Canon 100mm 2.8L MACRO Lens Unboxing and First Impressions – Image Examples

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Firstly – apologies for the colour being all around the place, we shot on two separate cameras so it got a bit messy.

join me in unboxing the Canon 100mm 2.8L MACRO Lens – i took it out for a little spin and showed some Image Examples towards the end of the video. hope you enjoy it! 🙂

I would love to hear what would you like to see next – if you have any suggestions comment below!

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What Gear do I use?

Camera Equipment:
Lighting Gear:

What Video Gear do we use?

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About Me: My name is Anita Sadowska, Im a 24 year old professional fashion photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. On my channel I will be uploading regular photography tips & tricks, Fashion shoot behind the scenes and loads of photoshop and lightroom retouching and editing tutorials.


Matthew R. Stover says:

Can we see the retouch on this? I’m curious to see how it looks in photoshop. also, that model was unbelievably beautiful

jessicahobin says:

ahhhhhh, Cape town. I so want to go there! Are you being hired by an agency to travel there, or did you decide to go on your own? Just curious!

Felix Vids says:

OMG she is so pretty

golden2300 says:

Yes! 🙂

Maurizio Cascone says:

@Anita Sadowska Congratulations on your new purchase, is a superb lens and you will know how to take advantage of it, good job!

Nada Mostafa says:

Do you recommend this lense for beauty vedeography also ???

bezuczuciowy says:

Polka a pierdoli po Ang…

edz almeida says:

Hello, could you please make a price comparison of camera gears in ireland vs other countries? I am from UAE but will be soon moving to ireland. thanks.

Chuck Norris says:

Some ‘MACRO’ shots, with a ‘MACRO’ lens would have been nice…

Imcezar says:


Mark Harris says:

I love this lens and it’s always in my bag whether I’m shooting wildlife or landscape and digital or 35mm, in fact the only time I don’t use it is if I am shooting 120 MF. It’s brilliant in the studio as well, especially for complex lighting product photography, and of course it’s superb for macro. I can’t see me ever parting with it. It’s definitely my favourite “specialist” lens.

Wraith says:

Gorgeous work. Can you elaborate more on the hair sheen on the skin. Please. Why is this done? Whatbare the pros vs cons of doing this?

Russell Wood says:

Hi Anita Love the video and some nice images I would also like to recommend gear for you to try I think you might love it first the battery grip the downside to this piece of kit it makes your set up heavier but there are more upsides , longer battery life if you run out of regular batteries in a pinch you can use AA batteries The buttons and grip allow for a more comfortable portrait orientation shooting and you will find all the lenses you shoot with are better balanced on the camera with a grip because all of the balancing of lenses is based off the pro model 1DX my second recommendation would be the L 35 mm f1.4 ii this allows you to get great environmental shots with your model and it is absolutely beautiful to use. third recommendation would be the L135 mm F2 this is an older lens however it is one I canons sharpest . For close shots on your model it is wonderful the compression you get from this lens makes for great shots and of coarse the L85 mm F1.2 ii this lens is very slow at focussing due to the amount of glass however it creates absolutely dreamy images when you print off an image it looks like it’s printed on silk ! Or you could go with the sigma art 85 1.4 this is an extremely sharp however I didn’t get the same dreaminess I got from the Canon 1.2 so I didn’t buy this one but canon now have a new L 85 mm 1.4 with image stabilization I haven’t use this lens so I couldn’t recommend it but it is an option ! if it is as good as the new 35 it should be a phenomenal lens PS like to work keep shooting lady

Lui Cardenas says:

That’s awesome! I’ve been wanting to get a MACRO lens, to shoot more details and closeups. It’s really nice that you can do regular portrait and then also get super super close. Thanks for sharing! (Oh! and for following me on IG too) ^_^ @luicardenas

caroline and tigger says:

Hi. My mom and I love watching your channel. Thank you for sharing your videos. Take care.

Francisco Javier Gomez says:

my favourite Canon L series lens so far, very versatile, crisp colours and crazy sharp …. you gonna love it

MONA Bhullar says:

Hi Anita, which lense and camera was used to produce the video?

Fido Starman says:

I really enjoyed this video. Thank you!

Alex B says:

I bought this lens last year, and it’s the only one I use for product shots. It’s really really good. I’ve never tried on portraits or modeling shots, so I’ll give it a try 😉


Não entendo hahaha

Joshua Martin Studios says:

The canon 100mm is of my favorite lenses! I have the Tamron 90mm macro, which is a nice alternative option. Both really sharp lenses.

Joe Stewart says:

I guess you’re gonna be the only one to see the results from the shoot

Chris Childress says:

What are the benefits of spraying her w/ the hair spray?Anything I should know? Is it messy? sticky, harmful? etc. I’ve been looking at ways of making my models’ skin glow and shine in the sunlight.

Subir Thapa says:

Would you recommend it for tech blogging such as to get close up details of gadgets ? I currently use 50mm and want to have a lens to get up close with product

PhotoMeIke says:

This was freaking awesome!

Prince T says:

So this one is sharper and produces better bokeh than the 135 f2?

msmartinigirl1 says:

I love this lens. I use mine mostly for shooting pictures of insects and just love how the photo’s turn out. Beautiful location for your photo shoot and your model was lovely. Loved seeing the sample of pictures you took.

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