Macro Lens basics & Review of Sigma 105mm Macro

Blunty3000 covers the basics of Macro Lenses and puts the “Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM” Macro lens through it’s review paces on a Canon 60D to see how well it performs.
(Sigma lenses are also available in mounts compatible with Nikon and Sigma’s own lens system of course)

Sample photos and video was shot on location by Blunty in the Royal Botanical gardens in Hobart Tasmania on a recent trip.

A gallery of the stills used in the production of this review can be viewed here;

This isn’t a “How-to”, but more “what can a Macro do that a standard prime can’t” thing. Frankly, I’m not anywhere near accomplished or experienced enough in macro photography to presume to tell others “how to do macro Photography”.

The sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro, is designed for use with full frame digital SLR cameras but can also be used with with APS-c size sensors or “crop sensors” too.


A Gupta says:

review done nicely in fun way ! 🙂

Bruns says:

good review

Sebastian Tröger says:

nice review, thanks a lot! i think i bought now the sigma and not the nikon

cryptology says:

Just curious: Would you recommend Sigma’s 70mm version over the 105mm for both macro and non-macro video?

KirkeGaming says:

Your video made me laugh a few times

Quand9 says:

@Blunty3000 lmao ur the reason (mostly) that i started photography ~ im still a noob at it tough =/

freedoomed says:

I’ve got a Tamron 90mm macro lens for my 60d. it’s lack of any form of image stabilization makes shooting hand held quite fun when trying to shoot anything that isn’t a rock.

joe turner says:

“Dupth of field” ;D Very well done Blunty. Sigma can take my money & you have another subby to your channel.

Kaizen2013v says:

Hey Blunty how would this fare as a (once in a while) portrait lens?

Ellis Morton says:

Wow, that was a pretty dam fantastic review! Keep up the great work 😀

Michael Stuckart says:

A friend told me Macro lenses are ALWAYS close up. So what your saying is it performs a double duty as a regular lense to?

Dr. John Campbell says:

Just the review I was looking for, think I have to get one, thanks.

mcrazza says:

Just a quick question about the Sigma 105mm macro: does the barrel extend when focusing or is it an internal focusing lens?


@PedroBremberger ironisch

Waikiann Ang says:

Hi sir, i have a question to ask. Did you do any post processing to those photo or it’s straight out from your camera? 
Really good review!

tbate54 says:

How do you think this lens compares to the Canon 100mm f/2.8L?

prleet says:

between 105mm nikkor and 150mm sigma, I had hard time choosing which one, wen twith nikkor after I saw its reviews.

Joachim Lehmann says:

Hey man,
great video, nice voice…*subscribed*

Tom Penn says:

My friend had the same decision to make, she went for the Sigma, they are both incredible lenses I’m sure.

visualdarkness says:

@Blunty3000 Internal focusing is great for not scaring bugs or if you like me wants to take pics of fish in aquariums. Suddenly bumping into things when focusing sucks.

Chanesmyname says:

Thanks for the review!

Michael Smith says:

Dont you just love Ozzies?? such a brilliant review, no American bollocks, waffle or drivel, just straight talking no bullshit review with pictures, warts and all. More of the same my Antipodean friend 6 stars to you as I am about to buy one of these and I am now convinced.

SulTan alqarni says:

@hershy1515 me to also 🙂

Brooooaaaadwellll says:

Hi Blunty. I’m wondering if you’ve used a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and if the 105’s manual focus ring is as tough to turn as the 30’s.


Andross Pirobos says:

I swear I saw something that looks like a nipple in the thumbnail…

Uillihans Dias says:

I had a great time watching your review! Keep up the good work! 

damaged2 says:

I’ve got a crop sensor, and didn’t expect the lens to enlarge the image so much! I guess I need to use a full frame to get 1:1? 


hello Mr Blunty i would like to ask u a question ?
is this lens compatible with cannon 550D,if yes how good is it comparing the cam in the video .

Peter Gell says:

That is an impressive lens/camera combo. The operator probably did ok too. 🙂

Kazechirashi says:

@adsim92 bass*

Osiris Ra says:

I have the 150mm ver of this lens and it a good bit of glass, with some kenko tubes I’ve got some bloody awesome macro shots. Well recommend for the anyone looking to get into Macro and the results are very good for the price. The 150mm ver is pretty much the exact lens as the 105 but has a bit more working distance which I prefer.

Indrek Luuk says:

I don’t care about photography and and even less about lenses.

But somehow you manage to make so interesting reviews, that I just love watching.

Blunty says:

@mcrazza Internal. And the filter mount does not rotate while focusing either.

Boa Drago says:

this lens is indeed quite nice for the price ofcourse, great review.
p.s. stay out of my shed.

brostinkles1 says:

this camera and lens make me wish i was a photography and camera enthusiast

daddytech says:

I think this is the lens I have been looking for but at nearly $800.00 USD it will be a while before I can get it

1234fllf says:

yea i have a 60d too and the AF in video mode is just useless…

anees k A says:

I have a question about  the minimum working distance. Does this distance change if I mount this on a DX body ?

hershy1515 says:

I don’t own a camera, but I still enjoy watching your videos

TheReapero says:

@Tatikrae copypasta

LordCaes says:

great review!

Blunty says:

@darkmummy9 Your ‘friend’ is either a liar, or massively ignorant. You should tell them to stop spreading horseshit.

Daniel Pare says:

easy to understand with beautiful shots, you make great video.

big steve says:

Good review dude

JonandSamTV says:

Love your review. Great job! -Sam

savant disgrace says:

you made the review pun to watch!!

Kazechirashi says:

I think it would be cool if you did a “basics” series, Blunty. It would help eliminate ignorance in your viewer base (I’m looking at you, me!) and allow you to show off some of your photography at the same time.

Patrick Verstappen says:

fantastic and a joy to listen

16 Bit Images says:

I never understood reproduction ratios, so thanks for saying it doesn’t matter! But I have got myself a Canon 100mm f/2.8L, and it really doesn’t get as much use as it should! Maybe I should have gotten the non-L, or even seen this review first! This lens looks nice! To me, I would consider the Sigma and Canon to be the same, and I just know the Sigma would have been way cheaper. But oh well, some of my VERY BEST pictures have been macro, and it is a great thing to try.

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