A Look A The Olympus 60mm f2.8 Macro Lens for Micro Four Thirds Cameras

This is my take on the Olympus 60mm (120mm equiv) f2.8 M.Zuiko Macro lens for Micro Four Thirds, M43, M4/3, MFT cameras by David Thorpe in association with ePHOTOzine – http://www.ephotozine.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=davidthorpe

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firewalkwoman says:

I have the Sony SEL90M28G 90mm f/2.8-22 lens on my Sony a6000 for shooting wildflower macro.
My results are mixed.
I’m thinking about switching to an Olympus, would this lens be better for that purpose? Thank you

Oli Buchanan says:

Hi David. Please can you give me your opinion of this lens. Would it be good for photographing small insects? Is the 1:2.8 good? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PRIME-LENS-OLYMPUS-OM-ENSINOR-135mm-f-1-2-8-CLOSE-FOCUS-MACRO-PORTRAIT-LENS-/291476761335?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item43dd5e6af7

The Time Lapse Factory says:

I have noticed that all your reviewed gear is covered in dust. Well, dust will not affect the picture taken however, it showcases a lack of hygiene LOL! It is not only in this video, but in all of yours LOL.

David McCooey says:

That was the best lens review I’ve ever watched on Youtube. Thank you.

Soemm says:

About Olympus and macro photography. I have a question about the Olympus TG-3 compact camera, which seems to have an automatic focus stacking mode for macro photography. Is it any good or just a gimmick?
Please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J7tvdyGNrk&t=0m57s.

cardiacade says:

I can’t wait til the new STF-8 twin flash is released.

Roy Franklin says:

Brilliant, thank you, explanation is crystal .

Beauty Mar says:

– What setting does your lens have to be for you to be able to turn the knob the “5 times” & adjust it manually? No matter how many times I turn the knob to the right, it does nothing. I stays just where it is in every one of the settings. I don’t want the lens to do all the work for me every time.

Kelvin Lau says:

David, other than near object shooting with this lens, is it suitable to take landscape and portrait.?i just new bough this lens and not very sure how to use it. Because it only can take near object

KutWrite says:

Fine work, as usual.

I loved the bug shots. That black one with the red eyes! And the Katydid with the goofy face. Yes, don’t bump that Wasp!

You’ve given me some new things to try with my GX8. I’ve been tempted to trade it and try a GH5 or TX2. Instead, I’ll wait & try more things with the GX8.

firewalkwoman says:

Thank you David.. I’m having difficulty getting my wild flower macro shots in sharp focus. Sometimes the wind is a factor, but even without the wind I am having trouble getting sharp shots. I’ve tried auto and manual focus. I have ordered the Olympus M5 Mark ll w/ the 60 mm lens, and I am hoping that between the lens and the image stabilization I will have better shots.

Ray Geary says:

love your review dave brought my m43 work on no end well done

spamboli says:

oh, that’s a great tip about using a mirror to get the “film” plane parallel, Thanks!

ATT MEE says:

Hi David, great video like usual. What would you recommend me buy if I’m shooting a restaurant promo video (food, close up, slow mo, etc..), the panny 30, or this oly 60? Your input is greatly appreciated, big fan here

leehaze1 says:

Nice review. thanks

Edwin Waddel says:

Ty David, trying to purchase the Gx8 and the lens 60mm nice video.

Globe Hackers Multimedia says:

You are much appreciated over here. Your help is much needed.

George R.R Martin HAT says:

How do you light for macro video , ring light?

celtic celtic says:

Should we need a long hood for the 60mm ? or just a normal short hood from ebay ?
Should we need a cheap LED flashlight ?
thank you my friend. I got the 60mm good bargain.

John Bald says:

A pleasure, as always. And informative and useful!

Jim lodge says:

Hi, what ring flash do you use? I now have this lens having changed from Canon to m4/3. Your videos are well constructed and have been very helpful.

Radu Comes says:

does the Olympus 60 mm work great with the GX8? or would you recommend the Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm f/2.8 ASPH for closeup videos? Not sure about the image stabilization of the GX8 and if it is fully compatible with Olympus lenses.

Steve Cain says:

“Oh.4” WTF? 0.4

Cotictimmy says:

Cracking video David. I’ve just bought a mint E-PL5 body for £140 because of you!

