Canon L-Series 100mm Lens is a Macro Beast!

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I Am 2019 says:

is there a T-Series Lens?

Aviral Kumar says:

how much you earn?

1100 Films says:

How this guy have a red camera ?

I Am 2019 says:

is there a T-Series Lens?

Artmor Production says:

this video post 2 week ago,
did you check comment post after 2 weeks Gene

Techfitness says:

I think your wife farted and you just covered it up , she was looking uneasy as well

K C A says:

AWESOME video, as always.

Vincent Villano says:

New to the channel def love the content . for someone new into the hobby , you super informative. Your comparison on the sony vs canon r really helped.

Pim Meelhuysen says:

I just watch your videos for you. You funny (with interesting things to say) 🙂

groundhouse says:

That was the first time I laughed at dramatic videos 😀

Sooraj Raju says:

Sooooper brilliant ! Thanks for sharing your learnings…

Aviral Kumar says:

how much you earn?

SantistaUSA LMF Studios says:

Give aways are cool and all but I don’t really care for them. Keep making good quality videos and I will watch all of them! 😀

Knut Boger says:

I never enter any give away, but please do your ads, that way you can keep on getting payed to give us free awesome content.

Mattias Elisson says:

100m l series is great bc is a super sharp lens (compared to the other l series lenses), with image stabilzer and nice comperssion.

Franclin Lim says:

Dude you like wanna push a button to spike another world war 3. Like that some asian guy with weird haircut.

Damien Colacion says:

thanks for the canon lens lesson about sharing lenses with other cameras.. now I have more clue what camera to start with again.. “canon” so if i can sell my organs for a higher price I can upgrade my camera and still use the lens.. thanks..

Loli Crack says:

The AF in Eos R is terrifying

Clank boss says:

T series

Melody Chest says:

What a wonderfully presented technical review!

Angel Valdez says:

That moment when Henry makes me gay gasp like “NOOO!”

Eric Lefebvre says:

Have sponsoered but you don;t need to give us anything. you need moneys to.

Vlad Negru says:

I like your energy. Good review but short. Maybe one more detailed. Keep it going

John Hong says:

I watch your videos because they are entertaining, but at the same time who doesn’t like free stuff.. lol

Dmogul says:

Great stuff

KintamaHD says:

I’d rather have sponsored content without giveaways. Make potato jet rich!

Vincent Perry Jr says:

This guy is funny as hell lol

Super Mario Bro says:

Good God, a CLEAN ASS camera right there

Hugo Santiago Hernandez Limas says:

I don’t really care …. Pls give something cool … like a hug

Yeison Joaquín Díaz Martínez says:

Huawei mate 20 pro vs Hollywood movie camera!!

Kyle Santiago says:

The string thing that you said is a centriphone! 🙂

Cute Monny says:

Will this work for Canon T5?

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