King of the Macro Lenses — Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Full-Stop Review


Sony did it again, they made the King of the 50’s, now they made the King of the Macros.

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Gear used in video:
– Sony a6000 :
– Sony a7S
– Sony a7RII
– Sony VG30
– Sony 24-70mm f/4
– Sony 55mm f/1.8:
– Sony 90mm f/2.8
– iKan Piatto PL90


Gustavo Ibarra says:

That tamron there, is an amount? Did you try it on a7rII?

Alin Grecu says:

And why should it have bigger filter size? Bigger filter size = more money…

j c says:

lmaoo. funny as hell.

deadbeathero1 says:

I have the A6000 I know its a crop sensor, but know 3 people have bought this for that camera and love it! oh and nice gun on the table haha jk

Franklin Michael says:

What is it’s minimum focus distance? And what would be the difference between owning a 50mm macro and a 50mm normal and both having the same aperture? Just the distance at which they can focus?

MC says:

Don’t think i’ve seen a lens that has more circular bokeh rings at narrower apertures

Chryseas S. says:

Digi- Hype, I bought the Sony 90 macro a week ago. It is a great lens but I can hear the focus motor whirring quite loudly, almost constantly. It is loud enough to be a deal breaker for any video work. I pretty much picked up the last copy in my city ( back ordered everywhere ) so I can’t easily compare it to another copy. Should I be concerned that I got a bad copy? I can’t find very much about this issue online so I suspect it is a quality control variance- any feedback from you or others about this lens would very helpful. Thanks.

tengoAireEnLaCabeza says:

Merry Christmas, great video as always. Summarize and help me please. I’ve seen pictures on the internet very weak sony90 color, a little off, but I’ve been very clear. I have seen the quality Batis 85 a brutal but I see that magic Zeiss micro level contrasts. See 90 more versatile for all, useful for all, I am a lover of the definition, but also the magic Zeiss. Do you think that when shooting portraits with the 90 will miss Batis or definition in the eyes, eyebrows etc … will make me forget about other factors as more creamy bokeh? For this bokeh and I have 35 f1.4 that eats everything In your eyes definition note both? Thank you

Vishal Panchal says:

It is focus by wire by the way..

holsteincowboy says:

What is focus breathing ?

Dapper Geek News says:

Thought I was the only one who caressed lenses like that.

tengoAireEnLaCabeza says:

te has puesto super palote con la lente, pero se ve muy buena.

john raptor says:

4:10 doesnt hot too much?what do you mean?i never had mirrorless!

Nathan Arizona says:

What you should have done is compare sharpness of the Tokina ATX with the Sharpness of the Sony… That would have been a lot more telling. But Alas, I was looking for a reason NOT to get the Sony Macro… Instead this video encouraged me to seek out the Bokina! 😉

onenarrowdoor says:

Can’t find the Tokina ATX 90mm f2.8 anywhere – only the 100mm 2.8 or the 90mm 2.5.

Preferred Stock says:

You just creamed on that lens didn’t you? So did I! hahaha

Jacob Voss says:

1:56 best facial expressions on Youtube

Anson Yau says:

my copy is very loud on the video. I am not sure if it is my copy or it is all FE 90mm lenses.

Thomas Ferrari says:

That intro. The best

Meld says:

Just make sure you don’t take a selfie with that gun.

ryuman757 says:

I’ve been using extension tubes for macro photography for a little bit, so I obviously have to get super close to the objects for it to work. Do you still have to get relatively close for the macro portion, or does the size actually help you keep your distance from subjects (obviously very skittish bugs that don’t like lenses being stuck in their face)?

Chris Marcelo says:


I Am Toys says:

Hi, when you shot 4K video with this lens, did you use the full range setting on the lens, or fluctuated between all of the focal lengths?

Miguel Mejia says:

Thanks for the review! Useful info.

David Loewen says:

BAD taste in the introduction about the blade etc!!!!!

Alin Grecu says:

Constant aperture? It’s not a zoom lens 😛

raredreamfootage says:

3:35 it seems like the rack focus was done by half pressing the shutter button?

I find that when driving focus this way it causes the lens to appear to breath more for some reason.

When the camera + this lens is driving focus on its own (with face tracking for instance) how is the focus breathing then?

Bjorn Hermansen says:

Thanks for the quick review!! You’re funny as hek!!! LMBO!! Love watching your videos LOL

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