Angry Photographer: MACRO LENS ROUNDUP. Why? How? Which and When???

Angry Photographer: MACRO LENS ROUNDUP. Why? How? Which and When???


Kirza says:

Hi, how about fuji system, is tokina with adapter a good choice? Or should i wait for fuji new macro lens?

Rodrigo Ahumada Zeidan says:

How much does the lack of VR affect on the Tokina 100mm 2.8 lens?

Maureen Hagerty says:

whats the difference between this lens and the 2.8D? thank you

Omar Bermudez says:

What do you use to clean the body of your camera and lenses? they always look so clean and like new

HawtyWitaBawdyGG says:

Any suggestions for legacy lenses, pref Konica?

Wade Farlowe says:

Just wanted to drop a note, I’m definitely a fan now….truth in nonadvertising, I love it! Anywho, I’m a total novice….virginal in fact with photography. I’ve already purchased 2 of the lenses that you recommended in your videos, but I just made a third on my own limited judgement and it’s a so-called macro. It’s one of those that you’d describe as built like a tank, a Nikkon 35-105mm f/3.5 -4.5 AI-S. In all that I could find about this particular lens, it was clean, tight, built just right, but as I stated I’m a total newbie in this. I found it on Amazon through a prime dealer there, Blue Penn with a 99% rating and the lens was only 69 bucks. So, my question is this……did I blow it? Because I haven’t found any vids by you or anyone else on this particular lens, save for one in Japanese, maybe from the manufacturer. Is it a turkey, or did I run into a good find? It was just ordered and will arrive in a couple of days or so.
Your new fan from Kentucky,

Ian Fenn says:

You missed the best all time “Nikon “macro” lens for studio work at .6 – 1.5 X. The Printing Nikkor 105mm F 2.8

Edward N says:

Can’t agree with your comment concerning the nikkor 105 2.8 g…But I am very curious why you I your d500 review mentioned how Nikon hates sigma and you as well… that’s why they excluded those lenses from working on their cameras

catey62 says:

For use with shooting with film on a Nikon F3 would you say the 55mm or the 60mm is best? I enjoy shooting macro when the opportunity comes up and would love to try doing it with film rather than digital sometimes.

Todd Wilhelm says:

Thanks for all your videos Angry Photographer. I learn much from watching them. I just purchased a Tokina 100mm based on your video. I am really looking forward to putting it to use for macro.

Simon Hjelm says:

What about the Tamron 90mm f2,8 VC?

2badger2 says:

I’m new to macro photography. Why are these macro lens better than using a Nikon 18-200mm, it can focus about 8 inches away.

Powerstroke98 says:

I have the new Tamron 90mm Macro lens (which is suppose to be a good portrait lens as well I’ve read) and hadn’t seen you mention it, so I thought I’d ask what your thoughts are on it please? It was a toss up between this lens and the Nikon 105mm for macro. Thanks.

Mark Acevedo says:

I have the 55 f/3.5, the 60mm f/2.8 and a 105 f/4 macro you don’t show here. I love the versatility of the 60 for sure, the 55 is gorgeous doesn’t go 1:1 on its own but man are the images just perfectly clear. The 105 f/4 i just recently aquired and i don’t think it’s as sharp as the other two but i enjoy it as well, maybe not the best for macro as it’s f/4 but id say most macro is in the higher f stops anyway..

Bilal Vohra says:

i wish i could train under you 🙂

FreakHBB says:

Ken do you testet maybe Tamron 180mm macro f 3.5? if yes is a good lens? regards guru 🙂

Nicolaas Strik says:

My all-time favorite macro lens is the Nikon 200mm f/4. It is a tank!!! 🙂

Ben M says:

Super sexy, silk, sex and sugarrrrr haha

atif baig says:

Nikkor 24-85 2.8-4, old lens has macro option too, whats ur take on tht. If i buy tht for 300$ used do u suggest it would do bit of everything decently?

haim shapira says:

on a fuji 55mmf3.5 or f2.8?
and should i us the extension tube?

Fernando Cruz says:

What’s your opinion on the Sigma 105mm?

Steve Lawrence says:

Friggin slow down

Ax Marr says:

Any thoughts or experience with the Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro with vibration control? I ask because I perform most of my macro work outdoors. One particular place I frequent does not allow tripods or mono pods. Unlike the Tokina 100mm, the Tamron 90mm f2.8 has VC for about 100 dollars more which is better than dishing out 1100 dollars for the Sigma.

John Kimbler says:

Guess I have to stop shooting insect macro with 60mm and 65mm lenses 🙂

Seriously why do people who don’t really shoot macro make macro lens reviews?! I would never buy a macro lens because I could use it to shoot a portrait -I buy macro lenses to shoot macro…

Dennis W says:

When you said you don’t like the 105mm Nikkor you must be talking about the newer VR one? I have an older 105mm D version and it looks a lot like the 60mm you are showing here.

Saurav Kumar Ghosh says:

Hey Ken,
What about the new (2017 model) 90mm from Tamron?

Chuck Ramsey says:

Hi Ken, just re-watched this great video and have a question for you. As Tamron has been doing really well with several of the new SP lenses, I was wondering if you have ever looked at reviewed or considered the Tamron SP 90mm Macro with VC? Any thoughts on that lens vs. the Tokina 100mm?

Muhannad Fakih says:

Do you recommend any Autofocus extension tube with macro lens for more reach or more minimum focus distance ?? Is it applicable ?? Usable ?? If yes !! ( which brand you recommend ) ??

Nina Novicio says:

Which lens would you recommend for food photography?

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