this lens work on the a6000 thanks

DaveyD4419 says:

I plan on buying this lens, and was hoping to get away with using it for portraits also, but I agree with you that the portrait shots were not that great. I didnt really like how those shots looked… All the macro shots were phenomenal, I cant wait to get this lens. Thanks for the review and your work making it.

sauceover says:

the mfd is NOT calculated from the front element, it is the distance from the sensor the object

Joe A7Rii says:

Thanks, Now I know for sure that the Batis is what I want.

UglyBlackBoy says:

would you recommend this lens for portrait??

Juan Carlos Tamara Motta says:

does it work on an aps-c format camera like sony a6000?

boobtube433 says:

Anyone watching in late 2016, this lens is $998 USD now. If you find a better price, please, comment.

raredreamfootage says:

How do you engage macro mode?

Clayton Pereira Colavite says:

Is there any chance of this objective working well on a Sony Alpha NEX-6? Would it be an interesting objective for sightseeing and trips, in case, for landscape photography?

I Am Toys says:

Hi, when you shot 4K video with this lens, did you use the full range setting on the lens, or did you fluctuate between the focal lengths?

Khairul Hashim says:

Just got one. Vey nice build and super sharp. Only complaint is the slow AF (maybe only under low light?). Thanks for the review!

Valère says:

The thing about the bokeh of this lens is that it’s better at f4 than at f2.8 many reviewers have noticed this and I believe your test at 2:49 confirms it.
Overall it’s an outstanding lens, great review like usual Jay 🙂

sski66 says:

Nice review Jay.

Ermis Anargyros Avgoustidis says:

Nice lens, what about compare to batis 85mm 1.8 ? Except macro, which one is better for portraits?

Gabriel Sánchez says:

Thanks for clearing my doubts about the Bokeh in portraits. Great review.

MaheshGvelly says:

which would be better if i can only afford one lens but still wanna take potraits and macro??

Patrick Fitzgerald says:

Jason Lanier has a recent (November 2016) review of this lens using it mainly for portraits, and I think you’ll see that it works very well for that too. It’s a lot more versatile than a dedicated portrait lens, so us hobbyists get more for our money, but a professional would probably want both. The Sony FE 50/2.8 macro is excellent too, and may be even more versatile because you can use it for macro work, portraiture and street photography as well.

Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Avid Life Observer says:

Hello. I am a new macro enthusiast. Will this lens work with a Sony A6000?

Jonathan Stewart says:

One more thing: I think Sony should do a focus-stacking app for macro.  How cool would it be to have it bracket focus for however many shots you specify and then stack them in-camera?

Jonathan Stewart says:

I just got this lens to use with my new A7R2.  My only complaint is the focus is a bit slower than I would have liked.  I’m new to FE mount.  Do you find your camera hunting for focus at f/9 and above?

HepKitty says:

Listen Jay, not only will I buy your forum and ban you, i’ll run you off of UTUBE as well. You have not helped the kitty in the least! Lu has me leaning towards the 90mm macro and the 25mm Batis. But knowing you, you’ll review the 85mm Batis and ruin me again.

CTL OnTheLine says:

well done mate!

Bigs says:

Jay, did you noticed if your 90mm macro makes buzzing sound when focusing? I noticed it is noisier than my FE 70-200 lens. It is not the IS as it is making the noise even if IS is off. Even when manual focusing it is making the buzzing noise. Thanks

Dante Bellin says:

You sound like Maynard James Keenan. Great review, thx.

Reuben Zuazua says:

is there an alternative to this lens to Shoot macro on my A7R

Craig Collins says:

Thanks for the video review. The 90 is definitely on my short list of lenses to get,I have the FE 24-70 F4 and the FE 35mm 2.8 now. Struggle between the 90mm and the FE 70- 200 next.

tengoAireEnLaCabeza says:

Merry Christmas, great video as always. Summarize and help me please. I’ve seen pictures on the internet very weak sony90 color, a little off, but I’ve been very clear. I have seen the quality Batis 85 a brutal but I see that magic Zeiss micro level contrasts. See 90 more versatile for all, useful for all, I am a lover of the definition, but also the magic Zeiss. Do you think that when shooting portraits with the 90 will miss Batis or definition in the eyes, eyebrows etc … will make me forget about other factors as more creamy bokeh? For this bokeh and I have 35 f1.4 that eats everything In your eyes definition note both? Thank you

Michael Hebo says:

When you slide the focus ring to manual focus, is it still focus by wire as the other Sony lenses, or mechanical?

GE Video says:

6:11 – It’s BaTis with a t, not a d.

Craig Shipp says:

Do you know where this lens is made?

Phiniox Glade says:

It looks nice but I like the rendering in my Minolta AF 100mm f2.8 1:1 Macro.
The colours and bokeh are better in the old Minolta.
I imagine the AF is much better.

Michael Jardeen says:

Love love love this lens. I carry this and the 28mm — pure joy

Ben says:

Very intéressant , thank You

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