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Which is the best Nikon Pro quality Macro lens for DSLR Cameras?

It isn’t a Nikon lens at all. The best lens is the Tokina Macro lens. In particular, it’s the Tokina AT-X PRO D 100 millimeter F/2.8 lens made in Japan.

I have owned this lens for 9 (nine) years. I have loved it from DAY 1. This lens is built exceptionally strong and durable. I have dropped it on the camera a number of times, and I’ve even fallen on TOP OF this lens. There is literally not one mark on the lens body.

PROS for the Tokina AT-X PRO D 100mm F/2.8:

** Heavyweight – feels pro
** Focus limit speeds up focusing
** Ergonomic, great feel and handling
** Super-easy manual focus switch from auto focus
** Crystal clear images
** Exceptional color
** Works with nearly all late-model Nikon DSLRs and Canon as well


The inside barrel of the lens comes out during focusing, – not ideal.

That is literally the only CON we can come up with for this Macro lens.

In addition to our non-technical review of this amazing lens, we share 9 high resolution images taken with this Macro lens in the rainforest in Southeast Asia.

NIKON MICRO LENS, MACRO LENS – it’s funny that the best lens build quality for your Pro Nikon Full-frame DSLR isn’t even a NIKON product. Well, a little bit funny I guess…


CrashGuy Preparedness says:

Haha. Love the sound fx

ninacr says:

I love this lens too! My favorite lens. Its also great for portraits and many other situations. Looooove it!

Asa Ellison says:

So let me make sure I got this…. I use a Nikon D5100. Are you saying the Auto focus will not work at all? I intend to use this lens for macro photos where I will likely be doing manual focus but IF I use this for portraits will the AF be disabled?

hpw19havaianas says:

will it auto-focus on a nikon d80? thanks!

Tanapat TU says:

too low voice

Bill Zidis says:

I would never buy a lens from you!!!

Jamie Waddell says:

Trying to get one but very difficult in Thailand

Jean-francois Dionne says:

nice one !!! i have it to . I got it from lauzeau in MTL on special. near $300 (demo) . good revew body !!!!

Chris Kamminga says:

Awesome vid! I really hope you could answer this question: will the autofocus work on my d5300?

mrmojo1gold says:

Will this focus and perform well with a nikon d5500 ?

Joseph Cooper says:

Is working distance an issue with this lens when working with venomous snakes or trying to get close to insects without scaring them off?

Bu Jin says:

The sound effects are SO unnecessary!

Kevin M says:

I ordered this lens for my D810. How close do you need to get to the subject to fill the frame (a bug for example).

Sohail Ansari says:

very helpful review for me
how close I could get to take photo of 8-10mm subject?
how it works on fine jewellery?
I don’t want to spend $900 on Nikon 105 but I can spend $380(new lens) on tokina

Cristian Fernandez says:

this lens is amazing highly recomended to staking at hi ratios with use in bellows pb6 at large extentions and macro rail, superb results!!!!

محمد نبيل الدعيس says:

hhhhhhhh you’re funny dude

James Cason says:

what about portraits?

Emmanuel Jr says:

Excellent Review, DT…

Derron Scott says:

thanks for telling me it doesn’t auto focus with d5100. cause that’s the gear i have.

Richard C says:

Like the photos.

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