I Finally Bought the Sony 30mm F/3.5 Macro Lens

It’s crazy to think this lens was released a whopping 7 years ago by Sony! This was lens #4 in their NEX lineup. Here’s my review in 2018.
Here is where you can buy it: https://amzn.to/2ufdAW6

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Aida Mustapha says:

My fave lens 🙂

hoehlentroll69 says:

what are your keepers for the a6xxx series up to now?

CODER QN says:

Nice lens. I have a few vintage macro lenses and they work great. They’re super cheap and fun to use. Manual focus is all you need. 🙂

Yasu says:

It’s your videos, you should use the music you want to go with your images.

GilbertTV says:

me too..ive never tried it…looks good though… thanks for the review

Elgsdyr says:

I have the lens and I find it does very well corner to corner at very close distances. But for more general purpose use (medium to long distances) it’s not recommended. In those cases the very center is sharp but even just a little bit off from the center it softens badly and the corners are just useless.
So to sum up: Great for macro, bad for everything else.

TheSmeagol630 says:

Classical theme = repetitive smooth jazz. Can never make everyone happy. Great review!

Almir Perreira Cruz says:

Eu gosto muito de fotografia tenho um camara Sony u q de ver lente mais não temho condição de compra gostaria q a Sony mir presetiase a a 6000

Wdata Consulting says:

I bought the lens (1 year ago) tested it and returned it back. I’m not a Macro photographer … but just thought it was good to have this lens. Tried to photograph a close-up of a “Tea bag” with only ordinary room lighting. (With Sony a6000)
It turned out that this macro lens (Sony 30mm F/3.5) gave a far too dark picture (Very very dark picture and the focus was hunting) ….. compared with the same image taken with Sony 50 mm F1.8 OSS (Aps-c lens), which gave an excellent result.

I experienced it was a problem that you had to be very very very close to the product with the Sony 30mm F/3.5 macro lens. This gave a light problem …. The camera and lens stay in the way of the normal room lighting to reach the product. (The “Tea bag” in this case)

I would like to see someone photograph an angry bee with this macro lens …. then the lens requires you to be incredibly close to what you are going to shoot. This is definitely not an appropriate lens for shooting insects. Additionally, you will block the sunlight.

White Rabbit says:

2:28 Weird video edit.

Vintage Pictures says:

With the new music, it sound like a Christopher Frost Photography video for a bit there.

Matthias Pospiech says:

Can you make a comparison in sharpness with the sigma 30 mm 2.8 ? The f3.5 is not as fast but since it is a macro as well one might not consider buying both. I personally do a lot macro (on Nikon with Sigma 105 2.8). Can you compare the Sigma 105 with the sony 30 3.5 and the high end sony 90mm 2.8. The Sigma 105 is the sharpest lens I have. The 30 mm is typically not long enough for macro photography (the sigma is FF, thus actually a 150 mm). And the comparison to the 90mm would be most interesting. My photos can be viewed here http://s740139902.online.de/project/flowers-and-macro-photography/

55 44 says:

Is it good for vlog, use on qx1 in low light also

240g Mehl says:

Lucerne!!! <3

Matthias Steck says:

I prefer Macro Lenses with longer focal length. 30mm is too short for insects etc. Love my 35 years old 4/100mm Canon FD Macro and dream about the Sony 2.8/90mm G Macro…

Ed C says:

Another great video. I have this lens and like it. The f3.5 aperture is not a problem.

karl Delalamon says:

music too classical

N0rdman says:

Thank you for that, thoroughly enjoyable. Macro is often overlooked but is made way easier by today’s macro setup and autofokus lenses.
As I got an extensive set of old Minolta A mount lenses, I use the macro 50mm f/2.8 with the LA-EA4 adapter, but it is worth to consider, depending on the direction I’ll go. (More APS-C or go full frame)
Keep it up!

Godspeed_me says:

Could you please consider, is it ok to buy sony 35 mm 1/8 now or (maybe) it will be upgraded soon (cause this lens from 2012) ?

Black3ternity says:

Thanks for this review.
Thought of picking it up after I bought the 35 F1.8 after your review.
But because I own the A6000 the no steady-shot is a dealbreaker for me.
You’re right – Sony should update this Lens with OSS and maybe a newer body / paint.

Mark Roome says:

That is some quality music

Cyril Popek says:

Yes this music is better

devmas says:

On the subject of the music, don’t worry about it. You will never make everyone happy, as everyone has different tastes. Just do what you like, and you will end up with a unique voice and style alongside an audience that appreciates it.

And as always, great review!

Rosso Rosso says:

Love your Orient watch. Please do review your watches too. I own this very lens and use it for fruit macro photography.

geotoub says:

I think the bokeh this lens creates looks a bit unnatural to my eyes, like being added with software

Abhishek MJ says:

Canon m50 or sony a6000 whih is good

Dustin Stone says:

I’m having a big debate and I know you have reviewed both of these. I want another l lens to pair with my sigmy 30mm. I love the idea of having the sigma 16 1.4 but I also like the versatility of the new 18-135 especially for walking around (going to china in 1.5 months). Obviously the 16mm sigma is the better lens, but wasn’t sure if you would recommend the sony 18-135 over it for vacations or another lens all together (unless you also think the 30mm sigma is fine). I just don’t think it is wide enough for some nice landscape shots.

Truth Seeker says:

Thank You for the video! 🙂
I have the Sony SEL50M28 FE 50mm F2.8 Full Frame E-mount Lens (Black) it’s Awesome!
Thanks Again, Keep up the Good Work!
Thumbs up Indiana USA.

Henk Van de Goor says:

What about extension rings vs this? Thoughts?

kendallarroz says:

Its the same lens hood as the 20mm. Weird but also lets you thread a filter on it still which is nice.

Kathryn Wigington says:

My a6000 is silver and I want this now!!

Mouniapin Romuald says:

So the eye-focus doesnt work with that lens?

We McLaughlins says:

Unfortunately Sony still has never released it in black. I had it and returned it because it just looked flat out goofy on my A6300 (and at the time I still had an A99 with the Minolta 100/2.8 macro that was superior in every way). I have since purchased the G 90/2.8 and while it kicks the butt of the 30 (and it should for what it costs) it is huge and heavy, especially for NEX/A5/6. The 30 is really good for most people and if Sony made it in black it would be in my bag for those moments when you just wish you had it!

Martin Weber says:

I sold mine because of two reasons. Unlike the macro lens 35/2.8 from Pentax the front element is so close to the subject you nearly always have a shadow on it. Secondly it is not the sharpest lense.

MeilingT888 says:

oooo! I like macro lens! I wasn’t really a fan of the meike macro extension because you have to go way to close to the object. I agree that it’s a lot easier to take macro pics and can still take pics at farther ranges

jake lane says:

Music is too elevator-y

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