Sigma 150mm f/2.8 HSM Macro lens review

Quick review of the Sigma 150mm macro. Including sample images, focus speed test and general thoughts.

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Fasih Khatib says:

do you think that a Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 55-300 mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR Lens will be a good replacement for the 18-55mm kit lens?
And what difference will the starting number of the focus make?
I mean 18mm VS 55mm

Daniel Santos says:

*Which of these lenses

mumbojumboau says:

Can u show some pics an show how far away u were from the object?

Prashant Saikia says:

Hi Tom. Have you had any experience with the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro lens? I have heard great reviews for both these lenses, and I am in a quandary about which one to go for. Where I live, I can get the Tokina 100mm brand new for about the same price as a used Sigma 150mm non OS (US $ 300). I plan to use a dedicated macro lens for primarily macro work, but having great portrait capabilities (by which I mean, being able to replace a 85/1.8, say) would be very nice. Please help.

Mark Williams says:

‘one point one magnification’? I think you mean 1:1 ratio.

Niels Peter says:

would you chose this or the nikker 105mm VR as far as i can see they are arould the same price

mumbojumboau says:

How does the lens go in high humidity,

Daniel Santos says:

thanks 😀

Carl Maddocks says:

Nice review. Even tho I’m considering buying this lens for a Canon DSLR!

Daniel Santos says:

Thanks 🙂

Pastor Aguiar says:

Thanks for this great demonstration! I have this lens for my D5100 Nikon; but I am having problems to use it in auto focus, maybe I ma failing setting the camera for auto focus. I can not find an user’s guide anywhere. Can you give me some tips in this matter? Thanks!

ace206 says:

my advice. skip the kit lenses, cuz you’ll just end up upgrading later. the kit lenses don’t provide a lot of light, being variable apertures. i.e. f3.5-5.6. f4-5.6 or 6.3. means that its not constant. as u zoom, less light. a 17-55/24-70 and 70-200 is literally all u’ll ever need. more pricey, but you’ll pay more if u get kit lens, get unhappy with it, sell it, then rebuy a 2.8 zoom. trust me. thats what i did. never looked back XD

Michael Maddox says:

Question: I want to buy this lens, and I have a golden opportunity to snag one for under $400 on eBay, but am a tad hesitant due to one thing. In addition to macro photography, I want to use this lens as a workhorse for event photography (I just got a 17-50mm Sigma f/2.8 for wider shots, and I’m thinking to use this as a telephoto prime to capture images of speakers and preachers). With the knowledge that focus speed is a bit slow with this lens (clearly demonstrated in the video) and the 1.6x crop factor created by my APS-C camera (Nikon D5000) already factored in, do you think this will work well for me until I can save up for a Nikon or Tamron 70-200 f/2.8?

mokotramp says:

Not that it’s a problem, but it does seem very slow to focus!

Tony Harvell says:

Without a doubt, this is the very best lens review I’ve ever seen. You explain things straighaway, logically, and in order of importance. Your insight and knowledge has afforded you to be a great teacher. There’s no waffle here, you just show us what’s necessary and needed. Thanks.

reagan simon says:

My camera is Canon 5ds, but The lens I have( sigma 150mm) have SA/ KPR mount. How can I change that? I bought this lense $225 second hand, so I didn’t want to return it. Thank you!

Tom Photoix says:

What exactly is the issue and under what circumstances? Its either on AF or its not. Make sure the camera is set to AF by pressing the i button and scrolling down to focus mode and set it to either AF-C or AF-S. Also make sure that the lenses focus limiter is set to the correct distance, if in doubt, set it to FULL. Make sure you have plenty of light and that you are focusing on something with some contrast, not just a solid colour.


“Really pleased with it it”, but in the very next sentence, he’s “planning on selling it soon” to get a 70-200 f2.8 … I’ve never seen an AF Lens focus so slow, even the Manual Focus has an extremely slow action to it. This would frustrate me in less than a minutes use! Thanks for the Honest review though, I was thinking about buying the newest version- (which is the same, but with OS), but I’ve decided against it now. I’m sure it would have been returned, or it would end up in my Sigma collection (Fungus infected, and internal debris, and other assorted issues of unusable lenses,) but I almost thought Sigma was finally producing quality lenses… I guess not! Thank You Tom, you where honest, and you’ve done a great job here. I’ll be watching for more of your reviews. You’ve no doubt changed many minds with this review!

MC Haddad says:

Hi Tom
What do you think about Sigma 105mm f2.8 comparing to Sigma 150mm f2.8 ?

Mikhail Campbell says:

os or non os


Can I use this with my Nikon D5500? or am I best going with the 105 that can be used on dx cameras

Kingsley Young says:

so this lens is a ratio 1:1

Steve Solomon says:

Great review, Tom! As a Nikon D5300 user, I am researching a good, sharp macro (“Micro” in Nikon-speak) lens, and my main criterion is Sharpness. So far, I am considering the 85 Micro-Nikkor, 105 Micro-Nikkor, and Sigma 105 Macro. I’ve read all the positive and negative reviews of these lenses, which simply makes my decision that much more difficult. Currently I’m leaning towards the 85 Micro-Nikkor for reasons of budget, and some very good sharpness test results on some sites. Do you have an opinion on which of the above lenses would be the sharpest/best balance on the smaller D5300 body? Frankly, I’ve always been an OEM guy (Nikkor lenses on Nikon bodies, etc.), and have read several reports of Quality Control issues with Sigma and other 3rd party optics, which makes me all the more “focused” on Nikkor optics, but I “can” possibly be persuaded otherwise. (For example, I particularly like what I’m reading of the new Sigma “Art” line of optics, with the AF Correction Docking Station, especially since my D5300 lacks AF Micro Adjustment.) Thank you sir! 

ggwildlife says:

still a fantastic lens i have the 1st version and wont part with it i use it on my Canon eos 5D mkIII and 7D its pin sharp and accurate and a solid build.

nigel fowler says:

the lens show f2.8 on all 3 of my Canon’s THE 40D , 60D and 5Dmark iii , dont understand why you say it doesnt on your camera

ted tedsen says:

i have the sigma 180mm 3.5 macro lens it is also tac Sharp stoped Down but im going for the 2.8 os lens 150mm or 180mm 2.8 os it is hard ti hand hold at 150-180mm whitout os

mumbojumboau says:

Can u show some picture and say how far away u stood whilst taking them

Bill Joel says:

Nice review. You did better explaining it that the video with the Sigma guy did. I bought it and have been very pleased with it.

shaneweightman says:

could you say in your re views the cost of items please thanks shane

Daniel Santos says:

these lenses which is best:
Tokina 100mm 2.8 macro
Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro
Sigma 105mm 2.8 DG EX macro
I don’t know which one to choose…..Thanks

Ryan McRobb says:

Thanks a lot for this helpful review.
Is this lens the older Sigma 150mm f/2.8 APO MACRO DG model, or is it the newer Sigma AF 150mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM APO model?
I am thinking about buying the older model, but I haven’t been able to find any comparisons between the two. Thankyou

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