Rhinoshield Lens Review 4K HD + Macro Lens for ALL Smartphones

This is the Rhinoshield 4K HD + Macro Lens for the iPhone XS Max Galaxy Note 9 Pixel 3 XL and more! Rhinoshield smartphone lenses are affordable in comparison to the competitors. Watch and let the results speak.

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Marco Pereira says:

Hey what camera app did you use to record that by the basketball courts was it the pixel 3 xl stock camera with stock mic or did you use something like filmic pro and external mic? Based on the color and how cinematic it looks almost seems as if you used a third party camera app like filmic pro unless you did some color correction post recording. Can provide some details?

Jay Barclay says:

Looks like fun.

Marco Pereira says:

Still watching this, but going to trust you and order a set. Currently I have the moment case and wide angle lens for my pixel 3 xl. I hope this rhino is as good or better. If it’s at least as good I’d be happy bc I really hate the moment cases they are ugly.

Moises M. says:

Been waiting for these thanks for sharing all the info and footage really makes it easier on my decision. I just hit up the links and got some goodness coming my way. Thanks again!

VS-N Skorp says:

Hey Cj what’s the name of that foldable tripod you’re using to hold your pixel?

Vidal Peregrina says:

Nice vid and I just order that combo

VS-N Skorp says:

I’m sold! Great vid

Red King says:

I’m assuming you have to have that particular case in order to use the lens?

Lucy Ana says:

Add up jameshack101 on instagram or whatsapp +19082740976′ he is a good hacker, he did mine


That a roll lens is life

Horace Brewer says:

That’s the reason I got the solid suit for my phones. It’s like $4.99 for the adapters. Like you said one camera lens for all phones

SimpLee Beth says:

Noice indeed!

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