Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens Review (with samples)

Macro lenses take razor-sharp close-up pictures, and are also widely-used for portrait photography. How does this small, handy lens shape up, in both those areas?

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All pictures shot by me on my trusty Canon 60D.

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Shades of Spring, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Daniele Bolognesi says:

Hi, thanks for your work, it’s very useful. I was thinking about buying this lens for mushroom photography, is this in your opinion a good choice for me? 100mm macro L is another (better, I suppose) possibility: stabilized (useful if I am in the woods with poor light), really good for portrait too, tropicalised…but I’m afraid 100mm on an APS-C are a bit too long for that kind of photography…I cannot decide…what do you suggest? 🙂

Pablo Escobar says:

Thanks for your recomendation and tutorial Christopher, best wishes


This is my favourite channel about lenses….


Macro madness caused by too many options. The nearest Canon 35mm macro is on other.

Myah G says:

Does this zoom in and out?

Georgi Yonevski says:

Hello Chris, great review as always!
I have a question, in your opinion which lens is better the tamron 60/2 or this canon 60/2.8 ? I’ll be using either of them on my 70d, most macro and some portraits as well.
Is there a difference by saying the tamron is 1:1 macro, then what about the canon macro magnification?
Really looking forward for your opinion, thanks!

Free Spirits says:

Does it work with the 1200D???

ali m. says:

you keep saying about your 60d but you’re using 50d… 😀

Prashanth Naik says:

Hi Chris, will Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens works on Canon 80D ? Thanks

Brandi Guice says:

Will this be good for close eye shots? Generally picking up eyelashes and eyebrow, the eye and pigment/colors etc? Thanks!

shrekislove1289 says:

Looks like Varys went from spying people in westeros to reviewing camera lenses 😀 Great review though

Derp the altlittle lizard popularmmos and ssundee cranier says:

I new to photography so can you pls tell me is marco lens make you get can get closer to you subject
Or it magnify image pls help

philippe meakada says:

I believe that is a 50D not a 60D not that it matters .

skundiogmuska says:

Thank you for the response! The most people use the 70 200. But i will only use it for horse portraits (not when they are running) so im looking for a allround lens that i can use for multiple things (and i love to make close up pictures) so im not really sure which lens to buy. It does need to be one with a good auto focus. Think i will search first for a good portrait/every day lens and later for a good zoom. But i go a little crazy after all the reviews a saw.. I like the sigma art 35 1.4 art also a lot for what i have seen.

Aurax says:

Is this compatible with 750d

aquariumlife says:

Canon 6d with macro 100mm or canon 60d with macro 60mm for aquarium corals? Please help! Thanks

Achilleas Labrou says:

The only prime EF-S lens except the pancake one.


So it won’t work on my t6i cc

Vance Smith says:

Please tell me I can use this lens with the Canon Rebel EOS T5i camera. If so, I’m getting it tomorrow!

Herminigildo Jakosalem says:

Is that your girl? Absolutely beautiful…Congratulations!

Ryan Thomas says:

is this lens compatible with the Canon Rebel T3i?

Mikhail Campbell says:

do a re-review pls

LEE SHIT says:

will this lens work for canon 1200d 😀 ?

Ilya Nizovtsev says:

U have a beauty voice

Mars Barz says:

what camera did you use to record this video

Ali KAYA says:

Türk yok mu Türk?

Bintang Priyambada says:

does canon still make this lens?

Sai Avinash Reddy Ambati says:

Will this be a better lens for portrait photography too?

Does it compatiable full frame sensors?


Muamar Hafidz says:

Since it doesn’t have IS, what minimum speed that can be used to shoot macro with this lense?

Clarkenwill says:

Christopher could I use this on my Sony A7s with my Viltrox adapter ? whats the best macro to use for a A7s on a budget ?

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