Macro Photography with the Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

All images from this lens are *** Beta Sample Images

Daniel Norton puts the Canon 35mm EF-S Macro lens to the test out in the middle of beautiful New York City. Let’s see what he can find out in nature!

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Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM

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Tinderbox says:

Interesting idea! Never seen a lens with a built in light. Brilliant

john arsenault says:

not only is the information presented here relevant to anyone considering buying this lens, but the presentation has some unique traits. the commentary seems genuine, and rather than being a look-at-me narration, the focus seems to be where it should be; on the equipment and its use. great job.

Brian Phillips says:

The built in light is a nice addition. Love my 100mm macro lens, however.

Tolis Vascos says:

35mm for macro? Is this a joke?
At least 60 better 100mm to avoid getting too close to living subjects

Carlos Lovrinchevich says:

Una forma muy limitada de hacer macro.

temelreis85 says:

i saw angry bird 😀 it is so cute . what is its species ?

Adria Taylor says:

I love macro photography! love creating blurry backgrounds with sharp subjects. This would be a lens for me. I was really impressed with how far you were standing from those flowers, but still got a crisp shot with a blurred background.

ah? says:

wow !! that incredible way to show us all the potential of this lens xD !!!!!

Michael Hodge says:

Take my money! I’ve waiting for canon to use that light on other lens. Thanks, Daniel @ adoramatv. Cool video!

••••••••• • says:

so its not compatible with ff?

Arilson De Souza says:

I can foresee this lens being used for flowers ,products, food ,anything still not ideal for insects for being a 35mm ,still I love the front light I would love to try it and great price .

stargatefever says:

my new to photography and I want to get into macro however a lot of the pictures you took seem just like the ones I could get with my kit lens

Mau Lee says:

May I ask why not showing the photos details?

HypoCr1tikal says:

Were those pictures shot in RAW or JPG?

Giles Potter says:

would you x this by 1.6 on a canon 7D ?? 35×1.6 1 ? also would this be okay to use for taking photos of baby’s ?

Unknown-Revolver says:

Wicked lense why are you picturing such boring stuff with it

TheFamilyguy421 says:

I would love to see how far the light reaches in low-light conditions e.g. at night time or indoors.

Tyler Sparks says:

awesome video, thanks!

Timothy B says:

I hope that other lenses come with this brilliant innovation. 35mm is way too short and the focal distance is too long to make this interesting though.

Pingyping says:

oh wow i didn’t know canon had lenses with lights, seems like a nice lens 😀 Thanks for the review ~

MediaGraphica says:

Good review! Please few words about IS and landscape usage.

Video Plus says:

is it 1:1 macro?

theflapjackking says:

Filter thread?

stargatefever says:

I know I got to do more research but I was not impressed at all pictures he took how this lens any better then cheaper ones. he just didn’t seem to get as close as I want Plus when taking insects you got to be a little further away to avoid disturbing them we’re getting attacked nothing blurs a picture more than a bug jumping on your face

Saff Michael says:

Confused by who this lens is for. Its macro makes little sense on a 35mm. The 35mm STM prime seems redundant when they have a 40mm STM at a much cheaper price.

Seriously, if you want a good cheap macro lens, buy a used 90 or 100 mm for the same or less (Canon, Tamron, & Tokina all are great). 35mm macro just makes no sense.

Good Man Pictures says:

Hi. I was looking for 35mm lens. Will this be a good lens for non macro video shoot. My most shoots are non macro but this lens could add the macro option, just in case but only if it is good for normal video also?

Zdrankowski Photography says:

Love to see new stuff this way !!! 🙂 Good job Adorama and Canon !

J C Lovera says:

I want one, even thou I have the 40mm f2.8 stm, I want it.

Lenn Long says:

Wondering if this would work for dental applications instead of the MR-14EX ringlight or MT-24EX twin flash?

Bivor Kumar says:

wat a price

Rendis Dwi says:

quick review i love this page!!

Daniel Vasquez says:

would this work on the t5i?

Kris Menon says:

I like that it has a light incorporated into the lens. Interesting focal length. I really like the tokina 100 2.8 but no IS though.

artemorbid says:

Can I adapt this lens to a Sony mirrorless camera like the A6300?

Sandeep Samant says:

Sir, Which mic you are using for this video.

jon freeze says:

Awesome! Love watching your live vids from my office up the street.

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