How a MACRO LENS will change the game for you in 2018

The Canon 100mm Macro Lens will change the game for you when it comes to photography and filmmaking.

STANDARD – 100mm f/2.8 –
L VERSION – Canon 100mm f/2.8L –


Main Camera –
LENS I use most often –
Great Cheaper Camera –
Fantastic LOW LIGHT LENS –
The Beautiful 70-200 LENS –
GorillaPod –
Macro 100MM LENS –
Best Memory Card –
Intervalometer for Time Lapses –

TubeBuddy –




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Kellan Reck says:

Have you ever used a macro lens?

John ernie Esteban says:

Can you use it for landscape photography?

Rhubbard StockFootage says:

Great video! i bought this lens a couple of months ago second hand and love it!!

Ben Cruz says:

I already have 70-200 2.8ii and 85 1.8, is it a world of difference if i have this macro lens? I plan to use it for gimbal work for videography

G Carmichael says:


Raynell Manabat says:

amazing and very informative video! totally gonna go out and buy a 100mm, thanks!

Terrance Roman says:

I love macro, so completely agree with you. The world is very different when shooting macro. The is way more detail at that level than most people realize.

Before people get a macro lens though, I’d recommend they try it our first. I posted by 99 second HACK to get any lens to become MACRO (

The drawback with my trick is that is not usable for some types of shooting, but it does work in certain situations and will get people a macro shot by using their existing DSLR and lens.

I noticed you mentioned better DOF for some shots (and the example photo of the DOF was a closeup). Do you find you get better DOF (more bokeh) with a macro specific lens versus a lens with a really wide wide aperture? I’ve never compared the two. Would be interested in your perspective.


Fantastic 5 Life says:

Great video. I’m considering this lense.

Benjamin Lemley says:

Thank you for these videos. Not enough people are doing this

Nick Wichman says:

Yeah, dude. My favorite new lens is the Sony 90mm Macro. Insanely powerful for both macro tight shots on product and textures, AND epic long focal length shots. Ugh. Nice vid.

William Maciel says:

I’m new into photography, so maybe it is a dumb question, but can this also be used for astrophotography?

agkl says:

So if I have a choice between a 60mm f/1.4 non-macro lens and a 60mm f/2.8 macro lens (assuming same number and shape of diaphragm blades), what makes the macro a better choice other than closer focus? In that case, it won’t have shallower depth of field, right? Or is it the quality of the blur that you are talking about?

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