Shooting Macro Photography Sigma 105mm macro lens

Macro photography something I have always wanted to try so it was time to get me a nice new macro lens, in this video I take a trip to Wex photographic and buy the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM a quick unboxing and review then I nip over to Martin Shaw wood to take some first time photos.
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Camera and equipment
Canon M3
Ray Flash
Canon 580EXII
Gpro hero Sliver 4
edutige etm-001 Mic


DAVID HIRST Photo says:

Ah good old wex,still call them warehouse as i been using them so long. I had the canon 100 2.8 and it was a cracking lens for portraits too,but it didnt get the use i expected. Macro is great if you can think in the macro mindset and to be honest it wasnt really me,But i enjoy others work and i’m sure you will go far with it chris. As always mate i look forward to the uploads ;-)…

Paul says:

Great work Chris , love the shot at 17.50 with the bug on top of the flower, being out of focus in the foreground just draws your eyes upwards, excellent. But i’ve though of an idea, next time you go, get a bottle of window cleaner, empty, fill it with water and take it with you. Then spray a fine mist on top of the moss and youve got some great looking dew , just an idea. Keep it up. Paul.

StopFramEmotion says:

A very entertaining and enjoyable video. I personally shoot macro with my beloved Tokina 100mm and Tamron 60mm lenses, but this Sigma 105mm looks a great piece of macro glass too.
And, yes – macro does indeed open up a complete and quite brilliant other world, doesn’t it? And isn’t it just wonderful?
Thanks, Chris!

Mallacai Wolfe says:

try shooting at ISO 100 and F22 then adjust your flash accordingly, it’ll give you a much bigger depth of field and if you want to crop an image you’re not losing the detail, using the viewfinder also gives a bit more stability, using your body to brace the camera adds that little bit extra so I tend to kneel on my right knee and keep the other bent at the knee and rest my left arm on it, it’s a bit like playing twister but the results are worth the contortion act

phil baines says:

great video chris, im going for this lens too

Ruslan Davudov says:

how does the OS works? Good?

chris paul says:

Hi Steve I still get the halo on the back of the screen of the camera and JPEG thumbnail on some images but nothing when I open it up on the computer. Thanks again Chris.

Aldrin Detablan says:

sir, a question, how is the rendering of its bokeh?

Peter Svacho says:

love video of macro photography

John Goodwin says:

Just about where you are in my Macro interest and as you, I’ve got an M3. My lens to use with the adapter is not the latest 100mm Canon but the one before, which I’ve had for some years now. The M3 has given me back my renewed interest in Macro so will be looking forward to your videos even more. Your tips will of course be followed closely buy me with more than a passing interest. As Keith just commented your infectious, I hope I catch something. lol

makalu69 says:

Not bad for a first go at Macro Chris, not bad at all!

Mark Harris says:

Macro photography is a wonderful world, when not on my macro rail I always focus with my body rather than AF. I see you’ve worked out the mid range f8 ish is best for insects etc. On my rail I use AF and then turn it to manual, so I can maintain the same depth for all my photos, you definitely need a rail for focus stacking. Also a macro speedlight is good for stable or slow moving subjects, but those with HSS like the MR-14 cost a packet, so it’s a good idea to have an off camera speedlight with HSS, RCS and FCS to catch things like water drops. I have the Canon version and I use it both on the 5DIII and the 7DII, on the 5D it’s brilliant as a portrait lens. As it’s 3 or 4 months since you posted this video, brilliant as always by the way, you will probably learnt all this by now with your passion and enthusiasm for learning.

freepieanchips says:

Congrats on the purchase Chris, great work!

ThirtyPlusGAMER says:

What a great channel!

Tony Dillon says:

Enjoy! I bought a Tokina 100mm 2.8 Macro earlier this year and it is an incredible lens!

lewnsylad says:

Great video, i just started getting into this myself for the same reasons as you mentioned, when its raining shooting isnt out of the question anymore, and macro is so addictive, i made a little lighting studio with a cardboard box, i’m a bit of a perfectionist so the little lighting studio is pretty good for the amount of control i have over the lighting plus i made some different textured and coloured backdrops that slot in and out, don’t know if you’ve done the same but it makes getting the lighting right so much easier and you have more time to be creative with what you are shooting.

Andrew Frost says:

Chris, you are a top bloke mate! Glad you got your ‘problem’ sorted out.

Brian Tooze says:

Sorry Chris for typing your name wrong – Senior moment.

sean holland says:

nice one Chris.

John Spencer says:

As a point of interest, your acorns were actually pine cones. The Ray flash is not advised for use with macro lens’ but there are many youtube videos on different types of adapters for your flash gun,

andrew wilson says:

great video pleased you made this video as im going out today trying macro for first time

KB Photography says:

another great video I’m off bug hunting lol I use a sony with a Canon macro lens so I know all about lenses not auto focusing it’s a pain but no pain no gain hey.

