Sony 30mm f3.5 Macro Lens Review-A6000/A6300 Best Affordable Lens?

Sony 30mm f3.5 Macro Lens Review
In this video, I go full hands on and review the very popular Sony 30mm f3.5 Macro Lens. Can this lightweight little guy actually produce sharp results? Check out the FULL REVIEW with photos in this video.

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whitelandwarriors08 says:

would this be good for street photography? Looking for a good lens for street photography, I was looking at the 35mm but it is so costly!

skatertwig26 says:

This lens only resolves 9 P-Mpix sadly.

Red Woods says:

Unsatisfactory depth of field. I need ALL of the photo crystal clear, at any cost.

Zimpaz says:

I have a 16-50mm kits lens…does that mean the zoom on this 30mm will be fixed at about half the kit lens?

Danny Dam says:

Thank you for the lens review. I’m a beginner and I own a Sony A6000. Are those close up picture you take using auto focus or manual? Those close up pictures are VERY nice. I”m still not very good at the manual mode, but still learning.

Joe's Photo & Video Channel says:

Seems like a great lens for the price. I know I love 30-35mm range on APS-C for street photography. My 18-35 art actually stays at 35mm a majority of the time.

Scrubs2U says:

Thank you for a great review, It popped in my mind I would “need” and macro lense, so do I buy a filter type for $30 – 50 or step up and get a lense for this

Noelle Candice says:

Would you recommend it for youtube videos?

Man Hattan says:

I have the a6000 body and want to buy a lens. I can only afford one lens at the moment. I thought 50mm would be perfect, because it is like the human eye.
Calculating the cropfactor: 1,5 x 30mm = 45mm
Is that calculation right? Would it be better, to choose 35mm lense to become near 50mm?
Thank you

John Adams says:

You should be selling Kia or Hyuundai cars. Every wear a loud plaid suit?

Josiah Brown says:

Is this lens good for portraits and landscapes? I’m saving for a sony a6000 and I’m going to get a prime and a zoom. Do you have a zoom lens you recommend under $300? Preferably one with a minimum of 18mm and a maximum of 250mm or more. Thank you for this helpful video : ) .

Maya Butler says:

Hi! I use a Sony a5100 for youtube vlogging (makeup tutorials) and I was looking for a Sony lens that would work the same as the Sigma 30mm 1.4. Any suggestions?

MN says:

Your review is spot on. The focal length can be annoying when you want to get closer to your subject and it almost seem like the subject is touching the lens but the lens allows you to get very close. The lens focus is slower than other native primes in good conditions but blindly hunts in low light or when you’re really close to your subject. These negatives can be fix with manual focus, and since the A6000 has focus peaking and magnify focus, you can come away with amazing photos.

Norman Tie says:

Hi Eric, i am using a Sony A5000, will tis len work on it?

Zimpaz says:

would you recommend this for videos like mine? I have trouble focusing my close up sections of tech reviews.

Nicholas Erwin says:

Pretty good lens really. Would totally be worth picking up if you had a Sony mirrorless camera. I’m quite happy with my 105 2.8G VR though, hahaha.

Leo Emmanuel says:

Hi Eric, does this lens hood have any effect? i mean i shot with this lens with hood and without hood, but i don’t see any difference.

Fadic 4 says:

I like your reviews. Just subscribed. Recently got a alpha 58

Androu Luc says:

Near the lens there’s a silver rotating ”ring” I was wondering what its for? I thought it was the zoom adjustment or a macro adjustment but it’s none of em

Kevin Clements says:

great review Eric. I’m thinking of not investing anymore money into my Canon and maybe switching in a year or so. Videos like this are very informative and are giving me more ideas.

Krista says:

this review was amazing! I was wondering, for vlogs where you’re walking around & things are moving, would you recommend this lens? Image stabilization is super important for me, shaky video sucks! Thanks for the help!

Musti West says:

Your eyes are amazing *-*

[[ 見る]] says:

Do you recomend it for street photography? i actually use a canon 50mm 1.8 at 2.8/4 aperture on my canon 60d, but i really want a similar lens for my a6000

Rogério de Souza Farias says:

Hi. I loved your review. I need to take pictures of documents in a dark archive. Do your think this lens will capture the light and the paper in sharp images? Keep doing the great work.

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