DPReview TV: Laowa 24mm F14 Probe Lens Field Test

This week we take a look at one of the more unique optics we’ve seen for quite a while. The Laowa 14mm F14 Macro Probe lens may look like something out of a science fiction movie, but as Chris and Jordan discover, it opens the door to some really interesting photo opportunities.

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Sharksy says:

6:31 is that a fish?

ag.onewheel G says:

A lot of hype and it really doesn’t look too great : /

Fallecent says:

I came here because I thought your hand was a canon….

Ted P says:

He just stroked it at the 3 min mark

Ira Crummey says:

I use asparagus rubber bands as grips on my Sigma ART DN lenses for m4/3!

This Is Merica says:

Porn will never be the same.

Mike Mcglasson says:

This seems like the number one lens for letting you know you nee to clean your sensor

Epic boss says:

it will be revolutionary in Porn industries

Shaquille Chevaro says:

Siime eye or this lens?

we tube says:

Nice video and description is nice

bonzology says:

You had a rough go with this, your footage was weak. Laowa’s demo reel with this is absolutely AMAZING!!!

jesoby says:

Unbalanced, be very hit and miss for macro.

roland and friends says:

its PROBEbably expensive

Captain Nemo! says:

7:18 first toilet water then mouth. nice one.

Blank Man says:

As a black man I can get shot just for reaching for identification that an officer of the law asked me for. There’s no way in hell I’d purchase no bs like this! I’d die before I take one picture! #FACTS



Wielki Demon Ahzayah na emeryturze says:

haha BUTT

Noah Petek says:

6:32 Do you realize there‘s a fish in the bottom left corner?

Victor Savelle says:

I like it, but it’s a bit too expensive imo.

Ben Bowland says:

6:32 did you notice the fish in the bottom left?

TOP.10 CTI says:

Lens buy link please

Richard B. says:

Give that lens to Dr. Pol, the vetenrinarian

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