Victor McAuley says:

Great review David.

S Fayers says:

What a well thought out and presented review, brilliant!

Toby Michael Younis says:

I was considering the purchase of this particular lens and came to YouTube to find a review. Yours popped up first, and I’m glad it did. This is the most informative review of a lens I have ever experienced. Well done. I have subscribed to your channel and will share it with my photography friends.

Mike Coleridge says:

Very useful review David, thanks. Can you use the Mecablitz 15 MS-1 directly with Olympus 60mm on a GH4/GX8 via cable or do you have to use a master flash to initiate it? The Olympus 60mm is on the shopping list now!

emonty999 says:

ordered, thxs David 🙂

John Wendel says:

Excellent write up! Thanks for posting. Mine’s in the mail. I purchased the dual antenna style lights for use on the EM-1. I’m looking forward to focus stacking with the camera/lens combo.

James Tepedino says:

what macro lite is attached to the lens

Kenny75 Photography says:

Hi David, really good video, I don’t do much macro photography but this lens looks tempting.  One question I have is I noticed in your video your Lumix GX7 appears to have a chunkier looking outer EVF cover than mine does.  Just wondered if that was an add-on you got for the EVF.

Essy Chilcutte says:

Watched this and I did go buy this lense.

Bokeh like a Pro for Portait type shots… over all if someone is looking to a do a vlog with that cinematic look this lens works really well for video get a nice blurry background a sharp Focus on the subject… some people are using wide-angle lenses for vlogging especially Beauty bloggers and honestly think it makes them all look weird this is going to be very different you’re not going to have that forced perspective of the long gangly arms waving around but you’re actually going to look a lot better

Instead of looking like a cartoon character people will look like Glamour magazine*

Dave Burbank says:

Nicely done! I’m a full-time photographer. I am very impressed with the quality of your video review. Your information is presented very clearly and I even learned a few things. I’ve had my eye on this lens for a long time and finally picked one up today. I look forward to having some fun with this lens on my E-M1. Thanks!

fjuraa says:

may I ask what is the ring light called?

David Thorpe says:

+celtic celtic (Celt) Can’t seem to reply directly. You can get a cheaper lens hood than the Olympus one which fits and works the same way.It’s LH-49 and costs about £12. The LED flashlights are OK, but I prefer a cheapo Centon MR 20 ring flash which sells under many different names including Vivitar. It’s not TTL but I don’t care!

callencoss says:

I remember watching this video when you published it. I had no use for a macro lens but I still enjoyed the video (as I enjoy most of your videos). Now I might be in the market for a micro 4/3 macro lens and here’s why. My father-in-law has asked if I could digitize his old 35mm slides. I know using a full-frame dslr would probably be the best choice but I shoot micro 4/3. The only lenses I own are the Oly 25mm 1.8, the Oly 45mm 1.8, and the 12-42mm kit lens. Using an extension tube with the 45 comes close to getting full coverage but not close enough. I realize I cannot shoot at 1:1 due to the sensor size. It appears this 60mm lens can focus at 1:2 which should allow me to capture the full slide image.

Do you know if this lens will fulfill my needs?

Thanks for your time… -Craig

P.S. I recently acquired a copy stand so all I need now is the right lens a proper light source.

Alois Philby says:

How well does this lens work on a Lumix body? Does it focus fast enough?

YiuriV says:

Hi David, like you, I’ve fallen in love with the micro 4/3 system and enjoying my olympus omd-em10. I got my camera with 2 lenses: M.Zuiko Digital ed 14‑42mm 1:3.5‑5.6 EZ Pancake lens and the M.Zuiko Digital ed 40‑150mm 1:4.0‑5.6 R lens. I do enjoy these lenses and they cover a lot of my needs, I do feel that my kit misses something. I don’t shoot portrait, I’m more of a nature/macro photographer. I would like to invest in another lens, but now the question is, which one first. Should I go for this macro lens first, or go for a wide-angle lens instead like the M.Zuiko Digital 17mm 1:1.8? I also don’t do video at all. Thanks for the time reading this long question 🙂

John Datsko says:

Why don’t you explain how to use this lens in macro. I really can’t understand how to use the switch on the side of the lens.

Ray Geary says:

Thx for reply

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