Fuji XF80mm Macro f2.8 OIS – Review & Testing – in 4k

Here is my review on the XF80mm Macro f.28 OIS. If you don’t like bugs just a warning that there are some images of them. All I can say is that this lens is crazy sharp!

Check out full quality edited portraits here:

Time Stamps:
0:00 – intro
0:25 – Specs
2:11 – Sample Images
2:51 – Thoughts on Image quality
4:13 – Portrait Image Samples
4:48 – Thoughts on using it as a portrait lens
5:21 – Bokeh
5:51 – Sharpness test
7:44 – Focus tests
8:58 – Focus test compared to 50-140mm
9:36 – Final Thoughts (pt1)
10:00 – OIS in video
10:25 Final Thoughts (pt2)

Thanks to Keira for helping out with the portraits.
Go follow her @KeiraDonais
Big thanks to B&H Photo for sending me this lens to review. If you are thinking about buying one please use the links below:

XF80mm Macro f2.8 – https://bhpho.to/2gLgaf6
Fuji X-T2 – http://geni.us/QuqmOa
Vertical Power Grip – http://geni.us/fpIaFH

Other lenses I mentioned in this review:
XF56mm f1.2 – http://geni.us/3sYzu
XF50-140 f2.8 – http://geni.us/4L350
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Steve TQP says:

Great review of this awesome macro lens, Zed! As a landscape and product photographer, bokeh doesn’t concern me, since I never shoot portraits nor wide open. As a sharpness “fanatic”, it’s nice to hear that it’s “the sharpest lens” you’ve ever tried! However, I have both the XF60 Macro and the XF90 f/2, and I can also state that the Fujinon XF90 f/2 is the sharpest lens I’ve ever used in 40 years of photography! So, I was curious as to whether this XF80 Macro even surpasses the XF90. If so, that would be simply fantastic, and it would be most interesting indeed. Thanks again, and Happy 2018!

tom bushmitz says:

Im looking for a new mid-tele photo (35 +) , would you recommend this lense if Im not shooting macro on daily basis?

Jürgen Fabian says:

Great review, thanks.

एड्वर्ड कॅस्ट्रो says:

Yup, if you do more portraits then macro then the 90mm is the way to go. Although I don’t use it that often each time I do I’m reminded as to why I hold on to it dearly.

Denae & Andrew says:

Nice shots Lee. I’m so excited to try this lens.

Kimi H says:

Very nice shots

Pier-Adam Turcotte says:

FUJI, will take my money again…  love the review like always

Sol Shalem says:

Hey man. Quick question. I did an event last night left my Nikon home and took my Xt2. Was having a hard time with tracking low light subjects and getting autofocus. Can you tell me which af mode you use from the five.

Captain Zouave says:

I had it for a week and returned it. It’s a macro or studio lens, neither needs IS. 120mm is too long for general use and AF is slow; I’d rather carry the 50-140. I use the Zeiss 50 and 100 makro planars on FF and they’re great for a lot of uses. So I adapted them both to FX and both are far (FAR!) nicer in rendering and bokeh than this 80.

Brian Wang says:

Is 80mm faster in AF speed than 56mm? Thanks!

Artwerk Media says:

Good job on the review as usual! Too bad you didn’t have an extender (1.4 or 2x) to try with it. I have the 1.4 and am enjoying using it with the 80mm. Swirly bokeh can show up when shooting with leaves etc in the background… I had the 90mm but almost never used it because there was no IS and would often get blurred images if the light wasn’t good enough…and couldn’t use it in many cases because of focusing distance. 

I have no problem with the shares of the 80mm and the IS is really good. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc5mOYlBI9A/?taken-by=artwerk

Steve TQP says:

Very comprehensive review, Zed! It looks like a winner to me! I’ve used both the XF60 and XF90 on my X-Pro2 for focus-stacked product shots, and have acheived superb results, especially with the XF90, my sharpest lens thus far. So, I can’t imagine the superb sharpness/detail rendering I would get with this lens using the same technique. Regarding AF speed, though my photography doesn’t require fast AF, (nor smooth bokeh, since I never shoot wide open), I too, have seen another reviewer claim that the 80 is Fuji’s fastest AF lens…he actually stated “twice the speed of the XF90, which I thought was pretty fast in its own right, but I see your comparison tells a little different story. Sample variation, perhaps? Thanks again!

carmas54 says:

i’ve been waiting for this lens to hit my camera store, and after I watched this video I called to see it had arrived … I picked it up today and I have been blown away which how prefect this lens is.  I found that I have had to half press for the Auto Focus several times when focusing in close, I just have to get used to the min focusing distance … bottom line you hardly have to touch the raw files they’re so good!

