Canon 65mm mpe 1-5x macro lens real life review

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DireHavok says:

You don’t use a Focus Rail? as there is no focus on this lens and super sensitive @5:1

Hisham Al-Arrayed says:

Very helpful; thank you.

Kamran Farooqui says:

Stuart, could you please do a 4K Video or even 1080p video of a still product for test please? I’d like to see it in action.

svitogora says:

Thank you; this was helpful. The lens seems a bit challenging, but I like it nevertheless. I’d like to try it some day, but for now I’m getting the 100mm 2.8 macro. Taking 40 shots, as you say, for one decent dof is just not my cup of tea.

SciSci Toys says:

Hi Stuart thanks for the upload, I want to do macro video, and shoot a ladybird eating a greenfly for example or spiders etc and real close up video such as ingrown hair videos, I asked the girl who shot this video she said she used a mobile phone, I can’t believe that unless she purchased one of those clip on macro lenses what do you think she used to get this quality, Ive got a Canon 80D camera, thanks mate

Tom Martin says:

Thank you. I was thinking of it. It would be bset to try it. Same goes for their tilt and shit lens.

tjalexforever says:


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