Battle of L vs non-L lens: Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro

It’s a commonly asked question: what is so special about L lenses? In this video, we compare the Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro( vs the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro( The L is all the difference in name but what does that mean in terms of what you get for your money?

Pricing Reference:
Canon 100mm f/2.8 L Macro IS USM:
Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM:

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Timothy John Aguilar says:

I miss Kai

ClassicVision DigitalBrand says:

Its Dslr canon 60D

ronnie tjikoeri says:

More l vs non l pls

Syafiq mazli says:

my canon 100mm macro non L version fell into a paddy field, but it still give a good performance after that..

Tyrone Williams says:

One point worth noting here. L-series lenses have excellent weatherproofing when two criteria are met. Full weather roofing is only possible with a filter attached, Makes even more sense to get a UV filter at the time of purchase, and leave it on to protect. Secondly, the body needs also to be weather shielded; the 20D to 50D for example, do not share the sealing that the 7D and 5D have as part of its arsenal. 🙂

wolfje92 says:

wauw i always though you said owl lens XD but it’s L

Grzegorz Pytel says:

Hello, I have one question: I need a macro lens to photograph fluids in a chemical laboratory. I will shoot mostly videos, rarely stills. I am considering 100 mm L or 180 mm L and do not know which one is better. As for me 100 mm L should be enough, because I will always have possibility to place it within aproptiate distance (and it seems that therefore I do not have to buy 180 mmm). 100 mm L is also newer then 180 mm L. Could you adivse me on this case: 100mm vs 180 mmm for a chemical laboratory to record movement of fluid? Which is better?

JustInCase HD says:

more comparisons

imagesby2215 says:

More like this please

Mark Lloyd says:

Is there any chance of doing a review on a canon 180mm macro lens with comparing samples taken with the 100mm macro L series.

kent2305 says:

Does this guy think he’s a professional presenter? David Attenbrough perhaps.

Johnny says:

Is this an accent or a speech impediment? Is a “wed wing” a red ring? 

Prasanth Sylvester says:

Common man! This is one of the very few L lenses which is made of plastic & you chose the exact same one for Comparison between L and Non – L. & pouring water? That is absolutely a useless test. An example, Think of Swiss watches, 300+ FT water resistant, pour water on it, nothing will happen to it, however they aren’t resistant to moisture; In real world, no one is going to pour water on lens! I was using D800E, they say its magnesium alloy, blah blah. I dropped it once & AF got bad, didn’t even get warranty;

Sterling Yun says:

5:45 I felt like the non-L was quicker, the L seemed to hesitate a little.
And why does “Test 1” (water) only apply to the L? Too scared to try the non L?

Dani Guevara says:

do more of l and non l ok 50mm and 35mm canon vs other brands, like tamron or sigma that are design to work and both nikon and canon. 🙂

How To Make Sushi says:

I want one of those 100mm L lenses…

FunkMasterKRoc says:

I work as a multimedia guy at an ad agency. Kinda help with all the DIY shooting we need to do. Working on gathering a lens arsenal and definatley want to get a 100mm for my company and this video is just what i was looking for

TheRcEngineer says:

The 100L is the “cheapest” L lense so there is not much to think about, esp. with the nice IS.

santora1957 says:

As great and informative as your videos are, some things you do are just plain dumb.  Like your water test. 

ClassicVision DigitalBrand says:

Am using 60 with tamron 70-300mm non-L and 18-200 but i kinda find difficult for images quality. #DigitalReview can you advise accordingly

Sumit Singh says:

Can you please do a review on Tokina AT-X 100mm f2.8 v/s Tamron 90mm f2.8?

SNEAKchannel says:

please test for video pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ahmad Faris says:

hello sir, I’m in between these two lenses, I don’t like bring along the tripod, Is it that bad without the image stabilizer? I’m new for shooting macros, and the L version is double in price range, weather sealed or not is not a problem for me, should I go for non L version or any other lens for a good working distance with the subject within that non L price range of 100mm macro?

Aman Singh says:

After see this video I go for it defiantly

hoang tong says:

Good test !,,

Ion Hunter says:

Go to L.

Pedro Pires says:

Well just bought it and can´t see any difference… my old one is even brighter. I have to raise 0.66 on the L to match. Quality wise exactly the same??? Where is the L quality lenses??? Another thing: How can I know if the IS is working if I´m with the live view off?

jesse berber says:

We want MORE battles…you guys rock

Sigma Octantis says:

IS makes a huge difference for handheld macro photography so I’d only ever consider the L.

James Lynch says:

More would be great

George Ramirez says:

Oddly enough I really enjoy Kai’s corny comments and informative lens presentations. Here in America it would be a weird thing to see an Asian with a European accent hence it makes digital rev one of my fave channels. I’ve learned a lot.

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