Cactus Tweeter says:

Nice images.

Emil Tuomisto says:

You need to try the 90 2.0. It’s amazing! I got one.

chappi59 says:

Nice, but I’m not selling my 90mm
I love the 90mm. And it’s great for everything I shoot. It’s just not a macro. And the bokeh is awesome

Anna Shtraus says:

I love your reviews, dude, even though I am not even thinking of buying most of what you are reviewing, you are always fun to watch. Keep it coming!

Martin Hull says:

Well done review. Thank you for taking the time to do it. Was happy to see micro-contrast was mentioned as well as where the sharpness will soften with aperture setting.

Even though there are two Fuji macro lenses and only one that goes 1:1, there is a third AF lens option – the Zeiss Touit 50 macro that also goes 1:1.

Hopefully, you will get a chance to try out the XF90. I have the 50-140 and the 90 and I constantly pick the 90 over the 50-140 for when I want that creamy background. The 90 is also good for close-up work. The 90 and 16 are both capable of reaching 0.2 close-up (the only two non-macro Fuji prime XF lens able to do so). Where the 80 shines is OIS and you can add the tele-converters.

Sebastian Alt says:

Thanks, finally a useful review on the lens. Nice photos!

Patricia Davidson says:

very good review and images. I’m looking for a dedicated macro lens. Hope to buy one in the new year.

binaryblog says:

This shot at https://youtu.be/jTcs717P5Sg?t=170 is amazing! Imo it’s your best shot so far.

Giwon Jang says:

Thanks for review. It’s great lens.

Minolta4Life says:

The SD card that failed on you what brand was it?

Tamas Varga says:

Great as always, thanks

William James says:

Hi mate
Only had this lens about a week, but agree with all you say, well done,,,,,,, But I’m getting the feeling that this lens is using a lot of battery power, it may just be me and have a few old batteries; so in the new year I’m gonna test with new ones, OIS on and off. As I say it’s maybe just me, but wondered if you had noticed anything like it.
I think most users carry spare batteries so it’s no big deal, after all, you don’t buy a Rolls Royce; and then moan about the MPG you just keep a full tank.
Good work your doing ,,, Cheers mate

Xplorer65 says:

Great Video, thank you. It was very helpful for me. The Lens is not so bad in Portraits as I thought as long as there are no lights in the bokeh.I do not like the cat eye effect and the Onionskin too.But without Lights in the Background, the images looks great in Portraits. Little bit sharp, but that can be fixed in Affinity Photo etc.

Garth says:

Thanks for the video dude. I’m saving up a few more hundred bucks to finally get this bad boy! I’m shocked/stoked that those macro images were all handheld!!

Khelil Benamara says:

Merci beaucoup pour votre démonstration. Les images prises par cet objectif sont vraiment parfaites, on ne peut qu’applaudir. Votre vidéo tombe à pic car j’ai l’intention d’en acheter un pour remplacer le 60 mm macro de Fuji qui ne donne pas grand chose. Thank you very much.

RS says:

Great review
Thanks for the samples.
Is your X-T2 good now after those repairs ???
Thanks for sharing, best wishes for 2018.

Tony Reidsma says:

Did you get an X pro 2 again?

Antonios Paro says:

make a review for the 90mm .Better bokeh, faster than 50-140 and equal sharp (or even sharper) than the 80mm .Oh ,and there are three macro lenses for X-Mount with AF : 60mm,80mm and Zeiss touit 50mm

Gordon Mohr says:

too expensive

Yizchal Levi says:

Please, this is a MACRO lens and you should test it as a MACRO lens, not as a lens for video or for portraiture….

Peter Symes says:

I like your reviews, I feel that you give everything a fair unbiased look.

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