Irix 150mm f2.8 Macro – Review

In this video I get to conduct the first real world review of the new Irix 150mm f2.8 Macro

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My Gear:
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Sony 28mm f2 –
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Frank Hatcher says:

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the lens. I love to shoot macro and I can’t wait until this lens is available. Thanks again!

RusMikeThe says:

150mm. No stabilizer – no reason 🙁

Remus Moise says:

too much bla bla bla……….Sorry!!!!

Anthony Sell says:

I wish you had talked more about the focus breathing. Is the image magnified when you focus or does the field of view remain constant? One of my biggest complaints about the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro is that the focus breathing makes focus stacking difficult, even using a rail.

rockapejv says:

Thanks for doing this review.
I have been eagerly awaiting your review on the optical performance of this lens.
The Tokina 100mm macro has been very tempting, based upon the very positve reviews it has had, but I would prefer a slightly longer focal length macro, and this new Irix lens has had me on the edge of my seat.

I would love to see a few comparisons before I actually take the plunge, but it looks very impressive so far.

I had the 90mm Tamron G2, but my daughter has now laid claim to that (bless her), so I need a replacement.

Thanks again.


grat2010 says:

The flaring and ghosting suppression looks so good. Focal length is not for me but I’d consider their wider lenses.

The shaffu says:

Hello sir…I am your friend… waiting( Giveaway’s ) friend… How r u sir….love u sir….

David Gomez says:

would’ve been better with more shots to see

Gerard Ferry says:

wheres the dog, can it dance too

John Pepp says:

I personally don’t understand the need for a 150mm lens, for I think the Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro OSS get a little closer macro shot and would in my opinion be a better portrait lens. However, I’m sure someone who is doing a lot of wildlife photography might find the extra reach useful. Though by the time you get the subject (Animal) in focus it probably has scampered off, for I think the main reason you had the macro lens on your camera body in the first place was to do macro shooting.

bagery says:

Hello, sorry to be off topic. I was just checking out your gear list. Would you please explain the purposes of your 28mm vs your 35mm? Thank-you. Edit: Also, would you do a monopod tutorial?

Jack Chow says:

How does it compare to Canon 100mm f2.8L IS? Irix doesn’t seem too much cheaper than the Canon

Bill Zidis says:

I own both IRIX 11 and 15 Blackstone version and i cannot believe the image quality i’m getting,11mm change my real estate photography completely…Once this beauty is released ill buy it immediadly,irix won my respect…They also respond to their emails fast…Good company to invest

Brent Newman says:

Great info!

ThePandaPhotographer says:

I wish they can make an adapter for sony A-mount from E-mount if they do get the patient to licence an E-mount. I’m an A-mount shooter mostly

Bachmann Manuel says:

for this performance… this price is a bargain

aceflibble says:

Quick note about the focus breathing and using the Canon and Sigma lenses as a guide. That Sigma 150mm works out to be around 100mm when at 1:1 and the Canon 100mm works out to be around 70mm. Some (rough!) maths based on the 34.5cm minimum focus distance for _this_ lens suggests that it is only around 85mm when at 1:1 magnification.
So it’s more than just “not quite” a true 150mm when focused that close; it’s lost nearly half its length. Still, it’s a step longer than the Canon, at least.

Scott Williams Photography says:

Great review. Looks like it could be a cracking portrait lens.

Brian Creek says:

I shoot outdoor, existing light nature/landscape/wildlife so macro shots require a little more room to work macro subjects so 150mm is great. I don’t imagine I’ll ever use f2.8 for macro work but it might come in handy for other subjects. So far Irix lenses compare very well to Zeiss manual focus lenses, so very keen to check this one out.

mavfan1 says:

All lenses should come without boxes so the unboxings can be avoided altogether! ;-P

Rick Mentore says:

It would be so cool when IRIX starts manufacturing lenses in the Sony E-mount. You did a fantastic job defining the IRIX 150mm. Just love all of your videos. I find the 150mm macro a rather unique focal length, it seems almost a specialty lens.

michael s says:

Looks good,yet it would prpbably be a 4th/5th lens..i have the Pentax K1Mark2,so i am probably going 70-200 f2.8,50mm prime,IriX 12 or 15mm,and then i can seriously consider a Macro,like the IRIX 150mm..

Ozzy Guy says:


I hope Irix have sorted out the major decentering issues they had with the 11mm and 15mm. Very poor quality control let down very nice lenses…

AKlaas van Dalen says:

Portrait quality?

Henk Oosterink says:

In Holland for 599,- Euro.

Terry D says:

Almost got a down vote for failing to supply obligatory dragonfly head closeup 🙂

Martin Oakes says:

Can we have some macro shots please.

huexley Yannick says:

irix <3

Fredrik Beskow says:

Very interesting lens… I have the Sigma 105/2,8 now, but I’m looking for a longer focal length. This one is a serious candidate…

Steve says:

I received mine on December 24th and the only negative thing I can say about the lens is the rear cap could be a little tighter. I replaced it with a Nikon. Here are those macro photos you asked for . the last 10 photos are with the Irix 150mm f/2.8

C Lee says:

Sometimes seriously hilarious I have to say. I’m a photographer and a carpet cleaner. I buy my equipment from Mytee. And your YouTube music at the end of your video is the same music they have playing through all of their YouTube videos. It’s kinda funny because I dont think anybody in the world would ever notice that

Eddy Aslander says:

Great review, thank you so much! Definitely considering this one.

Christos Serrano Thoma says:

WOW impressive!!! Would’ve love to see some portrait shots with it and compared it to sigma 135mm 1.8!

Tony Zhou says:


Will Gavillan says:

i see that the lens has electronic contacts, does this mean it transmits exif data? Does focus assist engage when you turn the ring on the Sony? Does the focal length get transmitted to Sony body for steadyshot?

Per Hoffmann Olsen says:

Since I dropped my old Sigma 2.8 150mm, and Sigma refused to repair it – due to lack of spare parts, I find this 150mm irix very interesting, especially because a new sigma 150mm lens cost around 1000 euro. Ok, that’s with OS and autofocus. But hey, i don’t need that for macros. Thx for your review.

Imran Shah says:

Hi Dave. Good review. I am sure if I missed it, but does it stop down as we magnify further? If so, at what magnification does it start to stop down and how many stop at the 1:1 end?

vino hazel says:

I thought the E-mount system was open source and so available to any lens manufacturer. Which means there is no such thing as reverse engineering. Especially not, as you pointed out, since this is a manual focus lens. Also dealing with IBIS is none of the lenses business.

So it sounds more like those are simply lame excuses. Obviously they are not interested in any mirrorless lens production yet. Why don’t they just say so?

HyroDaily says:

Glad you mentioned the focus breathing, noticed at 1:1, it only focused 2 inches farther than the one I have now.. Still like the compact design, but it will wait for Xmas…

ThePandaPhotographer says:

150mm is more like a 135mm because of the focusing distance

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