Macro lenses for Nikon | Macro lens buying guide | Best macro lens | Best macro lenses for Nikon

Best macro lenses compatible with Nikon, all in one place!
Watch this video to know about the best macro lenses that you can buy for your Nikon DSLR. People who use other brands can also watch this video as the basic idea is applicable to all the brand.

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Naman Rauling U says:


The Pondering Minimalist says:

Dude, this was a very educational & good comparison video, thanks !

Giri Sonna Seri says:

nice,. what is micro lens? why is it mentioned as micro in the lens? whats the difference between micro and macro lens?

venkat bhat says:

Very nice info. Thanks for sharing.

secret eyes of Nature says:

So helpful video ..Thank you sir I started macro photography in my budget ..with nikor 40mm please give some advice..

Mara Polson says:

Thank you very much. Can you tell me about the a little tripod in this video?

Alexander Galliano says:

this is the best video i found for macros on youtube. thank you

Flied Rebello says:

Nice explanation, good informative, thank you

sujit newase says:

nikor 40mm micro or tamron 90 mm?

Terry Christopher says:

Excellent. Thank you.

Sam Biswas says:

Download it, for me and my son when he will pick camera.

Ants Kingdom Asia says:

The best comparision among the macro lens. I hv one query though which of this lenses will be best suited for using for macro videography of insects? And do VR matter in videography? Heard from a friend that though VR may work while shooting videos it will cause heating of the sensor and lead to its deterioration. Is it true?

Sam Biswas says:

Pure Academic style tutorials, seems like back to school, I am impressed.
Serious gyan no bakwas……
Download the video

Laxman Murugesh says:

Excellent job. Detailed and informative. You should do more videos. Subscribed.


Sir, this is absolutely brilliant analysis done by you. I have a query. I have an old Nikon D70s camera. I want to know which lens will work better in between Nikon 105mm and Sigma150mm lens.

jayesh jai says:

Nice explanation of different lenses with diff focal length. I had an argument with my friend that 1:1 ratio will only be achieved at minimum focal distance which he didnt agreeed. Thanks for this nice video..

falfield says:

Well done – a thoughtful and clear review, focusing on all the key qualities. And no rubbishy distracticng background music! Perfect.

Shanmukharaja M says:

Information put together very nicely!

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