DPReview TV: Sigma 70mm F2.8 DG Macro Art lens review

This week on DPReview TV, Chris and Jordan test Sigma’s latest macro lens, the 70mm F2.8 DG Macro Art. Find out why they like it in this uniquely Canadian presentation.

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Paul Atreides says:

Chris, A lot of hay is being made over IBIS, and there certainly are valid arguments to be made for the value of technology; however, it seems to be one of those features that has risen to the level of being blown way out of proportion these days just as focus points, megapixels, and dynamic range were for the longest time.  To be specific, you’re shooting macro shots so close to the subject that you’ve essentially eaten up the entire minimum focus distance with the length of the lens (just as many good macros do, you can get so close that if you’re not careful you’ll smack your subject).  In that scenario the major issue you’re facing isn’t camera shake, it’s your own physical drift along the lens’s longitudinal axis.  Even when I’m shooting with an amazingly well-stabilized lens like the EF 100mm f/2.8L IS I take a lot of shots to make sure that sliver of DoF hits where I want it to.  When you’re dealing with DoF on the order of 1 to 5 mm you can’t physically stand steady enough to overcome motion to and fro, not to mention shake.  My point really is that IBIS is another technology that is being sold as a replacement for discipline and technique.  Even in your own macro video with Don he basically cares very little about whether stabilization of any sort is involved.  He shoots with ISO cranked, high shutter speed, and many shots when handheld.  I don’t begrudge anyone for taking advantage of technology, but it’s amazing what a photographer can do with knowhow, experience, and some basic gear.  Thanks for the video and I look forward to your future work.  Do us all a favor and skip the utter rubbish drinking videos with DPR staff.  I’ve had enough of their toxic boy’s club hipster nonsense to last me ten life times (Best and Worst of 2018 did you and Jordan absolutely zero favors, as a bunch of dudes in a room drinking with a couple of ladies around for validation is wont to do).  Saying you’re toasted before having a back and forth between you and Rishi about how much Rishi hates the EOS R while in Hawaii also doesn’t help your reputation.  I know you’re trying to be fun and real, but you just look like…well, unprofessional, not serious, basically simply caught up in the group-think echo chamber that DPR has become.  The site used to be in the horse business, but all they can manage these days is camels if you get my meaning (a camel is a horse designed by a committee).  Whether you agree with my opinion or not I hope in the future you will look at the atmosphere of DPR and consider whether or not it’s really a good place for photographers to come for useful information and a productive discussion.

Erin Wiebe says:

Laughing here in Manitoba. Hilarious Chris!

Peter Homa says:

Chris and Jordan getting ready for Strange Brew Wooden Niccolls?

Noah A says:

A Canadian Tuxedo requires matching pants.

Dexter Legaspi says:

“sorry, tree”

Hank Roest says:

Fantastic! Hope True Canuck Chris becomes a regular guest. South Effrican Chris could visit again too.

GildedEntries says:

Chris drank some Strange Brew prior to the shoot. Honestly, not one Bob and Doug McKenzie reference in the comments? I feel so old.

Rob Logan says:

Almost as good as Bob and Doug McKenzie……almost

KSCuber says:

Legitimately like Canadian Chris better than the other one

1BigBucks1 says:

I found the lack of Wayne Gretzky name drops inauthentic. Really pulled me out of the character.

merkator says:

Nice hat! Greetings from Siberia btw 😉

Ali Shadpour says:

Yeah, we should see this side more!

Alex Cochennec says:

keep on giving her there boys ey

ookiemand says:

I like the Canadian words etc, not so much the over acting. So I prefer Normal Chris with Canadian words and sayings and measurements 🙂

bogrunberger says:

Your metric to imperial conversions were pretty much what I would have done too. Spot on eh!

Studio 42 - 42store AB says:

Got the Sony version and I love it!

kefkafloyd says:

Take off, Chis, you’re such a hoser.

Andrea Rotelli says:

And I love that red chair in the middle of the wood!

David MacDougall says:

lol, I enjoyed the Canadiana.

Crewchief 227 says:

So it’s basically like my Tokina 100mm (no VR, external focusing) with probably some better CA control. Neat

Christine Kofman says:

I thought it was a blast! I would love to see it peppered into videos here and there, with no explanation. Just switch into Canadian mid-sentence, then switch back a minute or two later. If nothing else, those poor folks watching it stoned will get REALLY confused! =D

angloitalo says:

When was the last time that a Canadian team won the Calder Cup?.

Nate Patterson says:

We need an appearance from Red-Green Chris too. 🙂

''/ad says:

Anyone else notice the creepy red eyes outside at 6:00?

Christoffer Nelson says:

I think my brain may be broken because the video looks like it’s horizontally compressed…

Content Aware Phil says:

I’d like to see you guys in a Beijing Bikini

Jose Dias says:

What’s this video all a boot?

Peter Yates says:

Most entertaining camera review I’ve ever seen, eh?

Ryan Mutch says:

I’m loving the lumberjack look Chris!

Horlick High School Instrumental Music 1 says:

This was shot with?

flyingroby says:

Chris and Jordan are the bests! More videos please.

T L says:

I would love to see that level of Canadiana in all your videos!! I am sure Jordan loves your accent, ehh!!

Stephen Fleming says:

432 inches

Kit Complete says:

Only thing missing was a beer eh

Philip Cunio says:

Eey ookeey! Love it!

warmonked says:

Minimal CA? so… would this be good for astro?

KSCuber says:

Shoot that beaver with a Canon Eh

AM M'Mullan says:

Loved Canadiana Chris. Keep him as a regular, eh? And don’t forget the donuts.

karacop78 says:

do that again please!

Carol Teater says:

Great video, and while I realize there wasn’t much to say about video with this, I miss Jordan being in it. 🙁

Edmund Sim says:

Hahahaha – are you being Bob, or his brother Doug eh??

Noah Bershatsky says:

The aspect ratio of the video seems stretched vertically. Was that just me?

Steve Loop says:

Love it Chris go Accent anytime. Love the review on the lense as well, she’s stout!

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