Laowa 24mm Relay Macro “Snorkel” Lens

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Aaron Gabriel says:

He wanted to stab the reporter with that lens when he said it is a verry funny looking.

Ryan C Spencer says:

Finally I can send nudes

Limon Shaikh says:


RCElektrik says:

Piece of shit



Obsidian Sos says:

Finally I would be able to see my dicc

Gore Healer says:

I feel very ignorant right now…because i don’t see any difference between this expensive macro lens and the macro function in every smartphone camera…


Good innovation.

R W says:

This crazy

Kenny Shem says:

poke into a cave or underwater but suddenly realised u need to poke another light stick…….

Basio Coolt says:

Coba tembakin ke dalam lava gunung berapi bang.

dodo coche says:

Please everyone who read my comments please make a tour of my channel and if you are impressed with it I hope to participate in it

Sarkhun TV says:


temporal0044 says:

Super penis.

Andri Yadi says:

I like Camera

Kenneth Diaz says:

Ok Great lets take a,picture inside the vagina

anish kumar says:

How much amount?

margaish says:

F14 in a cave ? Good luck

the producer says:


MaddoxInc says:

You can finally see what’s been bothering your colon this entire time…

bkiism says:

prostate exam with flash

CHEFE Games says:

Bolsonaro 2018

خيال لأبد الموت خيال اليل says:


Kjaerinator says:

Why am i here?

Anon J. says:

Finally now I can take a dick pic

Layne Hawley says:

Looks shit

dergrin says:

Manual or autofocus?

BennettDoesMusic says:

Now I can take dick pics

ابو حرب says:

العربي يجق الايك

Bram Lammens says:

lol. You can put it in a dark hole. At F14 you need a flash…which is located outside the the hole and facing the wall…. Have they actually tested this piece of shit? 🙂

Sam Hurley says:

I guess microscopes aren’t a thing anymore…

Сева Клим says:

А что ето такое?

Arthur Souza says:

This lens shot bullets

Moqdam Ali says:

I want to buy it…how can I find it

TG professional says:

Not clear

Артем Макаров says:

Кто из России?

Jeff Speers says:

What ever become of this?

x7 gUN tEAM MUSIC says:


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