Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 IS STM Macro lens review with samples

The first native macro lens for Canon’s mirrorless EOS M system has some clever tricks up its sleeves. Because of this lens’s interesting features and unusual parameters, this review took a LONG time to make, with all the necessary test pictures. It took about twice as long as my other reviews. Y’all better appreciate it!

Remember, as an EF-M lens, this lens will NOT work with digital SLR cameras.

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I will be review more of Canon’s mirrorless EOS M lenses in the near future, as well as Fuji lenses.

All pictures and footage shot by me on a Canon EOS M3 camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…


Adam Omasta-Milsom says:

I saw the video title and thought “yay!, canon have made a new macro lens” then I realised it was EFM so it wouldnt be any use for me☹️

2Old4Toys says:

Will you get the m5 when it comes?

Supersonic Hamster USA says:

no god please

Achilleas Labrou says:

If I had a Canon M mirrorless camera it would be my first choice of lens.

Pay Niz says:

Thank you a lot for the Video. It just confirmed my order for it.

Greetings from Germany 🙂

Lau Bjerno says:

Have you reviewed the similar Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 macro is stm, or do you have plans to do so?

Parminder Singh says:

Your reviews are always very accurate and helpful.You did a review for 10 sharpest lenses for canon in 2014.I am eagerly waiting to see its new version.I am buying M5 but am very confused about the lenses .18-150 the kit lense or something else.I can use one or at most 2 lenses for travel.Money is not the issue but weight is.Will wait for answer.Thanks again for sharing your unbiased reviews.

Archontasius says:

That light in front of th lens is really a neat idea. Really helps with hand held macro since i wouldn’t need a heavy flash

Gino Foto says:

Lens like this make EOS M system more attractive, especially when M5 comes.

Jack Salz says:

Can you review the new 18-135 USM Canon Lens? Love your videos!

Abdullah Hemida says:

plez review the new sigma art 85

Mae Layug says:

Your review was very helpful! Can’t decide between the 28mm and 22mm.

Tin Tin says:

Christopher you are a great lens reviewer and personally the very best I seen in youtube. I have learned a lot since the moment a began watching your videos and I still learning, for example in this one at the first part of the video you didnt rush to talk about the specifics of the “Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 IS STM Macro” instead you start talking about the benefits of a macro lens in general and its disadvantages when is used handheld.. and I didnt knew about the handheld thing! once again Thanks for a well made video.

ooNap0oo says:

another good and complete review, thanks

Mark Zola81 says:

ok mate thanks for the reply,could you recommend a 35mm lense for the sony a7 that isn’t to pricey,I’ve noticed the sony lens collection are very pricey

FinalLugiaGuardian says:

This lens and its lack of any distortion might just be enough for me to finally buy an eos m series camera. Thankfully I already have a Canon SL1 and it and the m series both use the same batteries. Any suggestion on which canon m series to by first? The m5 is quite expensive.

Isogen says:

Please make a video of the bunny @3:35!

Noroel says:

@Christopher Frost Photography Will you be reviewing the new 35 mm macro for APS-c cameras anytime soon? I’m thinking about getting my hands in one, but I, as always, would love to see your tests first.

Gabriel Ludwick says:

Great video Chris! Can’t wait for some more high quality EF-M lens reviews!

orgoneheart says:

i really enjoyed the review, thanks, i cant afford it right now, but it might be just what i need 🙂

skooby doo says:

Hi Chris love your reviews. Will you be reviewing the tamron 18-200 di iii vc ef-m any time soon.. As i was thinking of getting this lens rather than the 18-150 kit lens..

HapaSnacks says:

Will this lens work for the a7 with an adapter? Not even sure if they make an eos-m to sony e-mount adapter :/

Pauline Follett says:

Such a cute little lens. Another interesting review. Thanks.

The Cute Wombat says:

That horrible mix of metal and plastic mounts through the variety of M lenses kinda sucks. I would buy the M5, but those plastic mounts are not my idea of an good lens.


