Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens Review (with sample pictures)


One of the oldest Canon EF lenses now, and the 100mm focal length is a pretty telephoto focal length on digital cameras…so why is this lens so great? Put simply, it’s a reliable, fun, sharp, workhorse of a macro lens…and macro photography can get pretty addictive…

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All pictures taken by me, with this lens, on my Canon 60D.

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Khaled Al Khder says:

this canon lens is better than tamron 100 & sigma 150 mm & tokina 100 ?
im using 700D canon , I like to take shots for bugs , so I want to stay far away from the subject
thank you

KirkeGaming says:

This does have AF right?

Lesley L says:

I have just purchased one of these as a used lens and it seems to keep searching all the time in auto focus. Not sure if it is me or the lens. It seems to get in focus, then won’t let me take a photo, then goes out of focus. Am I doing something wrong Christopher? Please help

Khaled Al Khder says:

do you have review abut tamron 90mm new version ??

ELDK2008 says:

Nice, I’ve been shooting macro shots with my G10 and an opteka lens kit. I think this will do a great job based on your images. 🙂

x3mgrifter says:

could you use f2.8 while shooting portraits? will it have the same bokeh vs a non-macro f2.8 lens? thanks!

GasMaskGuy says:

Just subscribed great quality review! Thanks!

Satunnainen Yksi says:

I love your reviews, because you just quickly go through the features and sample shots without useless DigitalRev TV kinf of stuff. Their videos are funny, but not useful when you would like to select a lens to be bought.

Deepal Buddika DP Dream Cars says:

are there big difference btween L and Non L 100mm photos

NThony1 says:

Great video! very convincing 🙂

steelheart id says:

Which is better for portraits, 100mm 2.8 or 100mm 2.0, and for daily use,
from indonesia ,thanks

Jan Kovář says:

Hi Chris, could you please make a review for Sigma 105mm f/2,8 EX DG OS HSM Macro?

KirkeGaming says:

Nice silver camera

Dennism Dennism says:

Yeah! I owned this lens for around a year now. I can say that I use this so often, and the image quality is absolutely fantastic…even for portrait…cheers!

Saleem Raza says:

is this lanse batter then canon 75-300mm can you tell me please?

Brent Davis says:

I really appreciate your reviews Christopher. Thank You 🙂

Gonza Laroca says:

would you recomend it for portraits in a canon full frame ?

jesse berber says:

Can you give me a list of all canon macro lens that can work with my camera is a 5d mark 2

jeck cruz says:

i’ll get one next week..thanks chris !!

Christopher Frost Photography says:

Nope, and I don’t think you can get an adaptor

thefutureadults says:

i like taking pictures and videos of sports and other things. is this a good lens for video too?

David Ash says:

Thanks for your no-nonsense and informative review. Short, sharp and to the point. You’ve helped me make my mind up. I have just bought it!

Jamie Thomas says:

Nice shot of the black and white house on the Taff Trail into Cardiff, I’ve passed it so many times on my bike.
Nice review video too, I’m hunting on e-bay for a second hand 100mm f2.8 lens.
Thanks for the review.

coco says:

you honestly do make awesome reviews thanks for the info

Dean Moriarty says:


Aaron Rodriguez says:

Hi Chris, if you had to choose between this lens and the 70-200 f4 non IS which one would you choose??

cheers from Mexico

John Monreal says:

Hi Chris,
As always great videos.
Quick question if you can help.
Can I use this lens to take pictures of my son playing football. I’ll be using a 1D Mark II. The camera is fast enough but is the lens?
Thanks in advance…

milan64586 says:

What do you think. Should I buy this one, or CANON EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM or Canon EF 100mm f/2 USM? I dont understand am I going to lose anything in terms of non-macro photography, if I choose this macro one? Sharpness, focus…? Thanks.

Prashant Naik says:

I want to buy macro lens for Canon EOS 70D, but i am confuse between Tamron 90mm F 2.8 Di VC USD and Canon 100mm F 2.8 USM lens please guide me… Thank you…

floex831 says:

If you can get your hands on one, you should do a review of the newer EF 100 f/2.8 IS USM L macro lens. I find it an absolute dream to use I would like to see what your opinion is.

Christopher Frost Photography says:

I have one coming in a few weeks 🙂

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