Macro Photography/Close-up Digital Photography Tutorial featuring Flowers

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Adria Taylor says:

I love shooting macro photography. but what I’m having hard time doing is capturing a sharp, crisp in detail shot of just single small flower out of a clump of smaller flowers and with a crop of that single flower in the end. And when i do shoot it, i end up with a group shot where some areas are in focus and sharp. some areas are blown out from the flash used. and one area closest to the lens is out of focus and blurry (which i hate and drives me nuts) and one area is sharp and in focus. But when i go for the crop, it comes out barley sharp, but showing more noise, not any of that super sharpness or crispness a photo should have. What can i do to fix this? I’m using a Canon Powershot Sx50 HS.

Gustavo Ibarra says:

There are some vintage lenses very cheap, as the vivitar 55 macro and it does 1 to 1, what do you think of those vintage macro ones?

MG AviationNZ says:

Thanks Tony this was great advice 🙂

Stealth Stop Motions says:

U need to use manual focus

Melissa Orth says:

extension tubes vs reverse lens adapters?! Go! (please)

Sanju Thokchom says:

Hi Tony….all your videos are very rich in information and details for the learners. I really love watching it. Thanks for the clip and looking forward to seeing many more.

Cristian Bacigalupo says:

y el close up, no lo probaste estupido……………

Randal says:

I can never tell if you look young or you look old lol. Like a vampire

Fahad Kahut says:

Hello Tony,

Does these equipment work for videography as well?

John Mackay says:

Hi can you help me here, I am new to cameras etc,i have bought a canon 1300d and a new canon macro/len with lights at the front. I have a web site and sell small trout flies etc,so I need to take small picture x 1000s of them, so I cant take them to big as it will slow down web site.i have tried to take pictures of high quality with no joy, can you give me any advise if you have a quick look at web site you will see my pictures are not much good. Thanks john

Liva Chowdhury says:

I’m looking for a macro lens for canon 60d. Could you please suggest me a good one.

Wsadgaming says:

Whats a good macro lens for a rebel t6?

Alex Anderson says:

Great tutorial. Love it. By the way, what would you recommend for a Nikon D5500 lens use for both Portraiture and close up (macro) shoot? is there a lens that suit both scenario?

papaya j says:

just wanna ask, do extension tubes create more bokeh when attached to the lens?since it appears to adjust the field of view of the shot.

Neftali Alvarado says:

tony for president

jesse berber says:

What’s the make and type of extension tube you used for this video …BTW I’m a huge fan your videos have been very helpful

Dylan K says:

What camera is that?

Benjamin S. Valdez says:

This was great to refresh my memory and teach me pointers regarding all aspects from lighting, to exposure, shutter speed, aperture and everything in between. I’m really starting to feel comfortable shooting again and my videos are coming out beautiful. This is a great guide for beginners and professionals.

blueckaym says:

As usual great tutorial!
Do you have a review/tests on the Sony 90mm 2.8f G Macro lens?

Nancy Pirrello says:

Hi Tony, I like following your videos, I find you explain very clearly. Can you give me some suggestions of what would be a good buying lens for my Nikon D5500 camera. I would like to start macro photography, am interested in doing close up of beers. Waiting your reply, thank you

Caesar Roldan says:

Can you please suggest some reliable extension tubes?

Dhruba Ray says:

the cheapest way is to zoom your lense

Cherry Pepper says:

What would be the advantage/disadvantage of tube extenders versus the
reversed lens technique? Do you have a tutorial on reversing a lens for
macro photography?

Richard Crowe says:

Very good basic video…

Scrotie McDick'N Ass says:

Why go to school for photography when you have Tony and Chelsea.

P K Ahirwar says:

How to set aperture in Canon 1300D for using reverse ring

And Mk says:

What’s best for capturing a ring shot at a wedding?

Aztec Arts says:

“SUBSCRIBE & get the book with 9 HOURS of video” ?? – FREE ? 😉

Fit For Life 101 says:

Very clear and helpful video, many thanks 🙂

Martha Proctor says:

What macro lens would you recommend for taking photos of flowers using the Sony A-6000? Thanks for your books & videos. I’ve found them very helpful…

sundu21 says:

Very very well narrated.

gombet says:

Thanks, excellent presentation and tips.

Ali Raza says:

What computer software you are using to edit this picture ?

robert Burks says:

So I just obtained my BFA in Digital Film/Video Production. I also took some Photo classes (Photo Lighting, and Large Format). 2 Questions come to mind
1. Why auto focus? In film, we are instructed to use manual… AND LEARN IT (Iso, Shutter speed, Lighting, Aperture.
2. Why do photographers rely on “Post”?
To me, they are not true artist. In post (besides fixing a problem), they rely on “photoshoping”. Why? Simple…. You cant get what you want in real time. I hate that. Either your an artist and get it right the first time, or your a liar and have to “fix” it in post.
A real PHOTOGRAPHER shoots in RAW, and gets the true shot.

Elvin Lewis says:

Who knew? I am now into macro. Seriously. Immediately drawn in.

happybytheocean says:

Tony, does it make sense to use extensions with a macro lens? I bought both. lol For some reason, I am having trouble getting a clear shot filling the frame. I have a very good Macro Lens, A AF-S Micro Nikkor 105 mmm 1:2.8G ED. I’ll just keep practicing and studying, but I’m not happy with my results 🙁 Thanks for your tutorials!

MIlw55 says:

What lens is best to use with the 20mm extension tube?

iTz_MaxYT says:

Hi Tony,

I haven’t got a very big budget is there any alternative way to do macro photography,


Alan Tower Photo says:

All your tutorials are clear and concise. Not sure why you focused on the ring flash, other than it is less expensive, but the twin flash for macro that Canon makes is much nicer and less flat light. Have you used the twin? I think you’d like it better. You’re pretty unimpressed with the ring flash light it would seem. What I have not done is taking a portrait with the twin flash. They do come off the ring, so theoretically you could have 2 off camera flashes with independent controls for a close headshot. Macro portrait work, the wave of the future? Likely not so much, but if anyone would know I guess I’d ask you.

Yash Gaikwad says:

very well explained

Minton Christian says:

*†hank.Q Sübscribed & Liked…!!!*

Alex Anderson says:

Great tutorial. Question. What would you recommend for a lens on Nikon D5500 good for both Portrait (people) and Macro shoot? Thanks.


Hi Tony can you please suggest which macro lens would be better value for money the new Tamron 90mm with vc or the previous lens with vc?

JoachimderZweite says:

So what does micro photography mean?

Tony & Chelsea Northrup says:

⭐Our favorite tripods⭐
Dolica on Amazon:
Manfrotto BeFree:

friendship yujin friendship, yujin says:

Thank! Tony…,

Elvin Lewis says:

What is your top macro lens recommendation for a DX camera?

Warren Foster says:

Great video, as a beginner, may I ask what canon that is? Thanks, Warren.

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