PENTAX SMC TAKUMAR 50mm Macro F4 Review – The BEST Macro Lens under $80

The SMC Pentax Takumar 50MM F4 is one lens that I’ve come to rely pretty heavily on the past few months. It’s a BEAST and you can find them for less than $80

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Manny Calavera says:

Mark, you set the focus metering on your “portrait” shot somewhere on your neck, did you try putting it higher or do you move about too much for it to properly focus on your eyes? It’s just a tad off at the moment.

RATB RJB says:

great video.
I wish that you’re on Android,to add this lens to Vintage Lens Guide, it will be a great addition.

The Snap Life says:

Love it! These are literally the best lenses made

JayT's Tech Reviews says:

*New Challenger Enters* Vivitar 55mm f2.8 1:1 marco

Jim Durfee says:

Great video Mark! This may actually be the sharpest Takumar ever made! I’ve even compared it to my Canon 100mm Macro L lens and well, um, geeze….can’t tell which is sharper!!!!

Tyler Thorne says:

Great video man! Love the info as always.

Also send some of that snow my way please!

Brother Dunne says:

Lots of time for snow bathing this year! Ha! I’m 5 years away from 48..don’t think I will look that great at that age. Optical image is great…Nice crisp shot of the pine needles.

Mark Holtze says:

I think a forest in the winter is one of my favorite places to be. On topic: Thoughts on the Macro 50? GO! EDIT! Just a side note, all the sample images are straight out of camera. Absolutely zero post editing in LR. I wanted to show the natural images straight out of camera just context.

James D. Buzzard says:

Great video man! I definitely need to get my hands on one of these old pentax lenses soon!

Drew Henderson says:

Your narrative and b-roll is nothing short of butter smooth.

Doug D says:

It’s the simple things of life that excite us! I get the same thrill almost always when I sack a Tak. Even if it’s not a “fast’ lens.

BoxofChocolates says:

Vintage is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gunna get….until Mark Holtze does a banger review on one. Then you know exactly what you are going to get! Your reviews are the best on YouTube man. I don’t think anyone is doing what you are doing for this niche at this level. Congrats for being original if nothing else.

Alex Adrianov says:

I have a later (a bit inferior mechanically, though the same optically) Pentax-M Macro 1:4 50mm version. This lens has ridiculously honest rendition (which is quite understandable as it’s a Tessar), and is a great lens for reproduction work or any close-ups indeed.

Cristian Zaine says:

I don’t know in wich dinension you found that lens for 80$ but i can’t find it anywhere under 100€. You’re lucky!
Btw,awesome video as always.

Unicorn One says:

Do you get paid by Takumar to make these videos? I’m baffled that you make content this good for a lens company that doesn’t even exist anymore. Why is Sony not sending you lenses to review? You should do some modern lens reviews, I think you’d blow up if you hit those searchables. Very nicely done.

Groe Photography says:

Great video Mark! I love this lens. One of the reasons I switched from Canon to Pentax many years ago was because of how much I liked the look of Pentax glass. The Takumars are amazing! I’ve owned the 35 F/2 and 85 SMC Tak as well which is a real gem for portraits. Thanks for sharing!

Dialectix Emcee says:

Didnt know that existed, beautiful shots! Now the real question: Is it one of the radioactive ones like the 55?

I recently got the tele-takumnar 200mm 5.6 and it’s beautiful on my apsc. I dont know how but the colors off it even shooting raw with a cinestyle profile are amazing! Or it’s in my head lol.

rodrrico says:

Another solid review there Mark. You sure know how to source, use and review these amazing ‘hidden’ gems that are these vintage lenses. I see you said that this is the only lens you have bought this year (so far…), but I think we all want to know where and how you store all these fantastic lenses when not using them. Do they live in a hard case or a dehumidifying fridge or a shelf? I’d love to see how to look after some classic glass. Boom!

S Young says:

You sir are killing me every time you show a lense i want to buy it and take a road trip !! Keep up the Great work Thank you as Always !!

eh Joe says:

Mark I can see you really love this lens….no really love this lens. Great shots btw and awsome review.

Manny Calavera says:

Isn’t a macro lens basically just a better version of whatever millimeter lens you just bought, except for maybe the amount of light it catches?
Being able to focus so close while still being sharp, that’s the criteria for it being a macro lens, any lens like this (50mm) could focus that close, just not render a pretty image, I believe that’s why macro lenses can just as well be used for normal work, it’s just a shame they’re not as light sensitive, although I find myself not using my 1.4 50mm for what it’s made for anyway, as the working area becomes way too small, nothing seems in focus at that point.

timskinnercanada says:

Awesome review Mark! Subliminal message noted. 🙂 I’d be curious to see a comparison between this lens and the normal 1.4 Tak – with an extension tube fitted.

MohShiZiro says:

Thnx brah keep it up i hope you get more views, u do quality content

Vynil45x der Echte says:

I definitely have to put this one high up on my Buy list.

J Vladcliff says:

The Micro-Nikkor 55/2.8 is also a sleeper of a lens, a real beast.

Paz Rahn says:

“So Far” after video then buys another lens.

Tony D says:

Mark, your videos have just the right amount of lens porn 😀

David Saura says:

Try to attach the car battery to the A7s ii … so you will have energy throughout the day xD

Jose DePaz says:

One lens that not very heard of and which I own is the SMC Pentax-FA 50mm 2.8 Macro lens, it’s does 1:1 magnification. This lens can be bought for under $200, don’t quote me on this but it’s rumored that this lens would be the Version 2 of the takumar line. It’s definitely a lens worth looking into.

INGAF says:

0:33 you totally have a problem 😀 I’d love to see a video on some crap vintage stuff, the struggles, the comedy. But then I also how darn hard & time consuming that would be to make. What’s your thoughts on vintage glass for video? I know I say it a lot to you, but I’ve been really tempted for a long time to jump in on some, either for the c100 or even for something apsc sized. I guess for the staged/set shots it’d be great but more of a struggle when ‘documenting’ or run n gun? Great video as always mate, my saturdays feel complete now with your regular schedule 😀

Dj Toman says:

That shot at 5:14 takes the prize!

Love all of your videos. So well presented and informative. Only problem is… they give me G.A.S.

Lloyd Dickie says:

Brilliant review Mark, your videos are a breath of fresh air on this platform!

Legionere says:

Love your content. Keep up the good work!

Tomislav Miletić says:

Informative and fun video as always 😉

jillian horsley says:

Hi Mark, England here, i have the 135 mm Takumar, it has Thorium does this Lens ?
I have a bunch of Vintage lenses that i use with my A 6000, and i am on the hunt for this 50 mm, but i do not want to carry Radio active lenses around as i don’t know the consequences of doing this, great video.

Gabriel Salazar says:

when the Zenza bronica Review? Or i mist it? 🙂

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