Crazy Lens – Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens

This lens comes packaged in a locked box and there’s a reason why – it looks like a weapon for shooting…errr…Macro Photography. Quite.

Laowa’s 24mm f/14 Probe Lens Kickstarter:

Filmed with:
Sony a7 III Body Only:
Sony a7 III w/ 28-70:

Blue Wednesday:


Josh Cimafranca says:

7:34 heart

muchammad makki says:

Kebanyakan omong

Simon Lukas says:

Finaly i can take dick pics

Joe Roman says:

At some points in the video, your voice a bit like Richard Ayoade. haha

Kong Kong says:

i see everyone is expecting to the shove it up somewhere the sun doesn’t shine and you’ve disappointed us all

Der Maddin says:

Der Typ nervt.

Jason Koneman says:

Your kitty has acne in his whiskers.

DaVideo says:

Way back in 2016?

T D says:

Time to explore my girlfriend

Spendwithme tech says:

Hi sir , i have olympus camera can i use this lens for my camera .

Juan Mendez says:

Should have put inside of an ant pile

marcin piechocki says:

Vincent, we happy?

ThatBoi M00se says:

Pornscape Photography c: hmmmmmm

hrishikesh patil says:

Real shit 07:25

my c says:


Adnan Khan says:

7:30 to skip bullshit

Akram Alonizi says:

5:40 did i get that right? LMAO

Muhamed Sirajdin says:

How much ?? I need one plz

photographer85 says:

“wide open at f14”. Not something you hear very often.

and ? says:

7:35 – heart in the centre

BlakeZero 2.0 says:

hEy yOu LoOk LiKe tHaT gUy fRoM DiGiTaL rEv tV

Candy Boy says:

You can probably do endoscopy with this

Abraham Lemus says:

Can i put that in my anus?
Please be serious

MilesBellas says:

anamorphic lenses…….some cost $23,000
what is a cheap alternative?

Maximilian Weinzierl says:

great lense !

Mr Clean says:

1.Ching chong
4.California CD from scammer in L.A

gLITCH'd Photography says:

Soooo…Probe as in butts and stuff…?

Youtube University says:

How much is this thing?

Yik Cuy says:

Botak kontol
Translate indonesia handsome

b.g.m_ patrai says:

First i don’t know about camera ….. I have a old type nikon camera …. Flim is used to take photos can we able today use lens like dslr ….. Pls. Tell me

Joan Uzunov says:

luv the way how u talk man

Copper Games says:

He has a narrator voice

Aryagandhi Jennifer says:

I subscribed cause your voice is soothing! ❤️

Lecheng Chao says:

your cmos got blurry hahahhahahah, a common problem of mirrorless cameras

Muhamed Sirajdin says:

Someone tell me how much is that ? Because i need to buy one plz cantact me

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