Thanks Christopher! Just the info I needed to make a sound decision!

Lord Toranaga says:

This is “the” lens for the m series.

thanks for the review

a.u.h_ a.r.d says:

can you talk about sigma 24-70 f/2.8

PIGASUS - Constantin S. Purcea says:

You meant to tell me I’ve been wrong all along? I thought macro lenses don’t focus to infinity! So in poor words is better to have a macro lens as it can focus from a few millimetres to infinity?

Nathan Esquibel says:

Hey Chris, I have a 70d and use a kit lens and a 50mm1.8. I’m looking to get a Rokinon 35mm or a rokinon 14mm. Will the 35mm give me the same picture as the 50 since I’m using a crop sensor? If so I want to get the 14

FinalLugiaGuardian says:

Chris, what do you think of the efs 35mm f2.8 is macro? It also has a light.

Frankie629 says:

will this lens work with Canon Rebel T6 ?

Chronos Imagens says:

Hi Chistopher! Thanks for all the videos and reviews. My name is Mariana. I and my partner are feeling the need to buy a new lens. We photograph Weddings and we’d like to buy a wide or zoom lens. We work with both a Canon 5d Mark II and a Canon 7D, and we have about 600 dolars to spend. Which one would you recomend (something with excelent sharpness)? Thank you already! Best regards! Mariana.

lecolintube says:

Is that Ffald y Brenin @ 2:46? Hope so! 😉

Chr130580 says:

New subscriber here, your reviews are very good and informative. Maybe this is the new lens for my “original” EOS M, seems good and that light is a clever idea.

A View to the World says:

Thank you for making ef-m lens review clips. It’s very hard to fine one.

Randy Wahyu says:


CHRIS LJ says:

I really like mine, but as you’ve said, the built-in lights don’t always give the best results on reflective surfaces, being so close to the subject. I just leave the lens hood on covering the light and remove it when needed. Since it’s close to the equivalent of the old 50mm standard lens and has such decent optical qualities, it’s a good choice for a lot of everyday shooting, except for really low light of course. If I need further distance for macro shooting I just use my 100mm f/2.8 Canon macro liens with the adapter, but it feels a bit unwieldy on the tiny M3 body. Nice review.

He Lee Yong Tanaka says:

Hi Chris anyway I can use this on sony a7ii ?

biggoofybastard says:

Strange choice of focal lengths for this, and the 35mm efs macro.

Mark Long says:

Brilliant!!…… Gettit?!?

Mr Andrew says:

I don’t know why other lenses don’t have the light

abdullah nassar says:

hi chris, i like shoting landscape photography and i have watched your wide angle lens battle and i chose the canon 10-18mm but i want to put lee filter system so i am afraid about the plastic mount not holding the weight of the filter system so do you recommend the 10-22mm or the plastic mount of the 10-18mm is just fine?

jeffry de meyer says:

I have watched a bunch of your lens reviews and I’m starting to wonder if there are lenses you don’t like 🙂

Dominik Dirschmid says:

What a weird lens. Don’t know what to think about it. It seems Canon wanted to put everything they had into it.

Apurva Raj says:

Please please review the Tamron 70-200 F2.8 VC

Reagan Huang says:

Hello Mr. Frost.

can you make a video about Canon Eos M3 with the pancake lens Canon 24mm f/2.8 ?

should be interesting. i have been searching for the review but nobody uploaded it.

Josie Reneitte says:

Do you know of other brands that make a more affordable lens for the M series? Thanks.

FlameXD says:

Which lens do you recommend…?
This lens or the 22mm pancake?

I need a fast prime for my eos m10 for everyday us but want to make some macro-shots,too..
I´ver heard that the 22mm can focus closely,too
Also,with the 22mm, it is possible to put my eos m10 into my anorak-pocket, so that´s also very nice!

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