Macro Photography Options (Canon 100mm L vs Tamron 90mm vs Extension Tubes vs Filters)

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A very detailed look at your macro photography options. This is a LONG video covering the different options, shooting experience and sample images. Use the table of contents to jump to the area of interested for you.

00:27 Macro Options Explained
9:39: Macro Shooting Experience
28:33 Sample Images
34:58 Macro Tips / Macro Q&A

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Bhaskar Iyer says:

Thanks for making this video.
Was really helpful to finally make up my mind as to which macro lens to buy.
Going with the canon 100mm L 🙂

Ahmad Faris says:

hello I’m new in photography, what are the differences between Canon 100mm macro and sygma 150mm macro, I know the 150mm got better working distance. how about overall image quality? does it effect the depth of field?

Miguel Tejera says:

Hello, congratulation for your channel! Canon 100mm F2.8 IS USM VS 180mm F3.5 USM. Which one can you recommend me? I want to take pictures of insects and flowers. I am looking for the best quality and features… Thank you for your time! Kind regards!

skatertwig26 says:

+PhotoRec Toby I would love you if you can find a way to do a Tamron 90mm 2.8 VC VS Rokinon/Samyang 100mm 2.8 haha Both for macro and portrait tests.

Jack White says:

Awesome video! I really appreciate the in depth look at all the options, the thorough explanation and the sample pictures.
Now where to find that bonus video, promised at the end? 😉

Jonas Lavarini says:

what about the video combining the real macro lenses and the extension tube?

Thinesh Paramananthan says:

Did he put up the video that he talked about at the end?

Richard Jones says:

I shoot with a sigma 105mm 2.8 for Cannon love it use it for portrait also

darkcashyz says:

Actually, a reversed 18-55mm lens has higher magnification ratio than a true 1:1 macro lens even with extension tubes attached.

Sapientum Octavus says:

add the 2 canon extension tubes to canon 40mm, and it will rival the 100mm macro lens.

Raisa Fernando says:

Hi, what version of Tamron 90mm are you using? 272E or F004? Thanks

Mark van de Worp says:

Hey Toby. Great video! I have a question
which you may have an answer to.

I recently started to get into macro photography using a reverse ring. I
noticed the enormous shallow depth of field at any F stop at any focal length.

Now in this video you talked about getting further away is the best way to
avoid this, but then i won’t have that much of an magnification would i?

What i don’t understand is how the great canon 65mm 5:1 macro lens is able to
do this way better! Sure there is shallow dof in those pictures all around the
internet ,but not nearly as much of the Dof i am getting. The people on the
internet using this lens are able to take pictures of insects and at least if
not more so, having the head completely in focus, while i am getting only the
eyes in focus.

Do you have an explanation on this?

Thanx , Mark

zazen2004 says:

well done and very informative..  i have one of each – attachment lens, ring set, dedicated macro lens, and even a bellows..  yours is the first video to actually show how they differ in side-by-side results with a single subject comparison..  most other online videos show how or what each product does, but not how they compare..  i might even subscribe to your channel if other videos are this useful..  thanks very much for the time and professional production.

TheRattingChap says:

whats the software and touch screen extension on the camera your using, thanks

Claudiu Ciungan says:

Fantastically detailed video. Thank you for your hard work!

Gemma DPenha says:

I have a couple of 100 35 mm slides and negatives. Normally I would take it to the USA where my son has a dedicated scanner. But since I have a Nikon D5200 and D70. I would like to use it to use this instead of a scanner. With my normal 55-200mm and a short tripod I am unable to go close to fill the frame with the slide. So shots have to be cropped and magnified which leaves poor results. I have 3 options, (1) Tamron or Sigma 70-300 with macro. (2) wide angle or fish eye lens with macro. (3) Extension tubes with AF. No You tube video mentions this application. Please comment since these are plane shots and not live insects or coins.

Fahad Al Othman says:

What do you think of Nikon 200mm f/4 AF-D Macro ? vs the other 105?
Thank you for all your videos, you’re part of many peoples’ photography lives 🙂

Prashant Naik says:

I want to buy macro lens for Canon EOS 70D, but i am confuse between Tamron 90mm F 2.8 Di VC USD and Canon 100mm F 2.8 USM lens please guide me… Thank you…

FeLLoNeY says:

I dont shoot macro all the time but ,The way u describe it made it more visual to what i should be doing in most instantces !!!

luzmery57 says:

New in photography here, but enjoyed and learnt a lot with your video. Thanks.

Antonio Galán Sánchez says:

Thanks for this video. Very informative and easy to understand. Where did you buy your tripod and what model is it? It seems very useful. Thanks in advance. Regards

Alfie Johnson says:

Is he/ are you, zooming in before taking a photo to see how sharp the picture will be when you later crop/zoom it on your pc? And so are not actually shooting what we can see in the window? Why not use zoom when taking the picture? Does it affect quality? Genuine question, I’m a beginner.

Az Photo Video says:

Hi Toby, does your Canon 100 “L” Macro lens make a noise when you turn IS on & off ? Not the actual IS noise when it is stabilizing — the noise it makes when it engages! Is that a noticeable noise?

Soumyajit Ray says:

would you be so kind to review Rokinon 100mm f2.8 macro… thanks for this video too

Robert Tucker says:

Do you have a link to the software you were using to view dirrectly from camera on the comp?

Quang Nguyen says:

What do you think about TOKINA AT-X 100MM F/2.8?

ely2fast4u says:


Preston says:

Someone please tell me where the follow-up video is.
Thanks in advance 🙂

Robert-Peter Westphal says:

What he says about extension tubes is simply wrong : When using the tubes made by Canon, they transfer all electronic signals from camera to lens and vice versa. Simply Nikon doesn’t make these tubes, so there will be a problem with ‘communication.


Lots of info! I appreciate the time, effort and number of examples presented.

K. Obirikorang says:

Did you ever post the bonus footage?

pd1aiv says:

I can’t find the follow up video with the close-up filters……

michael b says:

Did you find the velo tubes to be a bit sloppy a connection?

Anon ymous says:

Do you get exposure/metering control with “Dumb” extension tubes since there’s no communications between the camera and lens?

EpicsodeOne says:

Toby. I admire your contribution to the photography world.

max factor says:

I want a lens for headshot portraits and macrovwork in canon apsc world. which lens you suggest ?

Myth Strife says:

Thanks for the comparison, I’m comparing the tamron 90mm vs canon 100mm macro, and as I usually do handheld photograph I think canon is the one for me. thanks again this comparison really help me decide.

Garnie McEwen says:

Great Vid, I like the ISO manipulation. Sub and like.

Geraint H says:

Hi Toby, I am thinking of buying a 100mm macro lens. I have watched a comparison video by DigitalRev comparing both Canon Lenses (L and standard 2.8). Would you say that the L is worth the extra money? Are there alternative manufacturer macro lenses that I should consider?

Domagoj Kudek says:

Sigma 105 macro, or pay more than double for the canon 100L?

Mark Harris says:

Hi Toby, what was the program you used for tethering please?

FreeSoftware says:

The connection camera – computer: is it HDMI? Thanks.

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