Steve Lawrence says:

I love this mans enthusiasm. Every time I watch one of his vids not only am I reaching for my camera, I’m right there with you Chris. You are so inspirational, keep up the great work and looking forward to more macro shooting. I love it 😛

Me Notyou says:

Hi Chris another brilliant video cheers with all them critters bugs and weeds David Attenborough must be worried lol Excellent insight into macro – nice one mate

Victor Rea says:

I also have the same lens, haven’t used it to its full potential, but after watching your video I will now, thanks for showing me what can be achieved.

Colin Gill says:

Can you please let me know some details on your flashin
flash unit


djkevin314 says:

Do you like the ring flash?

Stu says:

very informative Thankyou, I’m seriously thinking this lens I use a 50mm prime with extension tubes at the moment

mickycub says:

I love macro photography Chris. I got some really great pics just using extension tubes and a cheap flash, but when I finally got the sigma 105 macro, I was amazed at the results. Its an awesome lens for portraits too…

CHRIS LJ says:

I believe you said the adapter on the M3 works like an extension ring, but I thought all it does is move the rear element the same distance from the sensor as on an APS-C DSLR body, which should keep the same 1.6x factor.

I’ve used the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro (not L) on my M3 with a Yongnuo YN-14EX-C Macro Ring Lite and I find the combination rather unwieldy. All the weight on top of the little M3 feels really awkward. Just last night I ordered the new Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro with the integral LEDs and am looking forward to using it. Much lighter and compact, although without flash or the distance from the subject.

You are right about the focus peaking feature on the M3; it’s awesome with manual focusing in these situations. Really enjoy your videos and photography. Thanks.

Colin Auns says:

I always start to write comments on your blogs whilst I’m watching. Today is no different. I can image you bobbing up and down with the music when you were creating the visit to Wex. I’ve got a Tokina macro 100mm and a Nikon 60mm macro. Should have some fun with the Sigma pal. I’ve heard bad things about Sigma to be fair. One thing i have brought for my macro work is a macro slider. OMG pal, its awesome. Move it a mm at a time and stitch it together. Unreal results and I will send you one of the test photos I’ve taken with it. Obviously it would have to be still photography. Well done Chris

Zixona says:

Good and informative video, got great shots too! Looking into buying this lens, looks great! Thanks.

Malcolm Coulstock says:

Hi Chris, thank you for the video, I have just purchased the same lens and also the sigma ring flash. Your video has given me the feeling yes I want to go out & try this macro. I normally do photos of birds but your photos here has inspired me. Thank you.

Steve Cuthbert says:

Enjoyed your vid very much Chris!. Was about to order one of these lenses for my Nikon from Amazon but bit worrying that it took 3 lenses for you to get a good one!! maybe order one from a local dealer?

Julian Lee Ritchie says:

whats best to use on crop sensor or fullframe pl;s ?

Alan the Arab says:

Great video Paul…your passion and enthusiasm for photography really shines through on your videos.Thanks for the journey.

James Cornwall says:

Hi Chris do you know much about l brackets if so do you use them or can you do a video on them many thank James

Mat Teakle says:

G’day Chris, just wanted to say I really enjoyed this video. I just ordered this lens today and can’t wait to explore macro more. I’ve subbed and look forward to watching more.

Hưng Nguyễn says:

Hi Chris,
Firstly thank you for the great video.
I’m actually considering getting this lens for my Canon M3. Would you please give me some thoughts?
I do potraits and macros.

ozmid40scouple says:

Like a kid with a new toy! lol   Love the Nikon bag…….maybe they are trying to get you to cross over to the “dark side”  Another great video upload!  A buying, unboxing, disappointment at a faulty new lens, macro field trip and stunning photos and commentary…………..this is like a Bonus upload! lol   Fantastic as usual.

Golden Gold says:

How can i select the reproduction ratio ?

David Duffy says:

Inspiring as always Chris, might have to try micro myself!

Scott Hurst says:

Thank you so much for this video, Chris! I’ll certainly be back for more. You’re very personable, and easy to follow. Much appreciated.

Rh0dan1970 says:

Just bought the exact same lens for my Nikon D3300 today, for the exact same reason; get my photography going, be out and experiment with macro. Still learning though, i’m not getting the same close up results as you ..yet. But we keep trying! Thanks for being normal bloke and a great video.

Keef says:

Just found your channel. Nice work mate! Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Andrew Henning says:

Great video as always Chris. Really enjoyed your macro discovery. My good lady loves her flower macros – if you get a change check her on Flikr –
Keep em coming, look forward to the next vid. Cheers.

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