Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 IS STM Macro lens review with samples

A very exciting and fun lens to use, opening up a world of hand-holdable macro photography, even to beginners. I’m tempted to keep this lens now that I’m finished reviewing it but…I gotta save up for a new camera!

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Youness Taouil says:

Bad lens 🙁

Mert Kabakci says:

It has a lot of quirks,just like an italian car #dougdemuro 🙂

Enkoder Novi says:

well that is not very good OIS even at normal distance

carmas54 says:

I like to see Fuji lens reviews

Joe's Photo & Video Channel says:

Enjoyed the review Chris. Honestly when I first seen this lenses announcement I thought of my wife, she loves food photography.. I think she has posted a photo of everything we have eaten for the past 5 years.. LOL

zen siert says:

360p ? 😀

Lau Bjerno says:

Nice review as always! I too was looking forward to your review of this lens, and it’s a very nice surprise that the lens hood is included, as we’re not used to seeing this from Canon on any non-L lens. I feared you had to pay extra. It’s also very interesting that it takes 27 mm filters. I haven’t seen that mentioned elsewhere. So thank you.

Izar Schärf says:

That design is nice, all the circular flashes of light are in themselves already over 200 euro, a little innovation is great

kipling1957 says:

Since it is for the APS-C format, it cannot be described as a wide angle lens – more like a standard lens (full frame equivalent).

Ross Mitchell says:

I love the cute little filters. Are they particularly hard to obtain? I haven’t seen many other lenses with filter threads that small.

Žilvinas Tokarevas says:

Please do some old manual lens reviews! Like canon FL 58mm f/1.2 or canon FL 85mm f/1.2 L or any Tokina AT-X series like the 35-70/2.8 or 80-200/2.8!

Paul Hoffman says:

Hi Chris when using an EF-S lens on an EF-M camera how much difference is there in picture sharpness etc. compared to an APSC camera?

xn67 says:

You’ve got to do “The Battle of the Canon Macro Lenses” from this lens to the 100mmL or even 180L. Will probably get a million hits.

Edward Pollei says:


Foto4Max says:

You can say about canon what you want, they always make the coolest lenses…

Michelle Holvorson says:

FINALLY!! This is totally unrelated but I recently found your videos and it’s been bugging me that your voice sounds so familiar to a voice I’ve heard before on a movie except a male version, I knew it was from Harry Potter but I couldn’t think of who it was until now. It was Luna Lovegood, you have a gentle and soft voice like hers, just deeper. Yeah it’s random but I needed to say it! And btw nice videos too!

DAr00d sandstrooom says:

no loud fancy schmancy intro at the first few seconds?


jk nice review 😀

Izar Schärf says:

Could you make a video about the different ring flash options ?

UnratedAwesomeness says:

The combination of the IS and included light are really cool, especially for those just getting into the world of macro

Gainsborough89 says:

I’ve had this lens for about a couple of months now and i use it almost on a daily basis. I have to say it’s definitely one of my favourite lenses so far, given its versatility.

John theux says:

are there macro lens that open to f1.4? because we could put several teleconverters without being limited by diffraction the only objective that is close to it is the laowa 60mm f2.8 macro 2X indeed on the side of the object it has an aperture of f1.4 and it equates to a macro lens f1.4 with a 2x teleconverter.

FinalLugiaGuardian says:

Barrel distortion eh? That is disappointing. I was hoping that this 35mm efs lens would have no distortion like the 28mm macro lens for the EOS m cameras had.
How is it that Canon is able to make a wider angle lens with no distortion and then fail at making a distortion free lens for what is in effect the same lens design with a slight zoomed in Field of view?

Jason Kenny says:

“The laws of physics that God has instituted…” Mmmm…given that physics explains the world around us and the world around has been there since the beginning and the worlds oldest religion is without question Hindu…and the oldest Hindu God is Brahma…that must be the God to which you are referring. It would be extremely arrogant to assume the Christian God made physics when he didn’t appear in mythology until much later…

Of course I am sure you will now say they are all the same God or maybe all those other people are ignorant of the truth or some such nonsense…

Great review though Christopher, fancy one of those lenses now!

Dennis Keena says:

You lost me with the God created line.Imaginary beings do not govern the laws of Physics.Otherwise as always a great review.

Kim Arcos says:

I was hoping for a review of this lens to come up. Thank you.

Seb says:

Smart design from Canon! Glad to see then trying new stuff with their lenses (unlike their camera bodies) they’re definitely more focused on optics than electronics these days

Maciej Loboda says:

Shame you didn’t test it on Full Frame.

mhs vz says:


Buedts says:

Thumbs up for the Belgian beer 🙂 Thanks for another awesome review!

Navi Retlav says:

You should check the MIR-1B lens ( with the reversed front glass ) It’s an epic lens with that trick.

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